Charlize Theron Wants Tia Mowry Banned From SoulCycle, Making This Your New Favorite Feud

Charlize Theron Snow White none of your concern

In case you missed it, Charlize Theron and Tia Mowry are feuding. I already wasn’t expecting to ever see their names in the same sentence as long as I live, unless Hollywood finally decided to make a crossover series of Sister, Sister and Monster. But I still figured it would be a one-story thing and they would go their separate ways. How wrong I was. Charlize and Tia are going to war, and their battlefield is SoulCycle (that place where people ride bikes that don’t go anywhere).

Let me catch you up. A couple of weeks ago Tia Mowry told In Touch magazine that Charlize Theron was “mean” to her at SoulCycle. Apparently when Tia said hello to her, Charlize rolled her eyes and said, “Oh my God.” And Tia felt really insulted by that, because she’s a celebrity too, you know! So obviously she took the opportunity to get a headline out of it. And Charlize is apparently not happy about it. According to DishNation, she’s now trying to get Tia banned from SoulCycle. Here’s what an “insider at SoulCycle” said about it:

“Charlize came in so pissed off after Tia went to the tabloids about her, and she demanded we bar Tia from ever coming back. When the manager refused Charlize just got angrier and said she’d go to the top to make it happen.”

Guys, Charlize Theron is taking this to the top. She won’t rest until that ’90s star the world barely remembers is properly punished! Charlize apparently told management that she has “zero expectation of anonymity” if Tia is around while she works out. Umm, what anonymity? You’re Charlize “Statuesque Goddess” Theron. I’m pretty sure people will know it’s you.

But wait! There’s more! The SoulCycle employee even has an alleged quote from Charlize:

“This nobody who was famous for a minute 20 years ago can complain to the tabloids about me but I can’t expect you to protect me from hangers on in your studio?”

There is not enough popcorn in the world to accompany this level of entertainment. I don’t even care if this is true or not. I’ve been looking for a new favorite celebrity feud, and now my prayers have been answered. #Blessed. I should really just be belting out “Let It Go” to Charlize right now, but it’s just so entertaining that I don’t want it to end.

To top it all off, the employee also seems to think dating Sean Penn “isn’t doing her any favors,” because Charlize used to be “quiet and chill” when she came in. So apparently now even SoulCycle is on the “Ugh, why are you dating him?” boat.

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    • Alana Vincenza

      This is the weirdest feud! I don’t trust Charlize’s judgement anymore after dating Sean Penn, so nothing really surprises me anymore when she’s involved.

    • M_G

      This is the most random, out of the blue feud I’ve ever seen…..LOVING IT! *grabs some pretzel bites*

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Ooh pretzel bites might be better than popcorn. Nah, I’ll just grab both.

    • L.M.S.

      If Charlize was so above Tia in terms of star power why would it be a big deal to her?

      • Guest


    • fantasymother

      The issue might be that Charlize’s PR team did a better job in the past than they’re doing now. This could be the real monster released from the closet, and she’s hungry…

      • Jill O’Rourke

        I’m just imagining her going home and bathing in milk like in Snow White and the Huntsman.

      • fantasymother

        I always thought the movie’s title should have been The Wicked Queen and a Cast of Characters. It was her movie, and only her movie.

    • Cassandra Hough

      She just made me realize I don’t use the phrase “hangers on” nearly enough when writing for Crushable.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        I’m going to make an effort to use it at least once a week.

    • guest2.0

      this is rather a sad display of bitterness and vain rage from charlize. to whom ever wrote this piece, tia mowry is just as relevant as charlize and has her own businesses and fan-base. don’t bash tia just because you have this unhealthy favoritism with charlize. charlize could had simply said hi back and be nice, but nope, her narcissism got in the way.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I don’t think this comes off as biased toward Charlize at all…not sure where you’re getting that.

      • JenH1986

        Gonna have to respectfully disagree that Tia Mowry is as relevant as Charlize Theron. Not even a little.

      • Kate

        Unless the only channel you get is The CW

      • JenH1986

        Kate 1- Jen-0

      • Kate

        I think your criticism of Charlize is completely accurate and justified, but honestly Tia isn’t even remotely as relevant as Charlize. That’s just a fact based on both of their exposure to the general public recently, general being the keyword – plenty of celebrities are supported by loyal fanbases and working on current projects, but are no longer as popular in the mainstream as they used to be. And that’s totally fine.

    • NYCNanny

      My friend was at this class!!! This is SO not how she described it. No idea who is making this story up, but it ain’t fact.

      • JenH1986

        do tell!

      • NYCNanny

        Lol ok. I’ll get more frets from her tonight, but apparently T walked up to C and weirdly aggressively said “hi hi!” Like a crazed fan. I guess C didn’t recognize T or something… T introduced herself and C was like “ok hi…cool. Gotta run.” Nothing crazy dramatic. Everyone is ridiculously disgusting and sweaty after Soul and nobody hangs out to talk in the spin room after class. I’ve seen a fee celebs in my Soul classes and they usually run right out of class during the stretches so people don’t bombard them after class. The way my friend told it, C was pretty chill about everything and T was offended C didn’t immediately recognize her.
        (I will admit, I’m a huge c [especially with penn] fan, so I may be biased, but this is all word for word from my friend.)

      • JenH1986

        Wow…that’s definitely not what is going around. i’ve always wondered if celebrities are a little more sensitive to things like that because most people are all “OH MY GAWD!” Charlize doesn’t seem like a total diva so it surprised me a bit. But…you know we aren’t tight or anything so….I’m definitely interested to hear more!

      • NYCNanny

        Yeah. I’ve seen quite a few celebs a sneak out during the stretching time (like last 5
        Mins of class) and it’s totally fine. They do it quietly and everyone gets it. There are also some celebs who stay until the very end and walk out like normal people with everyone else (a la t&c.)
        Tbh, after a soul class, I don’t eat to be bothered by chit chat. I literally can’t stop drinking water and sweating and being gross.

        On another note, I’ve seen C around NYC twice on the past year. Once she was walking with her kid and Penn and they seemed totally normal. Once, she was talking to someone (I think a fan) and seemed nice. Not overly “omg lets take a selfie!!” But polite and laughing and generally a good sport. I don’t buy this “story.”

    • Nbl

      Totally read “But wait! There’s more!” in Billy Mayes’s voice.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      A few points. If Charlize didn’t want to be outed as a bitch, then, I don’t know, don’t be a bitch maybe when someone is trying to pay you a compliment. Secondly, what the hell is SoulCycle and doesn’t Charlize have enough money to install one in her house so she doesn’t have to go outside to work out where hangers-on can stop and politely say hello to her? Great actress, sounds like one of the nastiest people alive, though.

    • .

      Someone gets mad at someone for calling them a bitch, so of course the thing to do to get back at them? Be a bitch.

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