Just More Details About The Chris Martin And J-Law Relationship That We Can’t Get Our Brains Around

Jennifer Lawrence shrugging GIFI’ve had all weekend to get used to the rumored relationship between Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence, and so far the only part I fully understand is that the couple name ‘Martin Lawrence’ is the best thing that has ever happened.

But for the most part, I can’t figure out at all how these two found each other. At thirty-seven, Chris is over a decade older than not only Jennifer, but also her last boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult. I can’t even begin to picture them together, but the first clue to their coupledom that makes any sense whatsoever is the fact that Chris is supposedly attracted to J-Law because she’s the ‘polar opposite’ of Gwyneth. According to Mail Online:

“Jennifer is loads of fun and they can’t stop laughing when they are together. Chris feels he is dating someone who has everything he’s been missing out on in the past eleven years.”

I mean yeah, that makes sense, given that all Jennifer can talk about at awards shows is food, while Gwyneth tastefully averts her eyes every time someone mentions a carb so as not to gain mind-pounds. I guess we know where Chris falls in that spectrum, given that he’s already back to eating meat post-split.

“Jennifer doesn’t take herself too seriously and when she is not filming she just wants to hang out and have a good time.”

Hey come on! Gwyneth knows how to have a good time! Once a week, every Saturday night, she allows herself one cigarette and (presumably) to look at a photo of a cupcake in bed with both hands above the covers. No funny business!

Jen and Chris were first pegged as a potential couple when they were seen ‘deep in conversation’ at the after-party for Coldplays Royal Albert Hall performance in London on July 1st. Since then, they’ve reportedly been texting nonstop (which I’m assuming Gwyneth would never do because it unattractively bulks up the thumbs), with Chris reportedly ‘showering’ Jennifer with gifts on her twenty-fourth birthday this past Friday.

Must be a nice change for J-Law, considering that Nicholas Hoult is rumored to have broken up with her after her ‘ego exploded’ due to her meteoric rise in fame. Chris spent the last eleven years in a marriage with someone so full of herself that she genuinely believes her job is harder than being a working mom, so dating someone with a trifecta of Oscar nominations before age twenty-five must not bother him in the slightest.

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    • Rania

      I can’t wrap my head around this. I just can’t.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Seriously. I would need to see it in action to be anywhere close to understanding it.

    • Mary Devlin Millar

      I truly believe that this is a PR stunt by Martin’s team…which would be a really shifty thing to do on his part (using Jennifer Lawrence to get headlines). The frustrating thing is, is that Lawrence never confirms or denies anything so the tabloid rags continue to make shit up. I really don’t think these two are an item…maybe a date here or there, but not in a relationship.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        If his PR team made this up, they have balls made of brass.

      • A_Nicole

        I believe it too. Look at the timing. Two days before that Gwen made the first move by being in a relationship and flaunting her “weekend getaway”. Then all of the sudden CM is dating Jlaw? I don’t by it and it sounds like revisionist history here. Esp since the coldplay concert/afterparty Jlaw was spotted with both Liam and Josh which they tried (and failed) to make a thing when the pictures came out. Its best for JLaw to let this die just like everything else because its been the same 3 tabloids running this story. I’ve haven’t seen anywhere else picking this up

      • Mockingjay

        Jennifer Lawrence does not strike me as someone who would be involved in a relationship for PR. Unless the rumors of her ego are true and she wants to seem likable again. And maybe Chris wants to look better after the rumors of GP’s affair with Brad F came out. But I just find the whole thing confusing and don’t know what to believe

      • A_Nicole

        I dont think so either. Plus like I said she doesn’t do the PR machine. Her reps never confirm nor deny reports about her at all. From where I’m standing this story only benefits on person and the timing seems aimed at GP

    • Lindsey

      Totally in the minority here, but I kind of like the idea of this couple, and not just for Martin Lawrence. He needs some fun, she needs a real man, and I’m sure we will eventually get some inane statement for Gwennie

      • Mockingjay

        I agree but I don’t view GP as the uptight snob everyone else does

    • Nichole

      I can understand Jennifer’s team not saying anything, she is romantically linked to any eligible guy she so much as glances at, I imagine it has to be frustrating and pretty ridiculous. That said her dating Chris Martin is something I can’t wrap my head around either, partly because I just don’t like him, so I may be biased.

    • Tpce

      What this sounds like to me if this is even true is its more like two people who are friends and the gossip sites have blown it way out of proportion. I have read they have been texting for around 6 weeks, he bought her some birthday gifts, and they have hung out after a couple of his concerts. What’s the definition of dating these sources are trying to use here? If that is dating someone then I’m a whore because I do that with lots of my friends.

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    • dee

      This seems to be more a PR stunt by Martin’s agent (or Martin himself) even more than when it was first reported.

      Interesting that if they’ve been “dating” since June, it took this long for it to be made public by mysterious sources (who could very well be his friends). Plus it conveniently happened shortly after Paltrow and her new beau made news. It broke on Lawrence’s birthday, a day when she would be the focus of tabloids anyway, especially after the last couple weeks of rumors (broken up, still together, engaged) about her and Hoult. The private concert when Martin supposedly blew Lawrence a kiss was over a week before all of this, and yet it only was made public when the dating rumor surfaced. And Lawrence has said before she wouldn’t date Bradley Cooper because he was “too old” (39) for her, but now Martin (37) is ok?

      Seems as if Martin’s and/or his PR people are trying to drum up headlines for him (maybe for an upcoming show, tour, or album?), and it worked. There’s been more written about him for this than anything else he’s done himself in a long time.

      And after the initial story, Martin’s friends are the ones talking about Lawrence and him texting and him sending her birthday gifts. So now her going to a few concerts (as a fan), talking at an after-show party (she’s famous-of course people want to talk to/be seen with her), texting for a few weeks, and sending her birthday gifts constitutes “dating”? Maybe only to Martin, who seems so desperate to get back at Paltrow that he makes up a relationship with a younger actress who’s one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

      And still nothing from anyone associated with Lawrence confirming this relationship, no reports of them seen together (outside of the party), and no pictures of them together. This is looking more and more like Martin is using Lawrence to grab attention for himself and nothing more. Must be disheartening for her to know that even the most innocent of actions (going to concerts, talking, texting) by her are sometimes used by others to promote themselves and their own agendas.

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