Kristen Stewart Says She Sucks At Acting If She Doesn’t Like Her Costar, And Yeah, That Shows

Kristen Stewart playing with her hair GIFI feel like every time you watch a Kristen Stewart movie, you should be obligated to read one of her interviews alongside it, like a companion text to help you understand the strange, brooding creature onscreen. Even if you think she’s done a pretty compelling acting job in a particular movie, all you have to do is turn to page ten in your books, and you’ll find out that she thinks it was total garbage.

Previously she’s told us that in movies like The Clouds of Sils Maria, where she appears opposite Juliette Binoche, she’s not even bothering with acting, just trying not to get ‘squashed’ out there. Okay, sure, I guess that’s worth a paycheck in the millions.  And now she’s revealing to Vanity Fair France yet another instance in which her acting goes out the window — when she doesn’t like her costar. That’s…not super convenient.

“I’m not the type of actor who can perform without wearing a mirror on my face. Everyone knows that you’re better with other actors who are really present, who you are having the same experience with, but I am made or broken on it. If I’m working with someone who I’m not vibing with, or who I have to fake anything with, then it’s sad for me and it’s bad acting.”

Alright, but is that really acting, then? I feel like acting like you like someone is the first skill you learn in the real world, isn’t it? (Although in her defense, I haven’t mastered it yet.) So if you want to continue working as a professional actor, maybe at some point invest in learning how to act with someone even if they aren’t your buddy. Wouldn’t that make you more of an asset?

Kristen won’t name names as far as whom she’s had to fake it with, but as someone who’s seen more of her movies (and those photos of her and Rupert Sanders ‘canoodling’) than I care to admit, I have pretty good money on it being EVERYONE SHE’S EVER WORKED WITH. Get it? Because she’s never a good actress?

“I haven’t been totally screwed, but I’ve had to force things. I’ve had to be in front of people and be like, ‘Oh, thank God we only have a few scenes together,’  ”I never know until a few days, or a few scenes, in. At first you think maybe we just haven’t fallen into our rhythm. But as soon as you are exhausted by trying to find it, you give up and just sort of fall into default mode — it’s just shitty. It’s just not fun. And it’s not as good. When I look at those scenes I go, ‘ugh.’ I don’t like watching them.”

Hey, that’s something you and I have in common, Kristen! I also say ‘ugh’ when I look at your scenes. Maybe we’re not so different after all!

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    • Sara Steinfeld

      Does she also give bad interviews if she’s doesn’t like her interviewers? Because that shows too…

      • Alexis Rhiannon


      • Sara Steinfeld

        I’ll be here all week.

      • kristenonly

        Who paying you to trash Kristen Stewart? Maybe do some research before . She had great reviews for Adventureland, Runaways, Welcome to the Rileys, In to the wild. Do some research ?

      • Nbl

        Much like gymnastics, an actors reviews are subjective and change from person to person. As this is not a site dedicated to critiques of an actors performance but rather a gossip site with clearly stated biases on the part of the authors, she has every right to say that she hasn’t seen a performance that she has found enjoyable.

      • Nbl

        Mic Drop and walk off the stage. You win, hands down

      • Sara Steinfeld


    • Erin

      I agree-she must hate everyone she’s ever worked with, because I have yet to see a good performance from this woman.

      • guest

        Lets agree to disagree, I have loved all her work. She is the only actress that I have a collection of her movies. Maybe I am just one of the many weird ones….

    • jen27

      I just don’t get her. She always seems like she’d rather be anywhere else doing anything else, she seemingly has no appreciation for how exceptional her life is compared to others and just in general seems like a miserable person to be around. Just ugh all around.

      • guest

        That expression that she seem unappreciative of her fortunate life is a media fabrication. The media is just mad that Kristen does not cater to and ask their approval to be sucessful, so they have taken the position with her, play ball or else attitude (and they have done everything to break her). What is surprising to me, is that most people hate celeb personalities that are made up as a written character for the public to consumes. We finally find one young woman who refuses to play the game, and the public allows the media to crucify her for it…that says more about us than it does about someone like Kristen Stewart. In the future when you are tempted to say something nasty about the Kadashians (sp), know thats who we truely idolizes and that is why they are media darlings and are so successful at giving us fake everything…We don’t allow room for young women with original personalities to trive. Our actions tell them they are odd, they done fit in and if they fight for their success despite our disapproval we do everything to punish them, case in point said article above.

