Miranda Kerr Thinks Orlando Bloom Is Such A Great Dad, Which Is Why She Has A Nanny Follow Him Around

Orlando Bloom Miranda Kerr Flynn Post Divorce TogetherI know we’ve talked before about what a friendly divorce Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have, but this latest quote from Miranda is making that look a little less certain. She talked to The Sunday Times about what parenting their son is like after the split. Apparently Miranda has a nanny follow Orlando around whenever he takes care of Flynn. But it’s not because she doesn’t trust him or anything, you guys! In fact, it’s just the opposite.

“The nanny is with him [Flynn] all the time when he is with Orlando; don’t get me wrong, he’s a great dad, it’s just me being a protective mother and wanting to make sure all his needs are met.”

Miranda adds that it also puts “less pressure” on Orlando. I haven’t had my passive-aggressive comment detector checked in a while (gotta remember to make an appointment for that), but my alarms are definitely going off right now. In my experience, when you have to preface something with “don’t get me wrong,” especially when you’re a celebrity, people are going to get you wrong. Or get you right, because usually whatever comes after “don’t get me wrong” is bullshit.

What if she doesn’t stop at the nanny? Perhaps Miranda’s next interview will feature her explaining, “Don’t get me wrong, of course I trust Orlando. That’s why I had that computer chip implanted beneath his skin to monitor where he is at all times. It puts less pressure on him.” Or maybe “Don’t get me wrong, that ankle monitoring bracelet is for Orlando’s own good. It keeps him from leaving the house, and who wants to do that, anyway?”

It wouldn’t be an Orlando/Miranda post if I didn’t mention that whole Justin Bieber debacle. You know, the one where Miranda allegedly hooked up with Bieber, which led Orlando to try to introduce his fist to Bieber’s face a couple of weeks ago. I must ask Miranda, first of all, what is wrong with you?! And second of all, what is wrong with you?! And third of all, where was Bieber’s nanny that day?

(Photo: Lenny Abbot, PacificCoastNews.com)

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    • JenH1986

      Shouldn’t Orlando be the one to decide if there is too much pressure on him and hire a nanny if he feels the need? Seriously? Why would you have a child with someone if you didn’t think they could handle the pressure of parenting?

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Jill, PLEASE go to the doctor and get that checked out. I don’t want to make a big deal or anything, but every moment you don’t go, you’re kind of ruining my life.

    • Bloomfan1111

      I agree
      Putting a chip under his skin or a ankle brace
      Come on that’s bull shit!!

      Orlando is a adult he can take care of Flynn by himself
      Not have a nanny my option is she dont trust him

      I’m a big bloom fan! I think miranda is a selfish bitch
      I’m glad orlando divorce her.he derves better

    • Bloomfan111

      I agree jen

    • Bloomfan111

      All miranda cares about herself and of course Flynn
      She don’t care bout orlando and how he feels about this
      That’s why she selfish bitch

    • Lackadaisical

      I can imagine that if you are wealthy and both work then a full time nanny that follows the kid to both households would give him a feeling of stability and consistency while he is still possibly reeling from his parent’s split but that isn’t how she came across when she claims it is to ensure her son is cared for and her ex has less pressure. Perhaps it was a joint decision for the sake of the kid but she came across in that interview as managing and spoilt.

    • LadyClodia the Modest Rat

      I’m fully aware how wrong this is, but my first thought was wondering how I can get that nanny job.

    • anon

      Orlando should hire a nanny to follow Miranda around. You know, to be a protective father, and to make sure all of Flynn’s needs are met.

    • Viv

      I wouldn’t trust Miranda if she was with several nannies. I would totally trust Orlando. He is a great dad. Just look how he holds Flynn in his hands. He is very protective of his son. And look how she does it: she holds Flynn like he is an accessory. She is trying to show that she is “such a good mother” in a stupidest way ever. I don’t think she was trying to diminish Orlando’s skills but she was trying to give herself more “importance.” The problem is: she is not very smart woman and she just can’t help it to stop saying the stupid things. The mass media use it right away to make up a “scary story” to get more publicity clicks. She should stick to the photo-shoots without speaking. She had done too much damage already to the best man she could ever had in her life and to their son. Good luck to Orlando to get over her. I hope he will find a woman who is worthy of him and deserves to be his wife.