Some Woman Just Filed For Maternity Of Blue Ivy, So This Is About To Get Interesting

Beyonce pregnancy announcement at VMAs GIFI want you guys to remember exactly where you are right now, because this is potentially the moment when the entire Beyonce fake-pregnancy scandal gets blown wide open — some woman just filed for maternity of Blue Ivy.

The rumors and whispers that Beyonce didn’t actually carry Blue Ivy herself but instead used a surrogate had pretty much died down since that fateful video of her baby bump ‘deflating’ in October 2011.

At some point we had to accept that A. there was photographic and video evidence of Beyonce’s pregnancy and B. with the amount of resources she and Jay Z have at their disposal, they could probably fake anything. So basically, we had to acknowledge that we’d probably never find out either way, and do our best to come to terms with that.

…until today, when The Hollywood Gossip informed us that a woman named Tina Seals reportedly filed a maternity suit in Manhattan, claiming to be the mother of Blue Ivy Carter. Ho. Lee. Shit. You hear about paternity suits all the time, but very very rarely does anyone file for maternity, because it means that the child someone else is claiming came out of their body, you think actually came out of yours. Basically it means you’re claiming you were the surrogate for someone else’s baby, which is exactly what Beyonce has been accused of lying about all these years.

(And just to be clear — there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using a surrogate for a pregnancy! There are plenty of reasons you might do it, just very few for why you might lie about it, if in fact that’s what happened here.)

The document (the existence of which is still just alleged, by the way) claims that Tina Seals is seeking ‘to verify whether she is the biological mother’ of Blue Ivy, and attempting to prove that she’d been ‘previously associated’ in some way with Bey and Jay. Man. Huuuuge accusations here, if this document is real. I can’t even imagine what’s gonna go down if this turns out to hold water. But regardless, stay tuned for Beyonce to respond to this by flooding her Instagram with photos of her pregnant belly.

Like clockwork.

(Image: Mashable)

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    • Samantha Escobar


    • capoupascap

      I don’t get this….if she really did carry Blue Ivy then they def had some serious contracts, and she shouldn’t be able to file for maternity if they even did use her ova. My BS meter is just springing really strongly on this one.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah that’s probably a really good call.

      • Charlize

        *clears throat*

        *strikes a pose*


      • JenH1986

        She has filed suit again Catherine of Wales; Mariah Carey; Janet Jackson and Kim Kardashian claiming the same thing. She is just off her meds.

      • capoupascap

        Oh wow didn’t see that update until now, just going off my gut feeling that it wasn’t right (and truthfully I’ve never bought into the rumors she wasn’t actually pregnant). Thanks for the update!

    • A_Nicole

      Some simple research would’ve shown you that this woman has also applied for paternity of North West, Mariah Carey’s twins and Prince George. She’s someone who files frivolous lawsuits constantly. So no this is not about to be interesting.

      • TJ

        HA! That’s hilarious. Who would do that?

      • A_Nicole

        Someone who is mentally ill lol. I’m always fascinated by people who file ridiculous lawsuits. If you go to TMZ they have the contents of this lady’s previous lawsuits. She requests sessions with Mariah’s vocal coach, 5 recordings albums and from Will and Kate 5 mil dollars. LOL

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Whoa…so weird.

      • A_Nicole

        Yep and she has a 22 yr old son by Kanye ha
        So she’s not like a regular mom she’s a celebrity mom

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Hahaha, amazing. And Kanye’s only 37, so he started real young!

      • A_Nicole

        infancy. because we all know kanye has to outdo everyone in everything ha

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I’m interested!

    • Mockingjay

      This article is great but what I don’t understand is that if this is true, wouldn’t think woman know she’d be “invisible”. Wouldn’t she already know what she was getting into? Why blast them now?

    • Cassandra Hough


    • lol

      Bey needs to call up Solange to check this girl! Damn, KimK must be loving all this after the whole wedding diss.

    • Ian Zinger

      Don’t believe @disqus_tBTZTqsbw7:disqus , Beyoncé lied to everyone about being pregnant, her surrogate probably mothered other celebrities children who are too ashamed to admit to state they need a surrogate.