Justin Bieber Was Arrested For Assault This Weekend, So Happy Labor Day!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez on ATV in Canada August 2014

How did you spend your Labor Day weekend? Maybe you did some barbecuing? Perhaps had a movie marathon? Just went about your business as usual, with nothing particularly memorable happening? Well, Justin Bieber started his weekend off by getting arrested in Canada after crashing his ATV into a minivan. So I guess he has you beat on the “memorable” front. Wow, this guy just gets more and more charming by the minute, doesn’t he?

According to TMZ, on Friday Justin was taken into custody in Perth County, Ontario, where I’m sure everyone was like, “Ugh, I thought you left. Why are you in our country again?” Justin apparently crashed his ATV (that annoying four-wheeler thing he nearly hit an elderly woman with a couple of weeks ago) into a van driven by a paparazzo. Police say that after the crash there was a physical altercation between Bieber and the pap. He faces charges of dangerous driving and assault. Bieber really is collecting these paparazzi assault cases like they’re going out of style, isn’t he?

Justin was photographed (above) driving the ATV with Selena Gomez on Friday near his dad’s house. So now I have to take my mandatory five seconds to roll my eyes at the fact that she keeps going back to him. Here I go. 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, 4 Mississippi, 5 Mississippi. Okay, now let’s get back to talking about what a delinquent Justin is. But really, Selena… get it together.

According to police, Justin has been released and will have to appear in court later this month. Justin’s attorney says Justin and Selena are both cooperating. They better be, considering this could constitute a probation violation for Bieber. That’s right — he was put on probation for two years after that egging incident earlier this year. Not gonna lie, it would be nice to finally see this kid face some real consequences for his actions. He’s got enough holes on his “mistake” punch card by now.

(Photo: PacificCoastNews)

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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      She’s even hiding her face in that ATV shot. She knows.

    • M_G

      Justin has a pissed-off-yet-about-to-cry look on his face, which is exactly the face I picture on Beliebers when they hear people “attacking” (aka – reciting facts about) the Biebs.

    • Olivia Wilson

      Why does he keep driving that ATV on the road with other non-ATV vehicles? What a douchelord.

    • rockmonster
      • Miss Isis

        You rock rockmonster! I love this one.

    • fantasymother

      I think we should offer the kid a deal. We’ll pass a law, in both the US and Canada, making it illegal to follow him in order to photograph him, if he’ll just give back all the money he’s made as an “artist.” I know quite a few organizations that can use the funds.

    • Youthier

      Here’s the fear – he gets Paris Hilton/Khole Kardashian time – 60 hours in the clink. He would totally come out of that acting like he now has “cred” and be more insufferable.

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