10 Totally Inappropriate Teacher-Student TV Relationships

Glee Not Okay


Plenty of things happen on TV that I, a human of the real world, would be way uncomfortable with. For example, being expected to walk away from burning things without looking behind me at least once, otherwise known as, “not happening.” But nothing is a better example of this than the absolutely inappropriate relationships that always seem to exist between TV show teachers and their students.

And the worst part is that none of the surrounding characters ever seem to recognize this. But, in the name of fulfilling my civic duty as an obsessive TV-watcher, I’m calling them out on all of their weirdness.

1. Mr. Feeny and Cory Matthews

Mr Feeny Boy Meets World Out of My Face(via)

Did no one think that living next door to your students and (I’m just assuming here) requesting them to be in your class each year would lead to an uncomfortably close relationship between educator and educatee? Because I really do.

2. Ezra Fitz and Aria Montgomery

Aria Ezra Pretty Little Liars Kiss


HELLO. They had a full-blown affair like they were two strangers on the street!

3. Mr. Belding and all of his students

Mr Belding Thumbs Up


Okay, so we can all agree that Mr. Belding didn’t have a life outside of whatever was going on with the students of his high school? True, he was their principal and not their teacher. But that feels like it only makes it worse somehow.

4. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

Walter White Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad


In no part of any syllabus I’ve ever gotten does it say that the teacher will take his ne’er-do-well former student under his wing and groom him to be one of the nation’s deadliest meth dealers. I guess Walter White’s are a little different that the rest of ours, though.

5. Ross Geller and Elizabeth

Ross Geller Friends ElizabethRoss Geller Friends Elizabeth Bears


Remember that one time in the sixth season of Friends when Ross started, not only hooking up with one of his students, but dating her as well? I do.

6. Sue Sylvester and everyone

Sue Sylvester Glee


If I began to list all of the borderline (or actually) illegal things Sue has said to her students over the course of Glee’s six terrible seasons, I’d be here until the end of time.

7. Serena van der Woodsen and her boarding school teacher

Serena Gossip Girl Surprised


This may be a little-known fact, but Serena was forced to leave her boarding school early on in the show due to allegations of her pulling an Aria and Ezra and having an affair with her teacher.

8. Miss Frizzle and Ralphie

Miss Frizzle Magic School Bus


Miss Frizzle was a horrid teacher by all accounts, but specifically to Ralphie, whose BODY SHE WENT INTO. That is not supposed to happen !!!

9. Coach Ben Fredricks and Bill Haverchuck

Bill Haverchuck Laugh Freaks And Geeks(via)

He started seriously dating Bill’s mom, which crosses, like, all 100 teacher-student barriers.

10. Topanga Lawrence and Stuart

Topanga boy Meets World


These two had a near-affair during Fred Savage’s guest-appearance on Boy Meets World. FYI, he was hitting on her in her dorm, just to ensure that the creep factor was nice and high.

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    • Alana Vincenza

      NooOOo don’t taint Boy Meets World like that! Bad Olivia, bad!

      • Olivia Wilson

        I did nothing except feel creeped out by it! Bad Disney.

    • Court

      I actually liked Elizabeth :p. First of all: she was a student in college, so atleast she was an adult. Second: she was cute and funny and awesome. I just liked her personality. Third: I don’t understand them all making fun of Ross for dating someone her age, when surely Joey has been with younger girls, Monica slept with a high school (!) student in the first season, and Rachel dated a younger guy (Tag) the following year. Lastly: I hated how they broke up- with Elizabeth being too immature. Because, of course, an early 20 year old (who showed no signs of immaturity beforehand) will immediately throw a water balloon at her ex when dumped, because younger people can’t be mature -_- . They discarded that relationship&storyline far too easily, and horribly. Damn… I had no idea how many thoughts I had on this : / .

      • Olivia Wilson

        Haha, I love how many thoughts you have on this! And sure, I think that two people their ages could be in a healthy, stable relationship.

        BUT he was her professor, and that’s against most (probably all) university rules because the power dynamic is uneven and unfair. If you think about it in a darker way, what if Ross had decided to fail Elizabeth because she broke up with him?

