Robert Pattinson Cares Less About Kristen Stewart Cheating On Him Than You Do

Robert Pattinson making a dumb face GIFThere’s a significant portion of the population that’s still obsessed with the fact that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson, but those fans might be interested to know that one of the people least invested in that breakup…is Rob himself. It’s enough to make you think they were never actually together.

Just like Rachel McAdams constantly being asked about The Notebook even ten years after the fact, Rob can rarely get through an interview for anything without fielding questions about Kristen Stewart. And his conversation with Esquire UK? No exception. When asked how he feels about the fact that his girlfriend of however many years (it’s hard to know when they started ‘dating’) publicly cheated on him with the director of her movie, he laughs and says:

“Shit happens! It’s just young people…it’s normal! And honestly, who gives a shit?”

Okay, a few things. A. It’s not normal and B. many people gave a shit! Almost everyone! It was like the entire world exploded, and I think you know that. In fact, I think you know it so well because your team fabricated the whole thing in order to get free promo for Twilight. But sure, tell me more about how it affected your life. Bonus points if you can work in a cryptic reference to a well-received movie.

“The hardest part was talking about it afterwards. Because when you talk about other people, it affects them in ways you can’t predict. It’s like that scene in Doubt, where [Philip Seymour Hoffman is] talking about how to take back gossip? They throw all those feathers from a pillow into the sky and you’ve got to go and collect all the feathers.”

Is that how you’re feeling right now, Robert? Like you and your team thought you could just end the fakelationship with K-Stew and then no one would ever ask you about it again? Welp, turns out that was a pretty big pillow, my friend, and you’re gonna be picking up those feathers for years to come.

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    • Rachel

      it’s weird to think about how long ago this happened, i remember it being such a O_O thing & now it’s like “oh yeah, that did happen” lol

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Haha, and Rob agrees!

    • lemoine idiane

      I don’t think that Rob meant that cheating is normal. I’m pretty sure he meant that the whole thing – dating someone you work with, things not working out – for whatever reason – and the relationship ending – is normal, or not unusual. And he’s right – it happens every day all over the world. I think it’s important to read the entire article, or at least the paragraphs before and after. I think this is just another example of HL stirring the pot to generate hits.

      I really like how Rob addressed the whole thing – especially the part about how what we say affects others. I also don’t think Rob was making light of the situation, as HL described. I think he’s been able to distance himself from what happened and sees it for what it was – simply a relationship between two young people that didn’t work out. Unfortunately for both Rob and Kris their entire relationship was and still is played out in full view of the public. THAT is not normal at all.

      Here is an excerpt from the article, so hopefully anyone reading will see what I mean.

      “Like all things Twilight, the whole K-Stew / R-Patz saga was horribly overcooked. It’s not unusual for co-stars to date – they were both living and working in a strange bubble for many years, both of them under intense and obsessive scrutiny. And then it ended in betrayal.

      “Sh!t happens, you know?” he laughs. “It’s just young people… it’s normal! And honestly, who gives a sh!t?”

      “The hardest part was talking about it afterwards. Because when you talk about other people, it affects them in ways you can’t predict,” he says. “It’s like that scene in Doubt [2008, in which Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a priest suspected of inappropriate behaviour], where he’s talking about how to take back gossip? They throw all those feathers from a pillow into the sky and you’ve got to go and collect all the feathers.”

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I did read the whole post, and it wasn’t from Hollywood Life, so I’m not sure why you keep referencing HL.

      • guest

        HL can also mean headline

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Good point! I think in this case it might not, though.

    • onlyKristen

      But why does he keep bringing it up. KRISTEN STEWART does interviews and never talk about him . Let it go already.

      • nikola6

        He doesn’t. This is the first time he’s actually addressed it in the two years since it happened (and him saying he’s single is not addressing this situation). The reporter asked and apparently he’s gotten passed it and found enough peace about it and so…he gave an answer. It was his business and it profoundly affected his life and he can talk about it whenever he wants in any way that he wants. You don’t get a vote here.

        And pssst…with your chosen screen name, “onlyKristen”, you’re playing your hand here. Which makes your opinions a bit sketchy.

      • MCR

        Well…*maybe* he asked and actually got an answer, for the first time in two years. The interviewer omitted the actual question Pattinson was replying to when he said “shit happens, it’s normal” etc. Or maybe he got away with a more general question about the relationship or the press coverage of it, and sandwiched the answer between comments about the 2012 scandal. Since Pattinson has avoided mentioning it at all, ever, it seems more likely to me that his comments were deliberately misconstrued by taking them out of context and inserting them in the author’s remarks about the scandal.

