Video Of Taylor Swift Singing To A Cancer Patient Will Empty Your Snark Reserves

Taylor Swift bowing GIFI can’t believe you guys are just standing idly by and watching me turn into a Taylor Swift fan. I thought we promised each other that we’d never change, that we’d be snarking together on the front porch of the nursing home in our nineties. But here I am, grinning weepily through this video of Taylor singing for a cancer patient, and SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT IT.

The snarkiest I will get in this post is to congratulate whoever is doing Taylor’s PR right now on doing a seriously bang-up job. Whoever you are, you’re a wizard, and I salute you…and now I’ll immediately surrender myself to gushing like an idiot.

Yesterday, Taylor went to a children’s hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, to surprise a seven-year old cancer patient named Jordan who listed her as his favorite singer. Most celebrities in that situation would stick around for a few photos and maybe sign something and leave a donation, but it looks like Taylor put some serious time in, and it meant the world to this kid. There are photos of her playing air hockey with him, playing Play-Doh, and this devastating video of the two of them singing ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ while Taylor plays along on the guitar.

See what I mean about devastating? Not only was it so adorable that I teared up multiple times during it — all the while leaning into my computer and grinning like an idiot — but seeing Taylor be so friendly and natural with this young kid fighting the hard fight against cancer completely devastated my snark reserves. Like, I think they’ve been completely depleted; I can barely rustle up a memory of why I used to dislike this girl so strongly.

Didn’t anyone hear that? Snark depleted!!! Someone fetch me some Lana Del Rey right away!!!

(Image: musicrowgirl)

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    • Olivia Wilson

      Alexis, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. He is the cutest kid in the world and Taylor is so sweet and I’m crying.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I KNOW THIS. I can’t handle it.

    • Olivia Wilson

      I needed to come back to say that there needs to be an NSFW warning but for emotions. NSFH (not safe for hearts). It’s serious.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Gonna start using that.

    • JT

      Taylor was at that hospital for five hours yesterday. FIVE HOURS. Girl is a Saint. Saint Swift, pray for us.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Holy shift. She’s killing me.

    • avalon

      Alexis I think you are starting to inject the Taylor Swift crazy juce directly into your veins. All kidding aside, no one can fake being this nice. If Taylor is just faking, she deserves an Academy Award.
      You guys are great, keep up the “compassionate snark” it’s very funny.

    • Bambi

      Maybe one day, you won’t be embarrassed of the fact that you like her! But, baby steps. And she’s actually been doing this for months now, without instagramming or tweeting about it even once. I find that so genuine and heartwarming. Also, she behaves in this video exactly how she behaves in interviews, so maybe she really is polite, sweet and polished in real life instead if hiding behind that facade.

    • Jon

      while beyonce is in elevator fights, selena and nicki letting her butt cheeks hang out, iggy azalea being general trash; THANK GOD we have emma watson and taylor swift to balance things out

    • Valerie

      I still tear up thinking of the song she did for Ronan at Stand Up 2 Cancer a few years ago. If you can watch without crying, you have no soul.

      • avalon

        Taylor donated over 100 thousand from the song Ronan to cancer research . If anyone has not purchased Ronan on iTunes please do so, all profits go to cancer research.
        Ronan is a heart braking song Taylor wrote about a 4 year old who passed away from a rare form of childhood cancer..The song is breathtakingly haunting and one of Taylors best songs ever.

    • Mai Linh Phan Le

      When i read the title i wanted to comment: you went to the dark side! Now i am on the dark side, OMG! But seriously now, i think that people are liking Taylor more and more now because it’s been quite a long time since we heard about boyfriend drama. I think she’s learnt to just not draw attention to her relationships. And honestly it’s working. Maybe she is almost 25 after all.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        She’s not feeling so 22 anymore!

    • Tpce

      As I said in your 20 most annoying celebrities I don’t understand the hate this girl gets. I think she is actually is a nice girl, sometimes people are who they seem to be and its not a PR person or stunt making them that way. I tend to look at their actions being consistent and hers always seem to be genuine and nice. Like Mai said no boy drama allows her generous personality to come through.

    • rockmonster

      That was pure sugar. Taylor is now on my “I don’t like your music, but I think you’re cool” list.

    • gwen

      oh my god i am crying is it normal that im crying?????????

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Right there with you.

    • Jenny

      Lena Dunham*

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