Jessa Duggar’s Engagement Photo, Now Featuring 100% More Fake Smiles

Isn’t it crazy how fast kids Duggars grow these days? One week you’re sending them out on hot dates chaperoned by their younger siblings, and the next they’re gritting their teeth through their engagement photos!

At least that’s the case for Jessa Duggar, who at the end of last week announced her engagement to Ben Seewald, the charming young man whom she’s been ‘courting’ for the past eleven months. (For the uninitiated, courting is that thing were you can touch arms and do side-hugs,but obvi still save your first hand-holding for your engagement and your kiss for your wedding day.) Normally I’d guess that a Duggar bride-to-be would be in a frenzy of hand-holding post-engagement (I’m looking at you, Jill, you saucy minx), but for some reason, I suspect that isn’t the case with young Jessa.

And you know why? BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T EVEN LIKE THE GUY. We’ve seen it time and time again with her, that haze that goes over her eyes anytime she’s in contact with Ben. She’s smiling with her mouth, but her face is going ‘NOOOOOOOOOO’, and her engagement photos are no exception. Just look at that bright bright smile and those dead dead eyes! Look at the way he gazes hungrily at her mouth, longing to kiss it for the first time on the day they bind themselves to each other eternally. (And beyond, because Heaven!)

Maybe they are thrilled to be together, and my secular eyes just can’t intuit the intricacies of their heavenly bond, but I dunno guys…Jessa is totes not smizing right now. Tyra would be v. displeased.

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    • M_G

      Alexis, your snark warms my cynical heart. ;-)

      You know, they are actually two very good looking people, so when they have kids, they will have a strong genetic disposition going for them.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Don’t you mean IF they have kids?

        JK JK JK I blacked out for a second, what happened?

        (And thank you!!!!)

    • Disney-freak

      You’re so funny. I can’t help but smile every time I read your articles :)

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Thank you so much! You’re the best!

    • wispy

      I was JUST reading this on dailymail, and as usual came over here to see what you said about it, and of COURSE you are on it, as always. The beginning of the video clip they have it looks like he is staring at her chest. What the EFF is up with that? Creepfest. He gives me such the heebie jeebies. Such strange, strained smiles. Why did she already change her twitter name if she is always looking so over it? I don’t get it.

      • JenH1986

        her twitter name/IG has been JessaSeewald for quite a while. I already thought they were engaged so this was confusing to me.

      • wispy

        so confusing.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oh I’m so glad to hear this! Love when people read actual news on other sites and then come to ours to see the Crushable version!

    • FemelleChevalier

      Ben: “Oh man, I’ll finally get to kiss her soon!”

      Jessa: “Keep smiling keep smiling keep smiling keep smiling… Ugh, look at that face… What a creep. Wait, am I cringing? Keep smiling keep smiling keep smiling keep smiling…”

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • Courtney

      Girl looks straight up terrified.

    • shawni

      No one is talking about the “diet” she’s on with Joy-Anna and the fact that even though she’s always been slim she’s starting to look a little lollipop. The photos of her diet are on IG and consist of green beans and an egg for breakfast. I just feel so bad for her. She’s obviously miserable and her marriage is not going to be a happy one but divorce isn’t an option. I just want her to break free and run away! She’s got such a miserable life ahead of her with this guy…

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yikes, really??

    • Napoleon

      She looks petrified. I wonder if they all react similarly to their sheltered lives.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I feel like Jill is genuinely okay, and that Jessa is shell-shocked. Once she’s courting, there’s really no way out. It’s essentially a glorified arranged marriage.

    • Cee

      Somebody didn’t like her ring. She is not displaying it all proudly.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I noticed that too!!

    • May

      I’m probably going to get hate for this, but I think she does actually love him. If you watch the episodes, you can tell. One of the episodes, she suggests that she wants to get married to Ben (whilst he is there at the same time). She was a bit naughty LOL. Some people may veiw there family’s practicies as wrong, but that is your opinion. It is their life, so they can live it how they want, without people constantly commenting on what their doing wrong. Jessa has always been the reserved type, and maybe that is just her face! Lots of the comments here, are just rumors (like the diet thing) so don’t belive all of them. HATERS BACK OFF!!!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I think she definitely wants to be married, because that’s all she’s been conditioned to want, but not necessary to Ben.

