Karrueche Tran Insulted Blue Ivy, Who Can Totally Take It Because She’s Two Years Old

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Karrueche Tran insulted Blue Ivy‘s appearance, and I don’t know which part of this story is going to be hardest for the world to get over — the part where a twenty-six year old calls out a two-year old on her hairstyle, or the part where we have to admit that a woman who’s dated Chris Brown might not be the most impressive human being on the planet. I KNOW. I know.

This catastrophic realization came to us on Monday night, when Karrueche was co-hosting an episode of 106 & Park, recapping the Video Music Awards from the night before. She and her co-host Brandon Broady were doing a segment where they went over ‘the top six things Blue Ivy thought about the VMAs’. With a photo of Blue up in the background, Karrueche delivered the line:

“I really did wake up like this because my parents never comb my hair.”

Uh oh. That’s not gonna go over well with…probably anyone, which is something that Karrueche apparently realized almost immediately, because she followed it up with a nervous giggle and an apology, saying:

“Sorry Blue! I love you!”

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Nice try girl, but it seems like it was too little too late, since all over the internet, Beyonce fans were getting fired up, calling out Karrueche on a thoughtless, unfunny joke. One that she didn’t even write, according to the defense that she posted on Twitter:

Okay sure you didn’t write it, but does that really make it better? That you don’t even take your job seriously enough to read through the copy beforehand? You’re just a Ron Burgundy-style talking head who reads whatever’s on the teleprompter, even if it turns out to be a dis on a toddler? Not really something to brag about, so I’m glad to see the sterling judgement you put to use in selecting a mate who’s admitted to partner abuse is still in working order! Sigh.

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    • Alana Vincenza

      The only thing I know about Karrueche Tran is that she dated (dates?) Chris Brown. Girl better calm the efffff down before the Beygency takes care of her.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • Jen TheTit Whipper

      Supposedly the producers changed the script last minute and the President of BET is stating publicly he has taken “punitive actions” so my guess girl is gonna skate.

    • Valerie

      Dafuq is Karrueche Tran? Her first name sounds like a flavor of fudge.

      • A. Montgomery

        LOL’d so hard. For real.

      • hannah

        Combatting her racism with your own, I see.

      • Valerie

        I’m sorry. Have you not heard of penuche? It’s racist to say someone’s name sounds like a type of candy? I don’t get offended when people remind me that mine rhymes with calorie. Going back to my racist hidey hole I guess.

    • A_Nicole

      The Beygency came for her real quick. Some are saying this is retaliation because Beyonce gives zero Fs about BET and declined to perform for them and then went and killed america with the MTV performance. So they decide to go after her toddler because you know that makes sense.

      In other news Blue Ivy continues to be flawless and steal all the attention and continues to be more relevant than chris brown’s side piece.

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