Adam Levine Performed At The VMAs Despite Tweeting How Much He Hated Them

Adam Levine Behati Prinsloo VMAs red carpet August 2014

Last night Adam Levine brought his perpetual stubble and his new wife Behati Prinsloo to the 2014 MTV VMAs. Okay, whatever. Lots of people showed up to that thing. So what? Oh, just that Adam made his hatred of the VMAs public three years ago by tweeting an F-bomb about it. But he has a history of Twitter hypocrisy, so the fact that he and his band Maroon 5 performed last night despite him hating the whole institution isn’t really surprising. But it’s still fun to talk about.

E! Online unearthed a tweet from August 2011, on the date of that year’s VMAs, in which Adam details just how much he hates MTV and their stupid phony Video Music Awards.

Guess he decided to cross that sand line this year. Gee, I wonder what changed his mind ($$$$$$$$$$$$$). Come on, dude. Stick to what you tweet. Especially when you’re a famous person who’s tweeting your disdain for something you’ll probably be invited to at some point in the future (for proof see the fact that you were invited to the VMAs this year). And when you’re making comments that suggest you’re all about the music and against selling out and hate the system and other punk rock ideals, you can’t just conveniently change your mind a few years later and expect us to have forgotten. Tweets are forever, Mr. Levine. Even if you delete them. Remember when you tweeted how dumb celebrity fragrances were? Yeah, dumb enough for you to sell one.

But get this. Adam was even grumpy about the awards while he was attending them.

Excuse me sir, but you do not get to criticize a lack of pants when you once posed naked with your girlfriend’s hands covering your junk. Shut it.


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    • Olivia Wilson

      What a whiny baby oh my god he is such a whiny baby wow so whiny wow.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Any true music lover knows there’s a reason why REAL talent doesn’t even show up at the VMA’s. That night is reserved for the auto-tuned lip-syncing narcissists to be controversial and get some publicity for the next year – it has absolutely nothing to do with music, much like Adam Levine has nothing to do with music (I’m still laughing about him wanting to play with Pearl Jam). You’ll never see the greats there – Sade, Bette Midler, Gloria Estefan, Sarah McLachlan, Adele, Celine, etc., because Chardonnay doesn’t mix with malt liquor.