Shots Were Fired At Chris Brown’s Pre-VMAs Party Last Night, Three People Are Reportedly Injured

Chris Brown performing on Today show August 2013

Several media outlets are reporting that shots were fired at Chris Brown‘s pre-VMAs party last night at his club in West Hollywood, and that Brown himself was allegedly the intended target. While he escaped uninjured, it is being reported that music producer Suge Knight and two other suffered injuries related to the shooting.

Partygoers have been blowing up Twitter with their accounts of the experience, with one woman going so far as to claim Chris Brown and Justin Bieber were intended targets:

Another witness also backs up the claim that shots were intended for Brown:

Chris Brown himself also took to Twitter to address the situation:

Not sure what he means by “miss me”, but I assume he could be referring to the shots fired “missed” him? It’s a pretty cryptic message overall, and doesn’t really do much to address the cause of such a frighteningly violent situation.

While details are still emerging, music executive Suge Knight has reportedly suffered multiple gunshot wounds, and two others have apparently been injured as well. Us weekly  reported that around 1:30 a.m., two gunshots were fired in a row and the crowd immediately began to disperse. Security guards quickly rushed to Brown and the rest of his table, and they were soon evacuated.  One eyewitness’ account of the incident:

“People were screaming and yelling and most ran out immediately. The floor was covered with glass from everyone dropping their drinks.”

As more details emerge, we’ll update this developing story accordingly. Our thoughts are with the injured victims.

(Photo: NBC)

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    • capoupascap

      Suge Knight sure has the bad luck (karma) to be at the wrong place at the wrong time so often…..also, wasn’t he shot at Kanyes VMA preparty a few years ago too? Or am I thinking of somebody else?

    • Napoleon

      Does Suge Knight have nine lives?

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        Nine too many, if you ask me. I’ve always heard he’s evil incarnate.

    • Vera

      Wow Chris, I wish you had that “no altercations” stance back in 2009.

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        I know, the King Of Altercations placing the blame on “We” in society.

    • Jen TheTit Whipper

      Something bad always happens when Suge Knight is involved. Fights and gunshots. Maybe he needs to not be invited places. I’m not sure of his relevance anymore anyway.

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