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Open Thread: Which Celebrity Gives The Best Interviews?

Taylor Swift heart break GIF from Shake It Off video(via)

If there’s one thing I learned from Taylor Swift‘s publicity tour for The Giver, it’s that giving a good interview as a celebrity is an art…and not one that she happens to be skilled in.

It had never really occurred to me before that it might be difficult to tell a story in front of an audience, because so many famous people are good at that, but if someone isn’t good at it, it’s super glaring. No matter how great your stories are, if you aren’t good at telling them, they’re gonna come out suuuuper boring. To the point that not even extra funny hosts like Jimmy Fallon or Seth Meyers can drag out of them in an interesting way.

Watching Taylor slog her way through stories that I have trouble even staying awake for, I can’t help but wish that the same material was in the hands of someone a little more skilled at an interview. Someone like Emma Stone or Kristen Bell or Lizzy Caplan, all people who consistently do interesting, engaging, likable interviews. They really do kill it every time.

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I’m not sure what their secret is to coming off so open and genuine (I think something about their combination of self-deprecation and confidence?), but Taylor could stand to learn a thing or two from them in a big way. I mean, at least throw some humor in there or something. Some of us are busy trying to like you!

But what do you guys think? Can you come up with other celebrities who consistently do really great interviews? Mine were all women for some reason, but you can do people of either gender, and even include a YouTube clip of a particular interview you liked, if you wanna!


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  • MSB

    Anna Kendrick is all these things.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Ooh good call!

  • Olivia Wilson

    I’m a fangirl for Tom Hiddleston interviews.

    • Sara Steinfeld

      YES. Especially the ones where he does impressions. Those are my fave.

    • Samantha Escobar

      Whaaaa! I need to look those up ASAP.

  • Jenni

    Tina Fey, specifically talking about her children

    • Alexis Rhiannon


  • Alexandra Mitchell

    I’m trying to think of more but everyone seems to be taking mine…

  • Hayley Hoover

    You already brought her up, but Emma Stone. A thousand times Emma Stone.

  • Tpce

    She is a polarizing figure on this site with the love/hate dynamic of these boards but Jennifer Lawrence gives a great interview, she is funny, has comedic timing and the ability to tell stories; furthermore, her stories are normally naughty in nature which is all the better.

    • Tpce

      Also as you said self-deprecation and confidence, JLaw has both of these in spades. And I am not a crazy JLaw fan. lol, maybe I need to think twice about this.

  • Jerry

    RIP Robin Williams… he was called the greatest night time talk show guest. He was always on and great.

    I hate most of Will Ferrell’s movies but he is great at doing interviews.

    Kristin Wiig, can lump her in the Tina Fey funny

    Lizzy Caplan is always out there and funny.

  • TJ

    Emily Blunt!! Is super charming and relatable. She just isn’t in enough stuff so she doesn’t do interviews super often.. :(

    • Alexis Rhiannon


  • Nbl

    It’s an odd one but hear me out…. Weird Al. I shall make my point thusly, with a list.

    1) He’s very smart. Not even factoring skipping two grades and having a degree in architecture from Cal Poly, he always seems to have insightful ideas on current events and trends. And he gives them in a way that’s not offensive or biased.
    2) He makes his interviewers giggly and act like little kids and it’s adorable.
    The last guy is the best
    3) He’s humble. Every interview he seems amazed at his popularity. He’s incredibly gracious to people who tell him they love him.
    4). Actually not that weird. Very down to earth and his home life sounds very normal.
    5) He’s very passionate about music and what he does. He does what he does what he he does because he loves it not for fame and fashion
    6) he’s just a nice guy. Legally he doesn’t really need to get permission to do a song but he does out of respect to the artist. He’s been in the business for 30+ years and you almost never hear people in the industry say a bad word about him (I’m looking at you, Coolio). That’s unheard of.
    7) He’s funny as hell

  • jenny

    Have you seen Taylor’s Ellen interviews? Those are the best. I mean, I know I’m a super fangirl, but I could just watch those forever (in fact, part of why I love her so much are her interviews. I think Emma Stone, Emily Blunt and Taylor Swift give the best interviews. You’ve already talked about Emma Stone, but I have no idea why you think Taylor Swift isn’t self-deprecating? She makes fun of her self and is funny and has this sarcastic sense of humour that’s pretty awesome, really.

    • Jenny

      Also: I also only thought of women for a long time. (Rashida Jones!!!) I just remembered a guy who gives amazing interviews. They’re super funny and awkward and I know you guys aren’t huge fans, but Robert Pattinson’s interviews are just all around adorableness. Speaking of, Daniel Radcliffe does great ones too!

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Ellen is an interview wizard.

    • Jenny

      True, but Taylor is super charming all on her own.
      I really can’t think of a more self-deprecating celebrity, honestly.

  • Samantha Escobar

    Marilyn Manson and Kristen Bell. And I GUESS Kate McKinnon because of The Incident.

  • Kate

    CHRIS PRATT!!!!!!!!!!

  • A_Nicole

    Emma Stone
    Anna Kendrick
    Ellen interviewing pretty much everyone
    Sophia Grace and Rosie on the red carpets- cute kids get me
    The cast of the Avengers- sepcifically RDJ, Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth. Tom and Chris are too cute together in interviews
    Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence- the whole THG cast is pretty funny in their interviews but these two are hilarious together

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