If Alison Brie Isn’t Returning To Community, They Might As Well Re-Cancel It

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Okay, guys. It’s time for some real talk. I think maybe this whole deal with bringing Community back for a sixth season on Yahoo! is a bad idea. I know we were all excited about the fact that the show was saved from cancellation and that they’re one step closer to their “six seasons and a movie” goal, but maybe it would have been better to just let it go. Especially if Alison Brie isn’t returning. In that case let’s not even try.

Where did I hear about this as a possibility? From Alison herself, actually. She told The National Post she hasn’t been told whether she’s returning for the sixth season, or the movie that may or may not happen:

“It’s hard to get details from anyone just yet,” she told the National Post. “The whole thing is just still in the works right now.”

Well that doesn’t sound very promising, especially when you consider that Alison also didn’t attend the show’s Comic-Con panel, and when the new season was announced, she didn’t talk about it on social media. Whether Alison isn’t able or doesn’t wish to come back, or whether the show doesn’t want her, or whether there’s some other explanation for all this, I really can’t imagine Community without Annie Edison. Not only is she one of the consistent highlights for me, but they’ve already lost both Chevy Chase and Donald Glover. That leaves only four members of the original study group, and while Jonathan Banks was a great addition last season, change makes me nervous.

Being a fan of Community has always been a really uncertain experience: Will it be renewed? Will it be saved by another network? Will Dan Harmon leave? Will Dan Harmon come back? What is happening?! It got to the point where last season was such a nice return after the Harmonless days, and things ended on such a satisfying note, that I wasn’t that torn up over the cancellation. I felt like it had a good run, albeit with plenty of drama. If they can’t even get their shit together enough for the cast to know if they’re returning, maybe we should stop trying to revive it.

In the meantime, you can watch a teaser (which is actually just a bunch of old clips) for the new season here.

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    • capoupascap

      As much as I love Community I kinda wish they had just left it cancelled (if a sixth season even actually happens). Jonathon Banks was basically the only good part of season 5, and it just kept getting dumber and dumber as the season went on. I really don’t see Dan Harmon coming back either, he seemed pretty over it when it was cancelled.

      • JD

        but it IS coming back. It’s not not a question of “if it actually happens”. It IS happening, and Harmon IS back for it. Johnathan Banks will not be (thanks to “better call saul”). But….yeah

    • Joey

      That quote does not suggest that she isn’t returning. All it suggests is that she isn’t currently aware of the production schedule

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    • Communi-Fan

      OK. You guys are aware that the entire main cast (McHale, Brie, Jacobs, Brown, Pudi, Rash and Jeong) are all under contract for season six, right? The entire down-to-the-wire Yahoo pickup on June 30th was because all their contracts were up at midnight on July 1. When the Yahoo deal happened, all those contracts continued.

      Dan Harmon is coming back. There’s no doubt, no question. It’s confirmed. All these comments attributed to Alison are from an interview prior to the Yahoo deal. They are all being taken out of context.

      I can all but completely guarantee that DH would not have agreed to come back if he wasn’t going to have the entire main cast. Alison hasn’t tweeted anything about it, but she hasn’t tweeted much of anything over the past couple months.

      Stop trying to give Community fans heart attacks with all this speculative non-sense, please!