Kylie Jenner Had Justin Bieber, Chris Brown And Booze At Her 17th Birthday Party

Kylie Jenner celebrated her 17th birthday this weekend. Yay for Kylie! Now she can get into R-rated movies by herself. This is such an important milestone in a young woman’s life. I’m sure she had a really fun party, maybe a sleepover with her best girlfriends where they ate pizza and cupcakes and watched Titanic. Wow, this really takes me back to my teenage years. There was this one time… Wait, what’s that? Kylie spent her birthday partying with Justin Bieber and Chris Brown and probably possibly drinking alcohol? Sigh. Yeah, that’s what I figured, give or take a Bieber.

For proof, please refer to the above photo, featuring Kendall and Kylie hanging out with their new BFF Chris Brown, as well as Tyga and The Game, all of whom are grown men whose presence at a 17-year-old girl’s birthday party makes me very uncomfortable. TMZ also has a photo of Kylie, Tyga and The Game posing with Justin Bieber. Both Bieber and The Game are holding bottles of alcohol. Kylie isn’t holding one, but are we really going to believe she didn’t partake in it? And anyway, Bieber is only 20, despite his message to Kylie on Instagram that it’s been “so dope watching u grow up.” He clearly forgot to add “at the same time as I did.”

And Kylie is, as I’ve said, only 17. That’s definitely not 21, and it’s not even 18, which is apparently the drinking age in the Kardashian household, if Kendall’s restaurant brattiness is any indication. So the video TMZ has of Tyga offering Kylie a tequila shot is quite inappropriate. Kylie grabs the glass, but the video cuts before we see whether Kylie drinks it. Call me crazy, but I’d be willing to bet she drank it. I’m pretty sure the video also gives us a glimpse of Kylie’s penis cake. Because apparently this is a bachelorette party and not A 17-YEAR-OLD GIRL’S BIRTHDAY PARTY.

Where is the sweet and innocent Kylie Jenner from one year ago, handing out gift bags worth $1,000 each? Where did she go?!

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    • M_G

      It’s like Kendall and Kylie watch how they’re older siblings operate in public and have a never-ending chorus of “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” running through their heads (“better”, of course, translates to “WTF-ier” in this case).

    • FemelleChevalier

      I’m on the fence with this one because I drank alcohol way too early. But yes, a too wild of a party is a bit inappropriate for a 17-year old.

      • Rachel

        agreed, i think the most inappropriate thing here is grown men pouring shots for a girl who’s not even legal, i mean good grief Tyga you have a kid o_O oh and the penis cake

      • FemelleChevalier

        Yep, the grown men weirded me out, too. I think it’s acceptable if it’s to supervise. But to actually party with them? I dunno…

    • Rachel

      I mean but is anyone really surprised? I’m more disturbed by the grown ass men, sans bieber, with their hands all over her o_O grown men + alcohol + underage girls are the stories you see on the news.

    • not that weird for me

      Being european myself, where legal driknking age is 18, and being a quite young drinker myself, i don’t see a problem with the alcohol. The problem here is this firl hanging out with grown men. That is creepy. And Justin Bieber pretending to be a mature and grown adult. Thet is just plain ridiculous.

    • Napoleon

      LOL @ Bieber attempting to pass himself as this mentor-like figure. He’s not even three years older than Kylie and yet he’s playing the role of a grandfather.