    • leo

      Totally out of context, reading with understanding please !!!
      Stewart interviews are clean and truthfully amazing, a breath of fresh air.
      I love everything on Kristen Stewart.

      • Nbl

        Which means you have a completely biased view on her interviews.

    • Not impressed

      What annoys me most about her is this constant attitude that she has some sort of classical insight that no one else has. She seriously thinks she’s a better, more real actress than anyone else. When in reality, she doesn’t know how to differentiate between her movies and real life. She falls in love with every single costar she has. She keeps hooking up with people she works with because she doesn’t actually know how to “act” without developing real feelings. She’s unprofessional and ungrateful.

      • BarryS

        This is the most stupid thing ever.

      • M_G

        Oh, the irony of this comment….

      • guest

        Go to the actual article and you will see the spin and tone this blogger portrayed about Kristen’s interview is completely wrong. The media is playing the public for fools, when it comes to Kristen Stewart. If they write nasty things about her and spin everything she say negatively, everyone come and read and comments on it. Its about traffic for their blog/magazine etc…The media picks someone for the public to love and someone to hate and like sheep most people follow along and repeat over and over what ever it is they have decided we must hate or love. I wish people would think for themselves. Read the actual article these quote came from (Vanity Fair, France), and you will see what is portrayed about her here is totally different. I know Kristen has a group of people on social media that follows her from article to article to make nasty comments about her b/c she was involved with her boyfriend of 4 years and they did not approve of her, so they started harassing her online and the media picked up on that and made it the “cool” and “default” thing to tear her to pieces, so if you are not one of those people, read the actual article, it might change your feeling of “annoyance” about Kristen. IMO, I think Kristen is very brave to stand up for herself and demand that the media respect her and call them out on it when they blatantly lie. For a young woman of 24 and a public figure that is unheard of. Most public figure design their public image for the express purpose to have the public love them. Kristen does not do that, that is commandable and it should not be a point of criticism. And by the way everyone do their best work when you and your teamates are on the same page, unfortunately that does not happen all the time. I personally have always enjoyed Kristen’s body of work, hope she stays in the film industry for a long time. Some people might not appreciate her frankness now, b/c they are so use to the fake personalities that the media feeds us everyday, but in 20 years she will be one of the women that people admire for being strong and brave, even in a vey misogenistic environment (an environment that teaches women to tear each other down when they don’t act like barbie dolls and princesses). Kristen is well read and has a point of view…she is my kind of person. Sorry for the long post, but I am so tired of so many people hating on social media just for sport, and the bloggers encourages people to continue to do it. Social media has this huge potential for different people from all over the world to meet and exchange ideas, and its just sad that we are doing it wrong.

      • guest

        Kristen is 24, she has been in over 30 movies and have had only 2 boyfriends (she was with her first boyfriend for 3 years and with the second one for 4 years) that we are aware of, and one over the top media hyped up indiscretion (kiss). Unless you know diffenrently don’t state that she falls in love with every single co-star she have worked with.

    • G

      Personally, I don’t think much of her acting but as a regular reader of IndieWire she apparently got rave reviews for her latest role. Meh. I find her annoying, but I feel like some of the dislike directed at her is over the top, sexist and out of context (re, she got good reviews for her latest film). My point being is that I can think of several male stars right off the bat who say just as dumb stuff as KStew, Rooney Mara, Gwyneth, and they never get called on it and for that I sort of smh

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Are you talking about our site? Because we call out dumb guys all the time. Nobody gets preferential treatment based on their gender when they have nonsense words coming out of their mouths.

    • Mockingjay

      Yea she’s not the best actress but she’s not saying anything other actors don’t say. Great actors inspire other actors to be their best.