      • Ria

        Not only that but it’s the only way the girls can get out of the house. It’s like the 50′s and 60′s all over again for them. My mom got married at 18 because “girls didn’t move out unless they were married” back then. I hope the younger kids are total rebels, maybe then I’ll start watching:)

      • RealityCheck

        I Agree with you completely, i don’t hate you at all!!!!! Alexis Rhiannon sounds like a straight up hater to me! at least the Duggar parents aren’t raising up young women who are single mothers or young men who are walking around getting women pregnant and spreading stds. @alexisrhiannon:disqus you people are so corrupted that you look to make everything just as corrupted as you. Jill and Derrick are having a baby and there is nothing wrong with that, they are married.i am pretty sure SEX is something that married people do. It doesn’t seem that hard since children are doing it now, but instead of talking about that you prefer to sit and take something innocent and try to turn it into something perverted. all your negativity is going to bite you back one day, learn to be positive for your own sake and no one elses! I will be praying for all you people!

      • Sarah Jacques

        I agree with you. People think Jessa doesn’t like Ben because she isn’t all school-girl-crush-lovey-dovey like her sister Jill. Jessa just isn’t a touchy feely person. There’s nothing wrong with that. And it pisses me off that her mother and sisters are trying to change that. ‘Coaching her’ to say the right things. And you see her trying to use what they taught her in interviews. NEWS FLASH: Ben liked her before they started trying to change her!

    • CT

      She already changed her instagram name? Weird!

    • bj700

      AH.. so, are you IMPLYING.. that she might be getting married 2 escape what Michelle/JimBob call home but what a lot of viewers call JAIL?? Hummmm a very very good possibility….
      and.. that this BEN is just too dumb.. err , in love , to realize that she is not feeling it to?
      Let’s take a look at this..
      Jessa, surprisingly, was the 1st ‘DUGGAR’ girl to enter a courtship.. surprisingly, because she is the 3rd girl, in age, descending age order. AND.. JESSA.. has been described by viewers who have watched these 4 girls (and wondered if they would EVER get married, and who would be first..) as AN OUTRIGHT B*****H!! Yes!!!
      Jessa, herself, describes herself as ‘cut and dry’. She describes BEN as ‘emotional’.. not like CRYING.. but, for instance, I happened to watch a rerun this a.m. and she told her mother this very thing and said Ben would write, text her and say things like.. ‘if I could, I would grow all the roses in the world and give them to you!’.. She finds that MUSHY.. Michelle said that was SOO romantic!! Jessa said ‘Where would I put all those roses!!!’ Michelle said ‘You didn’t say that to him!!’ Yeah, she did.. and said, Ma, I told you, I am cut and dry!! No, Jessa, you are UNEMOTIONAL, stupid!! (because you did not seem to realize that he was being imaginative, and it could not come true!!), and YES, You do not seem to LOVE HIM!! Michelle said to Jessa that she had to learn to how to speak to Ben and Ben had to learn how to ‘listen’ to Jessa . ??? Jessa said her sisters were ‘teaching her’.. but BEN?? He has to learn that his future wife is COLD, callous, non caring?? RUN BEN RUN!!!
      I can just picture that 1st kiss.. Ben is going to go for a long, possible French kiss.. Jessa, I see, as going for that YUCK LOOK..
      No, the scales are tipping.. Jessa is looking for an out.. Jessa did not want to be the last one of the 4 to be there.. They were homeschooled.. The ones that work.. or worked.. Jill WAS training to do homebirths.. Jana.. a doula.. neither job lets you meet SINGLE men.. They do not get to ‘choose’ their ‘careers’.. They cannot go off and meet anyone alone.. They can only ‘court’ someone of their religious beliefs.. and their homeschooling conference is the best way to meet-which is 5 days ONCE A YEAR.. where is where she met Ben.. (they do not go to ‘church’ that often it seems, having ‘services’ in their own home..when they do go, they KNOW everyone..).. so.. the GIRLS basically KNOW everyone.. even DERRICK.. Jill’s husband.. started out as Jimbob’s prayer partner and HE suggested that derrick contact JILL.. so very little chance or contact with MEN!!!

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    • gammachris

      As the Queen would say, “Smile and think of England.”