Props To Maya Rudolph For Keeping Her Baby’s Name And Gender A Secret For Almost A Year

Maya Rudolph 2012 Creative Arts Emmys

I already thought Maya Rudolph was pretty awesome, but this latest news about her makes me want to give her a long-distance high-five. Can you feel it, Maya? I’m totally high-fiving you right now. I… I think I felt your palm. It might have just been the air, though. Anyway, the reason I’m so impressed is that Maya managed to keep her fourth child’s name and gender a secret for almost an entire year, proving that privacy really is possible in Hollywood. At least until TMZ figures things out.

Maya gave birth on August 1, 2013, but she just filed a birth certificate on Tuesday. It reveals that she and her husband, director Paul Thomas Anderson, named their baby — a girl — Minnie Ida Anderson. The name comes from Maya’s mother, Minnie Riperton. So how’d she keep it a secret for almost an entire year? First of all, Maya gave birth at home, so there were no hospital records. In addition to that, in California, birth certificates only have to be filed before the child’s first birthday. So Maya really waited just about as long as possible. Maya and Paul already have three other kids together – Pearl, Lucille and Jack.

Way to keep things private while you can, Maya! Every so often a celebrity does a great job of proving that it can, in fact, be done. Of course, Maya’s not at an Angelina Jolie-level of fame or anything, so magazine probably wouldn’t be clamoring to have her baby on the cover, but she’s still a celebrity. And people are obsessed with celebrity babies, no matter how famous their parents are. For whatever reason we as humans find it physically difficult to breathe without knowing what weird name the latest celebrity mom gave to her child. Oh, that’s just me? All of you are breathing just fine? Duly noted.

Anyway, happy early birthday to Minnie, and belated congratulations to Maya and Paul on the arrival of their baby girl.


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    • noodlestein’s danger tits

      I feel slightly guilty for admiring her commitment to privacy, while at the same time wanting to know the name. #iampartoftheproblem

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Meeeee toooooo.

      • noodlestein’s danger tits

        Well, at least we’re FUN!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I’ll bring the wine!

      • C

        Same! I’m really curious about what Evan Rachel Wood & Jamie Bells sons name is, too. It’s been a year now.

      • Kristina Bartlett

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      • MCR

        It’s every thinking fan’s quandary.

    • L.M.S.

      It can’t be that hard to keep something private when you aren’t an A-Lister. I mean, I didn’t even know she had a baby let alone 3 other children.

      • MCR

        It would certainly be a lot easier. I’m dubious about the conclusion that this proves “privacy is possible in Hollywood,” implying that if a celebrity has paparazzi following his car and taking pictures through his bathroom window and bartenders being paid off to repeat his conversations to the tabloids, it must be because he wants it that way.

    • Jenni

      I’m weirded out by the fact that someone must be assigned to sit at the baby naming office and catch all of these.