      • sonjaluvsRob


    • Julia

      I think it is unfair to assume this was a fake relationship for the movie. That is ridiculous. M Granted their are PR relationships in HW all the time. Not ones that go on for four years, live together adopt dogs together, holidays with each others families, etc. There is ample evidence that the relationship was real and even serious. If it had been PR, they would have been far more out there with their relationship. The “fake” relationship angle is tired and libelous to both actors. Yes, the cheating did happen. Yes, she made a big mistake, apologized and the couple stayed together for months after until finally calling it quits. Yeah S**t does happen and now it is time to move on. I wish for both their sakes the media would stop attaching this scandal to everything they do. It has been two years. Move on!

    • guest


    • Jestene Bradley

      Robert Pattinson is beginning to talk now that Kristen has left town, why not bring this up while she was in LA and could defend herself? Rob has always talked to much and never tell the truth, he is and always has been in a relationship with Katy Perry and the only reason he is talking now is because he they want to bring it out in the open and what better way to do this than to say what he did, always been a womanizer and will always be one good luck Katy you deserve him.

      • nikola6

        In case you haven’t heard, we live in an age of instant global communication. And if Kristen Stewart wants to defend herself, then she can do it from anywhere on earth.
        And you have not one shred of proof that he is a womanizer. Not a shred. Just rumors started by fans with agendas: those who hate him and those who didn’t want him with Kristen Stewart. In other words…bullshit.

      • christine

        suzie the terrible friend of kristens. for money she agreed to be in the music video of someone who has humiliared kristen by being constant relationship with her boyfriend. how could suzie do that? terrible immoral friend. lmaoooo

      • christine

        he actually gave that interview when she was in LA lool. are you really that dumb or just pretending?

    • nikola6

      Why on earth would Robert Pattinson involve himself in a situation that brought humiliation down upon him with the whole damn world watching? To sell a product which at that time, was sitting at 2.8 billion dollars (that’s right BILLION) at the worldwide box office? With a rabid fandom chomping at the bit for the last installment that was just four months away? A fandom so rabid that it has become the most mocked in movie history. They had to pull a stunt like this to lure ‘those’ fans back into the theatre? Seriously? And how did they get Sanders to go along with it? What was in it for him? Shame? The potential loss of his wife? Further participation in a film franchise that had already made millions around the globe (costing him millions?). And finally risking winding up in court to lose more millions? (which he just did)
      Is this a gossip site that covers all celebs or a just another dumb shit fan site with an agenda? Whatever it is, the quality of the writing appears to be geared towards the adolescent mind.

      • guest

        Great comment! You are exactly correct in everything you wrote. There is no way a major (or minor) studio could put two people under a relathionship contract like that. Faux studio romances went out with Rock Hudson in the 50s. There isn’t a lawyer in the world who would have signed off on a contract that bound R/K in a relationship for 5 years. It’s patently absurd especially when you consider all the labor laws, the union rules, and the sexual harassment laws that would prohibit such a contract.

        Both couples were big losers in the 15 minute affair. No one came out a winner. For a few stolen kisses, Rupert is now obligated to hand over 15% of everything he makes to Liberty – until the day he dies. I’m willing to bet he regrets the day he ever laid eyes of Kristen. Now, instead of making a sequel to a very successful movie, he is back to making commercials.

        The article is filled with inaccuracies – it seems as if journalist didn’t do his homework, or he used Hollywood Life as a source. Rob and Kristen did not break up in 2012, but rather in May, 2013 – almost a year after the affair, which shows Rob’s commitment to the relationship, as opposed to his cavalier Shit Happens defense of today. I would be interested to see what question Rob was actually answering with his Who Gives A Shit answer.

        And finally, Rob needs to think about getting a new team. That they would let him drive to a journalist’s house, drink beers in the middle of the day, and then casually jack his jaw all afternoon is insane. What ever happened to the Soho House? Further, while 3 beers may seem like nothing to the journalist, that Rob then got back into his car and drove off – makes me suspect the entire meeting. Rob has always been cautious about drinking and driving and is rarely behind the wheel at night. For some reason, this journalist is trying too hard to make us believe he and Rob just buds now. I’m not buying it.

    • jamie

      I don’t think he’s saying cheating is “normal”. He’s saying relationships between young people going to crap is normal. Basically he’s saying it was always going to end and he’s moved on.

    • Mockingjay

      Quite frequently (at least more recently) I read articles and think to myself “What a great response!” and I then I see 95% of the comments ripping into them for some reason or another. I felt the same way when I read Kay Perry’s recent interview. Where the reason people at?? Where they at? Where they aaaaatttttttttt?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I can never tell if you agree with me or not!