And Now, A Misogynistic Message Brought To You By Tom Hanks’ Mega Douche Son Chet Haze

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While I don’t know them personally (yet), Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson seem like two of the loveliest people one could find in Hollywood.  The fact that they’ve been married forever and still seem to be very much in love is just one reason why people love them so much.  It’s not their fault they’re so popular.  It IS their fault, technically, that their son Chester Hanks (or, as he’s known among just himself, “Chet Haze“) is a raging douche kazoo. If for no other reason than they reproduced him and are therefore responsible for his existence. (I can forgive them for associating with Scooter Braun and, therefore by association, Justin Bieber. Ugh.)

Other than being Tom and Rita’s son, Chet is known for pretty much absolutely nothing in the actual world. But in his world, he’s a rich, entitled, spoiled, obnoxious, laughable, self-proclaimed “white boy rapper.” Which is so weird, because just the other day I was telling zero people how I feel the actual world is tragically lacking that exact demographic! Maybe Chet Haze can also read minds. I’m not sure. I am sure, though, that he’s pretty insufferable overall and I actually feel sorry for the Hanks-Wilson family. Other than the character flaws I mentioned earlier, The Problem With Chester is that he’s also a sexist asshole who likes to publicly shame women on his Instagram account:

Okay, Chester, I have a MESSAGE! for you: it’s all fun and games right now, because you’re basically a caricature of a real human being. While you’re singling out girls who have rejected you by making fun of them, we’re all making fun of you right back. But what’s alarming about this is that you’re about one or two more “I’m already drunk”s away from sounding like Elliot Rodger and other dangerous, horribly misguided young men who feel they have the right to shame women in that way.  It’s not funny. It’s not okay. It’s actually disappointing and harmful.

If you need me, I’ll probably be trolling Chet for the rest of the day with the “#YesAllWomen” hashtag. Will probably throw in a few “#TomHanksWeepsInShame”s for good measure.

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    • Mockingjay

      After reading the article, I thought that video would be a lot worse.

    • Nbl

      How is “stop taking off your clothes and read a book” making fun of women? The guy sounds like a douche but I see no misogyny.

      • Cassandra Hough

        I consider the fact that he singled out only females and clearly expressed a contempt/dislike for them (or a certain “type”, as he’s classified them) is blatant misogyny. I didn’t say he was planning an all-girl genocide, but his Twitter feed and Instagram account are chock full of gems just like this. I feel pretty comfortable calling him a sexist douche.

      • Nbl

        I don’t have twitter or Instagram so I have no idea if there are other examples but this one says nothing about feminist, more a specific group of girls. Maybe you could find a better example? I’m female and I have felt like saying that.

      • jen27

        Umm…just because you are female and “have felt like saying that” doesn’t make it non-misogynist. The fact is that singling out females in that way–even if you happen to have a vagina yourself–is yucky and anti-female.

      • Nbl

        I’ve said it about Justin Bieber as well

      • Cassandra Hough

        Thank you! I find people really want to stay away from labels like “feminism” and “misogyny”, which is part of the problem.

      • JenH1986

        He didn’t say everyone should stop taking off their clothes and read a book, just us dumb womenz.

      • Nbl

        He said “a lot of you girls that take off your clothes”. Yup definitely a woman hating asshole. You know it’s overreactions like this that cause major backlash against the feminist movement, right?

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        Well, feminism is about women having the same rights as men. Who the fuck is this idiot to tell ANY woman to keep her clothes on? Why isn’t he calling out men who do the same thing?

    • M_G

      Reading books is ALSO a favorable alternative to, say, getting drunk, filming yourself acting like a douchebag, and then posting the drunken-douchebaggy video to the internet.

      • Cassandra Hough


    • guest

      Well that was disappointing..

    • bj700

      the HANKS marriage, according to soo many sites.. is in trouble.. just putting that out.. but, that is RECENTLY.. and has NOTHING to do with THIS IDIOT.. they, according to many sites have spent $$$$$$$ on REHAB for CHET.. who is about 24.. and a METH addict.. rehab has not worked and he continues to puff away.. according to a BLIND which is supposed to be about them/him-they CUT him off financially about 3 wks ago (after giving him MUCH notice..) BUT HEY! he is 24, ACCORDING to him site- he is an ‘actor’ but does not have much in anyway of credits.. and unlike his half bro COLIN.. has not attended COLLEGE.. so.. 24 and what?? (ONE of his credits was in one of his dad’s movies-guess that was hard to obtain! and one was ‘pizza delivery boy’!).. If the METH rumors are true.. I feel bad FOR them! I am having problems with one of my kids.. NOT METH!!! BUT.. my child was in sp. ed. classes most of this child’s education… and I DID NOT SPOIL THIS CHILD.. and I certainly did not have the millions, I do not even have thousands!!! (BTW my child is still in teens.. not 24 and doing NOTHING!!!).. Whether ‘CHET’ is an addict or not.. I do hope they have CUT HIM OFF!! Tom Hanks was MARRIED (NOT to Rita) and a father by the age of 21… I am not saying that this Chet person should go impregant anyone (who knows if he already did!), but, his father took on responsibilities MUCH EARLIER in life.. while he is acting like .. well, fill in the blanks.. Tom should take a look at that!!!
      As for Tom and Rita.. if their marriage is in trouble, I hope ‘chet’ is not ADDING to it! I know what I am going through is adding to my marriage problems.. and I hope they are able to sort through it all and it comes out okay. They have seemed happy previously..

      • Northwesterngrad

        Actually, Chet graduated from Northwestern with me last year. Last time I checked, Northwestern was ranked #12 in the country. Please do more research before you make false statements such as this again in the future.

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