Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Martin Are Dating Now, Which Is The Perfect Distraction After This Week

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You know what, you guys?  It was a real humdinger of a week. I don’t know about you, but I’m still reeling from the loss of Robin Williams and my chest feels like an elephant is doing jumping jacks on it every time someone posts a photo, quote, or YouTube clip with him in it.   Then Lauren Bacall passed away, and I comforted myself by watching classic scenes between her and Bogie like the devoted, diligent member of Sad Sacks Anonymous I am. So let me be the first to thank Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin for starting up Hollywood’s newest fakerelationship, because good golly Miss Molly did I need a distraction from the many grim headlines this week.

Normally, I’d have something snarky to say about a 37-year-old recently divorced male musician rebounding with a 24-year-old ingenue-of-the-moment actress. Because it’s a very tired song and dance with an encore of Slightly Creepy, and I’m not usually down with that.  But when E! broke the news, I was way too “SCRRREEECH PUMP THOSE BRAKES WHAT” to be all “Ugh, God, really? *eyeroll* *yawn*” about it. Here are the salacious details E! reported earlier:

“Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are seeing each other, multiple sources confirm to E! News. We’re told that the pair has been spending quality together since late June after the Oscar winner split with her X-Men costar Nicholas Hoult.”

Multiple sources, you guys.  As in several people who all know Jennifer and Chris well enough to know they’re “seeing each other” but who are independent from one another and in their relationships with the two.  Who all ran to E! separately but in unison. Yeah… gotcha.

Either these two are my new favorite random celebrity relationship of the year (personally, I feel Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen come in at a close second), or Chris Martin’s PR team is killing it right now in light of that whole Gwyneth-Paltrow-was-totally-cheating-on-him thing. Luckily for Gwyneth, she can just curl up on a $50,000 chaise lounge made of emu feathers and shove $80 spoonfuls of organic honey into her mouth while debating whether Coldplay or Glee is responsible for producing more annoying music.

If these two really are together, may I just say I’m looking forward to many GIF-able moments in the near future. If nothing else, I thank them profusely for providing a very delightful, very WTF distraction from a rather glum week. Who’s with me?

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    • vikw

      Man if this is true… The guy is 37, not even divorced yet and has 2 kids. What are you doing girl…

      • Sam

        Shouldn’t it be: What are you doing man? He is the adult here, right?!

      • vikw5

        As far as I know Jlaw is an adult too. She’s 24. She’s so young tho, why would she want to deal with all this baggage?

      • Sam

        My point being why are you immediately blaming her, not him. The adult part was more sarcasm.

      • vikw

        Wtf? I’m not blaming anyone. For him it’s cliche. Middle aged man hooks up with a younger woman after the divorce. I’m only wondering why would she want to date a man 13 years older than her with en ex wife and 2 kids.

      • Sam

        Ok, I read you post differently. Sorry, my bad.

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      • Lackadaisical

        It sounded to me more like a “you can do better than him” statement than a “you should be ashamed, hussy” statement. They are both adults and more or less single (divorce may not be through but he and his wife have clearly split), so I don’t think there is any actual blame to dish out to either, I think the other poster was merely suggesting an older man with kids from a very recent previous relationship may carry a lot of baggage and drama for a young woman who could have her pick of men.

    • vikw

      Also, she and NHoult broke up because they couldn’t find time for each other right? Then how is this going to work when this dude has even more responsibilities. Idg.

    • Ninks

      I’m totally here for this, if only because of the ensuing meltdown it’s causing for joshifer shippers.

      • Cassandra Hough

        I didn’t even think about that. Let the meltdowns commence!

      • Tpce

        There will be no meltdowns.. this one is so random you have gulp the whole jar of salt for this rumor and being E! home of the Kartrashians that ‘broke’ the news with their ‘sources’ you need a second jar of salt. Most see it for what it is, I guess we can add E! to all the other gossip rag sites for the whole anonymous sources stories.

      • A_Nicole

        no meltdowns because this is so unbelievable that its basically a non story. I mean she went to a concert and now they are dating lol. and i love that e news conveniently ignores the fact that she was with Liam and Josh at the last concert/after party. I just have to roll my eyes at this

    • Sile

      First things first…I agree, after one hell of a shitty week, we all neded a distraction….on to the distraction, Cassandra, with this article, you provided me with the hearty laugh that I really needed, thank you!!. I don’t believe for one moment that these two are in a relationship…and I couldn’t agree more with your “sources” theory…which you hit the nail on the head with.

      • Cassandra Hough

        Thank you! Love hearing things like this.

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    • Tpce

      Multiple sources… your described it perfectly. You need the whole jar and possibly another one of salt to gulp down for this one.

    • dee

      This “breaking story” seems to be more a PR stunt by Martin’s agent than anything.

      Interesting that if they’ve been “dating” since June, it took this long for it to be made public by “sources”. Plus it conveniently happened a day after Paltrow and her new beau made news. Let’s not forget it “broke” on Lawrence’s birthday, a day when she would be the focus of tabloids anyway, especially after the last couple weeks of rumors about her and Hoult. Why did it even take over a week for news of Martin “supposedly” blowing Lawrence a kiss at his private concert to be made public? And Lawrence even said before she wouldn’t date Bradley Cooper because he was “too old” (39) for her, but now Martin (37) is ok?

      Seems as if Martin’s PR people are trying to drum up headlines for him (maybe for an upcoming show, tour, or album?), and it worked. There’s been more written about him for this than anything else he’s done himself in a long time.

      Sort of like Hoult. He got more press/attention for being “Jennifer Lawrence’s boyfriend” than anything he’d done, and there always seemed to be a lot of paps “somehow” knowing where he and Lawrence were whenever they were together (even at his friend’s house party!). Plus his sister got in the act by talking about Lawrence’s visit to meet his family and her “supposedly” moving into his new house.

      Both seem(ed) to be using Lawrence to grab attention for themselves.

      • guest

        Looks like details of this whole dating thing have been spilt, and it sounds more like he wishes they were dating. From the Mirror-”According to sources, Jen and Chris have spent the last six weeks texting each other and he showed her how much she meant to him by buying her a number of gifts for her birthday on Friday.” Texting, sending gifts, and talking for a couple hours at a party are now considered dating?! If that’s all it takes to be dating, she and Josh Hutcherson must be secretly married!

        Wow this guy is delusional! Sounds more like a creepy older guy spiting his estranged wife by trying to get into a hot younger girl’s pants.

    • josh

      Why would E would make this up? They never done with Jen before not even on the Bradley Cooper times. It was always just speculation but now they are confirming. Better get used to CLAW is real!

      • Pamela

        Good lord you read blind gossip and got that nick name… please just NO. The problem is multiple anonymous sources are E! source which means its not confirmed in anyway, what everyone is saying is that until Jen or Chris confirm it will continue to be a rumor because multiple sources is not confirmation. If they are together best of luck to them, if they are not I assume Chris gives his PR team a raise because linking him to Jennifer is the perfect antidote to fighting Goopy in the press.

    • Lena

      I’m going with “not true,” for all the reasons already posted as well as the fact that if she’s as flaky as she makes herself out to be for the cameras there’s no way she’s dealing with a man with that much baggage. That said, I kind of love the idea that the first woman Chris Martin dates after uncoupling is the complete opposite of Gwyneth. Being with a women he can eat whatever he wants around without a lecture would be a welcome change, I’m sure.

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    • Beth

      Yes, because those were the reasons this has been a terrible week. I hardly think their relationship will last. Also, on the note of ages, they are both adults and 24/37 aren’t the worst age differences out there. :|

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