Even Kaley Cuoco Is Aware She’d Be Lucky To Get Cast Again After Big Bang Theory

Kaley Cuoco pout face GIFCan someone please get Kaley Cuoco on the phone and tell her to slow her roll, please? The girl is about to start her eighth season as a star on the biggest show on television, and yet she’s coming off nothing but desperate talking about her future projects. Pump those brakes, girl.

In an interview for Women’s Health‘s September 2014 issue, Kaley was questioned on whether she was worried about being typecast when she leaves Big Bang Theory, and she came back with this eager beaver answer:

“I will take any role anyone will hire me on… I was telling someone last night, people always say, ‘oh my god you’re going to be type cast’ and if I really was type cast as Penny or the girl next door it would be the greatest thing in the world, then I have a job forever playing that. That is kind of how I look at it, if this is what I do forever fine, but I’ll try and do as many things as possible and experience the whole world of acting, as silly as that sounds, but I love all aspects of it but comedy is definitely number one.”

Whoa whoa whoa…take it easy! Any role anyone will hire you on? Don’t you think that’s a little much? Again, this is Big Bang Theory‘s eighth season that’s premiering on September 22nd, and in addition to each member’s $300,000 salary per episode, you know they’re killing it on the syndication front, too. This show is unstoppable. (Although god knows we’ve tried.)

Plus, according to reports, the cast is currently in contract negotiations to bump their salaries up to the $1 million per episode mark set by Friends in its final season, so Kaley isn’t hurting by any means. So why is she so desperate to take anything that comes her way? Desperate enough that she’s actually hoping to be type-cast. It feels like the same kind of frantic energy that went into her whirlwind relationship-engagement-marriage to Ryan Sweeting, and I DO. NOT. GET IT.

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    • Jill O’Rourke

      She makes me nervous.

      • The shadow


    • The shadow

      Maybe she is a workaholic and like to work dumb dumb.

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        Exactly. As much fawning as the authors here do over Megan Mullally, she has said the exact same thing – she’ll take any job she gets offered – and they don’t insult her over it.

    • Sally

      Maybe she isn’t very talented

      • The shadow

        Shut the fuck up,more talented then you.

    • fantasymother

      I think she’s just telling the world she doesn’t care if she’s typecast, and is also admitting she isn’t sure how the hell she got where she did – so when it inevitably ends we’ll all find out she didn’t deserve it.

      Let me know if I made that clear, I’m on meds today ;-)

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