      • Court

        Agreed, it’s not good because there is that dynamic, BUT in her first episode “The One Where Ross Dates a Student”, she had already handed in her teacher evaluation (where she called him a ‘hottie’, starting the whole thing), and he’s posting final grades (citing the upcoming end of that half of the year), and when he wonders aloud whether or not it’s a good idea for them to go out, she mentions that once the semester is over, he won’t be her professor anymore… and that must have been pretty soon because the next episode is the spring break storyline, and they eventually go away together, and the gang sees them dancing on MTV :P. So, I don’t think he could have failed her. I think the grades were posted&final, and the semester was near end at that point :).
        [I know too much. I should throw out my Friends DVDs. I'm too obsessed.]

      • Olivia Wilson

        NEVER throw them away. They’ll be worth 1 billion dollars one day, like all of my Beanie Babies.

      • Olivia Wilson

        Haha, I love how many thoughts you have on this! And sure, I think that two people their ages could be in a healthy, stable relationship.

        BUT he was her professor, and that’s against most (probably all) university rules because the power dynamic is uneven and unfair. If you think about it in a darker way, what if Ross had decided to fail Elizabeth because she broke up with him?

    • Alyssa

      If you’re throwing Sue Sylvester under the bus, better get Shue in there too. WHAT TEACHER ASKS A STUDENT TO BE THEIR BEST MAN?

      • MarianD

        What teacher sings toxic with his students? What young male high school teacher ever closes the door when he is alone with teenage girls? Worst t.v. teacher ever.

      • meg

        Oh no. The worst is the creepy dude who is always around to play the piano.

      • Olivia Wilson

        GOOD POINT.

      • Richard John Grayson

        That guy sleeps with, like, everyone.

      • Bay

        what teacher puts weed into their students locker???

    • Athena

      Made me laugh,
      because, well, i did marry my teacher.

    • http://www.ask.fm/amlaith Amlaith

      They could also added a few examples from the series, RJ Berger!

    • bob

      Aria and fitz *shudders*

    • Courtney Justine Bray

      No what’s her name from Degrassi? Does aaaanyone remember that show?

      • Jackie

        Was it Paige?
        There was also a recent one with the new male teacher and this kid named Tristen

      • Courtney Justine Bray

        Yes! That one

    • Eh sexy lady

      Angie and chris from skins!!!

    • PrettyLittleLiar

      Actually the Aria and Ezra thing is different. They met BEFORE school, and their love was just too perfect for a stupid break up because *school rules* Either way they are so cute, but something is bound to break them up

      • Conjay Dahn

        Seriously? -_-Them knowing each other before makes the situation even worse. He discovers that, not only is she underaged, but she’s his student. And he still gets with her. That is illegal. As in, against the law. The federal law. So, he is a technical sex offender. It’s not just some “school rule”. It’s a “rule” set in place by the United States government. She was 15 when they got together, so it would even be illegal in many foreign countries. I mean, I’m no expert, but this I’m pretty sure of. So no. It is not cute. It’s creepy and it is messed up to the nth degree. A relationship no one should ever vibe with. So, if you are under the age of 18 amd you sleep with or have a romantic relationship with your teacher, or anyone else over the age of 18 for that matter, you will most likely get that person arrested. I think I’ve made myself pretty clear.

      • Heather Lynn Fears

        Actually it depends on the age of consent for that state….and she lied about her age when thry first met bc it was in a bar (not that it makes it any better) but after he found out her real age they did stop dating until her parents approved which is the only thing you need if you are the legal age of consent but not 18 yet

    • EricOhio2012

      ‘Inappropriate’ is in the eye of the beholder. Teacher/student relationships have existed for thousands of years, and will not cease anytime soon. I had one with my math teacher and it was entirely consensual as most of such relationships are.

    • leahlolly

      No pacy and miss.Jacobs? That was fucked up.

    • BadWolf

      just thought i might point out that Glee has only had 5 seasons so far.

      • FluersPluers

        And I’m dying because of it.

    • MC_Curry

      Um Serena never did that boarding school teacher when she was in boarding school…. she did him after he was released from jail LOL GG is very complicated….

    • Charles Laurier

      How is Dumbledore not on that list

      • Charles Laurier

        Ah, just answered my own question… TV, not movies.

    • Tom Martenson

      oh hell no you are not hating on boy meets world or breaking bad.

    • Michaelangelo

      Watch ‘that’s my boy’

    • Desirée Eriksson

      I am one of a million of those people who fantasize about teachers and other authority figures. However, I’m disappointed that Buffy and Giles aren’t on this list.

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