Justin Bieber Nearly Ran Over Someone’s Nana While Riding His Four-Wheeler On A Sidewalk

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First things first, I’m the sorriest. I’m sorry because you’ve all had to start your Saturday morning off with a cup of piping hot Justin Bieber news instead of a bucket of ice water being poured over a celebrity’s head. I hope you can forgive me, and that we’re still friends who unite together in our despair over All Things Bieber. Because I’ve officially given up.

Justin Bieber took something called a Can-Am Spyder (I’m not cool enough to know about vehicles that use “y” as a real vowel) out for a ride recently, and when he decided he didn’t feel like sitting in traffic with a bunch of lame plebs in Honda Civics and electric cars, he revved up his four-wheeler and took it for a ride on the sidewalk instead. I know, insert-eye-roll-here, right? He’s not above breaking the law by doing something incredibly stupid.

Except that’s not the worst part. If you read the title to this post, you probably already know what the worst part is. Or maybe you thought I was joking, in which case I’m actually regretfully about to inform you that I was not. During his sidewalk joyride, Bieber honest-to-God narrowly missed wiping out a lovely octogenarian woman and her walker. TMZ has a the video an incredulous paparazzi recorded (watch and see if you don’t gasp right along with him though, I know I did) of Bieber not even caring that he could have flattened someone’s poor Nana like a pancake. I want to take that lady’s walker and puncture his helmet with it. Be sure to continue watching through the end so you don’t miss his little dance number. Reminds me of those “twerking” balloon men outside of small-town car dealerships. Then again, maybe he was doing one of his spiritual counseling homework assignments?

Interesting tidbit: Justin Bieber is still on probation from his egg-throwing incident. You know what’s against the law? DRIVING A VEHICLE ON A SIDEWALK. When is this kid going to rehab for “exhaustion” already? Seriously. I know I could use a solid 28-day-long Bieber Break.


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    • fantasymother

      It’s a 3 wheeled vehicle, technically a motorcycle. Strikes me that law enforcement didn’t need to be present for his probation officer to haul his baby ass in for a talk about this.

      This kid disgusts me.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      I watched the video three times and there’s not a single frame where he almost hits anyone, and I don’t see a single granny in the video at all. I’m not defending the turd, but you and TMZ dropped the ball on this one. If I’m wrong, please provide the time-stamp on the video where he almost hits a granny, cause I ain’t seeing it.

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        Okay, update – I didn’t see the granny in the video but there is a photo of the old lady in a walker right next to Bieber. I stand corrected.

      • Cassandra Hough

        The shot is kind of blocked by a car, but there’s definitely a family and an woman crossing the street with a walker, and he just totally bypasses them full-speed. Also, snaps for using the word “turd.”

      • shoey

        Yeah I hate Justin just as much as the next sane person but he was going slow and the van blocks your view when he passes the “old” lady. It seems he wasn’t in the crosswalk at that point. But let’s find something else to crucify him for- makes me happy.

    • Alexandra Mitchell

      When is this self-entitled tw*t going to get taught a lesson? I’m sick of seeing this crap.

    • Andy

      Why won’t this little shit just go away? Seriously, he’s like a punk kid with the punk factor on steroids.

      • rockmonster

        Don’t you say that! You’re insulting the punk kids! They at least have the possibility of having self control, and their music is better!

    • falcongirl

      It’s like he wants us to keep making Joffrey Baratheon jokes.

      • fantasymother

        Wow, that’s perfect!

    • Sunshine1973

      How bout instead of always posting negative about this kid who has done a lot of wonderful things for many, many people, a little positivity does a world of good! For Gods sake, he is never left alone and is scrutinized for every little mistake he has made. For those who have not sinned, cast the first stone!!! Think about what u went thru from the ages of 16-21!!! So who is anyone to judge??? And I promise u, u didn’t have people in your face every day judging your every move!!! Think about that!!!

      • fantasymother

        Sunshine, driving a licensed street vehicle onto the sidewalk in a busy downtown area, in order to avoid a traffic jam, is right up there with things that are generally way beyong the doings of the average 16-21 year old. Let’s add to it the fact it’s a Can Am Spyder – about the width of a car – and he did it in the middle of the day.

        Kids/young adults don’t do this sort of thing unless they feel they’re immune from the law.

      • FemelleChevalier

        For those who have not sinned, cast the first stone!!!

        Oh goodie! Yes, why not use the bible to demand leniency for constant, unrepentant bad behavior instead of pushing it to that person for him to be an actual decent person? *Roll eyes*

        And I’m the same age as him. So… nah. He’s still an insufferable brat and his age shouldn’t be an excuse. That’s insulting to all 16-21 y/o’s, you know.

      • nopetipus

        Oh come off it already. Yeah. I didnt have the media breathing down my neck growing up. Howerever, if I can make it through my 12 year basic education without a single detention, I think good ole’bieblecakes can keep his motorized ass off a freaking sidewalk. His mistakes arent little. Forgetting to tip a waitress is little. Causing thousands of dollars in damage to a home with eggs is not little. Driving drunk is not little. That actually kills people. So f*ck you and the bible you rode in on.

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