Just When You Thought LeAnn Rimes Couldn’t Get Worse, She ‘Jokes’ That She Once Raped Her Boyfriend

LeAnn Rimes Eddie Cibrian Joan Rivers interview August 2014

LeAnn Rimes is horrible. I already knew that. I thought her particular level of horribleness, as well as the particular level of rage I feel towards her, couldn’t get much worse. And yet she continues to surprise me by getting more and more horrible by the day. Remorse and self-awareness are foreign words to her. Take, for instance, her and her husband Eddie Cibrian’s recent appearance on Joan Rivers’ web talk show “In Bed With Joan,” in which LeAnn made not one but two rape jokes. Actually, calling them jokes implies they were funny. These were just the insensitive, idiotic comments of a horrible human being.

The first reference to rape comes right at the beginning when Joan gives LeAnn and Eddie their drinks and LeAnn laughs, “This one might be roofied!” But lest you think that’s the extent of LeAnn’s amusement with the concept of rape, later on in the video (about twelve minutes in) Joan asks her about how she lost her virginity, and here’s what she says:

“I was in Monte Carlo … I was 16 … He was my boyfriend for like three and a half years, so he was fine. I think I raped him. I think that’s how it happened.”

LeAnn smiles afterward, but I’m failing to see what she finds so funny. The only thing I’m coming up with in my search is that the very concept of raping someone, or perhaps the concept of a woman raping a man, is downright hilarious to her. Hilarious enough that she’s willing to say she did it to her boyfriend, whether or not that’s the case. And I’m honestly not sure what to think based on her tone. It’s scaring me a little.

And oh how appropriate that earlier in the interview, when discussing her childhood in the music industry, she explains that she still has the same specific mindset she did then, in that “If someone tells me no, I’m gonna do it.” Wow… that happens to be exactly what rape is. Funny how things work out like that, huh?

The facepalm doesn’t even begin to do her stupidity justice. We need to invent a new gesture, like the facetenthousandpalms, in which the population of a small town sticks their hands on your face. Kind of like what I wanted to happen when she posted that hilarious photo on Twitter making fun of the fact that she’s a homewrecker, or when she proudly declared that she tells Eddie’s kids about their affair, or really anything she does. UGH.

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    • Elizabeth Aspen

      You can’t fix moron. Just take comfort in the fact that this girl was once a top singing star and now the only work she can get is humiliating herself on tired and lame reality shows. She’s a total has-been, so she’s got her karma.

    • Olivia Wilson

      It’s funny that her advice is, “Don’t be stupid” because…

      • rockmonster

        Ah, yes, that special kind of stupid where they don’t recognize it until it kills ‘em.

    • Valerie

      She is the absolute worst.

    • Marie

      I cringe whenever her name pops up on gossip sites. She is just a terrible person that just keep digging a giant hole for herself. She’s on her way to looking exactly like Joan too.

    • Tired of Leann’s BS

      She is working hard to make the top of that Most Hated “Celebrity” list. Gotta give the girl credit! She sure knows how to screw up her life even further.

    • Alexandra Mitchell


    • ubba2000

      oh good lord people it was really not that big of a deal!!! I would say even posting this story as ‘news’ worthy is a stretch!

      • Nbl

        YOU GUYS, COME ON!!! Rape is something that should be laughed at and joked about. I mean a guy can’t get raped! Oh my gawd Jill, why are you making this a big deal? I’m so disappointed in your lack of contribution to rape culture. I shall now angrily stomp away from my computer in a huff! I mention that because, despite my many attempts (and court ordered restraining order filed by the crushable staff against me) to set up a two way web cam, you can’t watch my fabulous ass walk away from this.

    • Tired of Leann’s BS

      According to People Magazine’s biography of LeAnn: “In March, Rimes, 15, begins dating 19-year-old actor Andrew Keegan, and in the fall moves to L.A. with her mother.”

      So LeAnn lies again. Either she was 15 years old when she lost her virginity (not 16) to a boyfriend (Bryan White?) that she had been dating for 3 plus years. Or she was 16 years old and lost her virginity to Andrew Keegan, who she had not been dating for 3 plus years. Which is it? Classic sign of narcissistic personality disorder — constant contradictions!

      • Nbl

        Or it could be that she doesn’t remember the exact age. Thinking back I can’t remember if I was 14 or 15.

      • Tired of Leann’s BS

        Wow, it must have been memorable.

      • Nbl

        Like I said, long ago big picture is harder. I don’t remember if I was 14 or 15, it was with in months of my birthday. I remember exactly where I was, what I was wearing, and the song playing. Oh and I didn’t rape him.

      • FemelleChevalier

        Oh and I didn’t rape him.

        Why not? Apparently, it’s a “cool” thing to brag about. ARE YOU EVEN A REAL WOMAN?

      • Tired of Leann’s BS

        Besides, who cares if she can remember the exact year? The point is it was Bryan White who she had been dating since she was — what — 12 years old?? And she lied — no, perjured herself — in her lawsuit against her father. She contradicts herself and lies without remorse. This is a hallmark trait of narcissistic personality disorder. She needs help.

      • Nbl

        Evidently you do care because you made a point of mentioning it. Your comment said nothing of a perjury case and was all about her lyng based on relationships and their timing. When you get older the details still may be clear but sometimes the big picture is harder. Especially when those two relationships seemed quite close together. I don’t like her but I’m not going to get mad at her laspe in memory.

      • Peggy Sue

        I’m going to throw in some logic here. The only logical reason LeAnn Rimes would’ve been in Monte Carlo is for the World Music Awards. She won in 1998 (May). Wilbur said LeAnn “lost interest” in Bryan White in summer 1998 and quickly moved on to Keegan. She toured with White starting in Dec 1997 and all throughout 1998. So using logic, it was White that she “allegedly” raped in Monte Carlo at age 15. She probably jumped his bones and he freaked out, which prompted her to “lose interest.” It may have even been 1997 when this happened, who knows? Only thing that’s clear is LeAnn needs help. And when you’re dealing with a pathological liar, if they correct themselves, always go with the first thing they said. These people are meticulous, ie, not forgetful. She backtracked and said 16 because she realized what she was admitting.

    • Tired of Leann’s BS
      • Tired of Leann’s BS

        And your poor father.

    • larissa

      It seems that Leann is insecure about sex, because she flaunts it every chance she gets. I’ve met people like her, and it’s as if they aren’t sure of their own attractiveness and must talk about sex all the time or make innuendo’s. It’s why she shared “her first time” with all of national television. We know what she meant about losing her virginity, but she used a poor choice of wording and the wrong venue. Save the details for your friends…not the common public.

      • Guest

        I get why she’d be insecure about it. She’s sort of somewhere in-between attractive and not. One might say she’s a “butterface.” One day she might look pretty good and another, well…really not. And she receives a lot of mixed messages about it. She also probably had a bit of arrested development as far as maturity goes due to the early fame and money influx. The fact that she doesn’t seem to learn from her mistakes concerns me. She seems completely unapologetic about the affair and the situation with the kids and the ex wife. That just doesn’t seem normal to me. I honestly find her kind of fascinating from a psychology standpoint. It’s a what the heck is wrong with her?! sort of thing. This is what I’ve come up with so far in my amateur/hobbyist psychological analysis.

      • larissa

        You’re right on with the arrested development … she is a classic case. It’s as if she is stuck at 14 and never got any older, “Look at me! I landed a hot man! I’m going to trash his ex-wife to make myself look better!”… and other escapades. Sad, but the delusions she lives under will come crashing down eventually. Will Eddie be there in the end? If not, I hope someone is — that can help her.

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