    • KatJen

      This is nothing more than a hate piece on Kristen Stewart disguised as, I don’t even know. Certainly not an unbiased assessment on the interview. I actually thought Crushable was more cool, but as soon as Rupert Sanders was brought up again when it was completely irrelevant I realized I was reading just another tabloid gossip rag.

      • M_G

        If you’re coming here looking for “an unbiased assessment” of anything, then you’re either on the wrong website or you don’t understand the concept of a celebrity gossip blog.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        How is Rupert Sanders irrelevant?

    • BarryS

      Looks like poor Alexis hasn’t seen the reviews of Kristen’s acting for Camp X Ray and more importantly, Clouds of Sils Maria which critics are going ape sh*t over. In fact, I doubt Alexis has seen anything of Stewart’s beyond Twilight and possibly Snow White. That isn’t surprising though. Those movies would probably go right over her head…or through it.

      • MSD

        Really? Why? Camp X Ray was saved because of the male actor, the over talented Iranian actor who should never have been cast with this wannabe nobody, who got her roles because of her mommy dear. And it is about a prisoner and his relationship with the soldier. It is not quantum physics. The other movie is about some mentally unstable secretary, just like Ms. Stewart, and her relationship with an older actress. The real star there was Chole, not this hag.

      • M_G

        OR, she is responding to a quote from an interview Stewart gave. Which you might have known had you read the entire article and not just jumped at the chance to defend her and attack Alexis.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Probably through, as I am a ghost.

    • MSD

      It is always annoying to hear a rich person rant about how she hates her fame and fortune. It is also annoying when a person who doesn’t know how to act keeps making up excuses about her inability to act. What she thinks as meaningful, unique, insightful and abstract ideas on life, acting, fame and fortune is actually the musings of a rich, irritating, immature, and typical LA new age dumb hippie’s view of the world

      • guest

        If you read her real article, you would hear Kristen say she loves her job and how lucky she is for having it and how much she appreciate the possition she was fortunate to have (which is well deserve in my book after she has been paying her dues and putting in the work quietly in indie movies for 15 years). However, she has every right to say that she did not sign up for the media invasion into her personal and private space. Kristen has never not showed up for a scheduled media/fan interaction to promote her contractual obligations, and she have never had a fan encounter where they said she has been rude to them. Every fan encounter has been over the top positive experience for her fans. Kristen may not be your cup of tea as an actress but she is mine and a lot of other people. Lets agree to disagree on her acting abilities.

    • Jun

      I wonder what prompts snarky hate pieces like this. Like what’s the value here for the readers? A smug superiority, a bullying cry of ‘yeah, let’s beat her up’? You could just write I don’t like Kristen Stewart 100 times on a chalkboard and post a pic of it. Easy peasy, and better than pretending you’re writing an article. You keep writing the same crap about Stewart, over and over. What DO you like? Why don’t you tell us about that?
      And as usual, you’ve edited her interview comments so you could grind the same axe yet again. Something tabloid-y and dishonest in that. Personally, I like her acting and I like her taste in movies in general even more. Not a misogynist stinker in the bunch. Unlike writers for Crushable.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        When you say I’ve ‘edited’ her interview comments, do you mean I put a space between them so I could address one paragraph at a time? Because that’s what happened.

        If you’d like to pay me to write ‘I don’t like Kristen Stewart’ a hundred times on a chalkboard, I’d be happy to do that. For now, I have this other job that pays me to share my opinions, so I’m going to keep doing that.

        I like lots of things! And I tell readers about them all the time in articles that aren’t on Kristen Stewart. But if our pieces on her are the only ones you read, you’re understandably going to get a very biased view of me as a person. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you’re aware of it.

    • yaawn

      Darling you’all are still playing ‘lets pick on Kristen’ yaaawn,I thought thats been done to death.

    • Darling Dewey

      Can we do some sort of Twilight/Hunger Games mash up and have a showdown between K. Stewart fans and J. Law fans? I feel like it would be epic enough to pay to see.

    • Jealous much?

      This isn’t journalism, it’s you bitching. Get off your high horse and find an actual career like she has.