Allison Williams Just Got Cast As Peter Pan In The NBC Musical, AKA We’re Being Trolled

Allison Williams with cake on her face in Girls GIFAllison Williams has just been cast as Peter Pan in the live musical that will air on NBC this December, and I’ve never been more hopeful that something is an internet prank, and that Jimmy Kimmel‘s behind it.

First of all, the fact that NBC is even doing another live musical after the abomination that was The Sound Of Music Live! last year is a cruel joke. We thought we were all watching it ironically and that there would be no consequences to our witty commentary about how terrible Carrie Underwood was, BUT THERE WERE. While we all thought we were being so funny with our drinking games and our disparaging tweets and recaps, we were accidentally watching the entire thing straight through + expanding its social media presence + encouraging them to try this concept ten thousand more times. Oops.

So this is our own fault, and blah blah blah, but even knowing all that, nothing could prepare me for the fact that Allison Williams is gonna play the lead. Just…why? What was it as her performance as Marnie on Girls that made someone be like, ‘not only should this eager wooden person sing and act and FLY in a live musical, but we also should cross-gender cast her so that she has even more to think about!’ Pure genius.

But hey! At least the producers are excited about it! Robert Greenblatt, Chariman of NBC Entertainment called her ‘a lovely rising star’ and said:

“[Allison will] bring the perfect blend of ‘boyish’ vulnerability and bravado to save the day against Christopher Walken‘s powerful Captain Hook.”

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I don’t need to see Allison attempt ‘boyish vulnerability’. But tell me more about how excited I should be, executive producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron:

“Allison Williams is a major find. She will reinvent the iconic role of Peter Pan with her wit, her warmth, her dynamic flying and her wonderful musical abilities. The score will be sung beautifully and introduced to a whole new generation of families.”

Her ‘dynamic flying’? …does Allison Williams fly in real life? Is that why she got this role? This is answering a lot of questions for me. But I’m sure I’ll get the answers to a lot of other ones when I grudgingly tune in when it airs on December 4th and happily tweet my displeasure along with everybody else.

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    • Alexandra Mitchell

      I want to see proof of her flying. Because otherwise, I don’t know why she would be cast. I’m so confused.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Take wing, Allison!!!!

    • capoupascap

      Now in fairness the role of Peter Pan IS played by a female in the stage play. I think Mary Martin originated the role (? could be wrong, I used to have that VHS when I was a kid but it’s obviously been years) but I think Alison Williams is not a very good actress and I am having a hard time even envisioning her doing a very good job.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You’re right about Mary Martin, and regardless, I have no issue with a woman playing the part. I have an issue with Allison Williams playing the part…because why?

      • capoupascap

        I think I misread the cross-gender part then….like u thought that part was weird….my bad.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oh gotcha! No, not at all. I think it will be weird for Allison Williams to have even more things to do at the same time, but I support cross-anything casting wholeheartedly.

    • Cassandra Hough

      Ah, you must have missed that one GIRLS episode where Marnie performed an awkward Cirque du Soleil show for Hannah and the gang.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Jog my memory — did it have bad sex in it?

      • Cassandra Hough

        Yes of course! Marnie showed the girls how to copulate on a flying trapeze made from Pottery Barn sheets and repurposed barn wood on her budget of zero realistic dollars.

    • Alana Vincenza


      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Imagining you saying that while fluttering around like a bird trapped inside.

    • The Redhead

      Oh my…this is gonna be good. I wish I could set my DVR now! haha

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Me too!

        (This is our fault!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    • Jessieface

      I can’t even.. This was my favorite thing as a child. I watched it on a continuous loop. Ugh. I don’t even know who I’d cast in her place, bc there is only Mary Martin….but I just don’t see it. I mean I’ll watch it, mostly out of spite, but still.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I would’ve been really into Kristen Bell.

      • Jessieface

        I’d be into that. I am also suddenly really into Danny Devito as Smee.

      • StarNerd

        Danny Devito as Smee!!!!!!! Yes!

    • gesundheit

      Honestly I’m pretty open about this, I feel a little confused by the reaction today. There are a lot of great singer/dancer/stage performers who aren’t very good on the small screen, and some phenomenal small screen actors would be horrible in a massive televised musical. I just feel like we don’t actually know enough yet. There has to be some reason they cast her, and unlike Carrie Underwood, it’s not for ratings. She’s just not a big name at all. I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised if for some strange reason I watch it.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Her dad is the lead anchor on NBC, so that could pretty easily be part of it…

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    • pkslongbeach

      Your mother must be very proud of you spending your time hating Casrrie Underwood. Do you in fact have a life? I have a “why” for you. Why is there a “you”. You are just not good people at all. Miss Underwood should be so shamed that you hate her……….yawn…

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I love this poem!

      • Theresa

        Why do you hate Carrie Underwood so much anyway? The show got 4 Emmy Noms so I guess Carrie got the last laugh in the end. She did a lovely job with the singing and is a nice person. Why so much hate and snark? Your snarky blogs trashing her in Sound of Music are really over the top. She did a very good job in a no win situation when no one was going to prefer her performance to Julie Andrews. But she did not have to match Julie to do a good job- and she did. She was not a trainwreck. She did a great job vocally and hit every note Julie did. As for the acting, she had never acted before- so one would think that people would give her some slack- especially since this was a LIVE event where she was not allowed any re-takes or reshoots to fix weaker spots. But she did a decent job acting despite all your snark, and her singing was fantastic. Remember that she went live while Julie Andrews and the entire cast lip synced the movie version of Sound of Music. They were not singing live. Julie herself admitted this. And Julie said Carrie did a great job in Sound of Music and has been very supportive of Carrie. Carrie did a decent job on the acting given that it was live and she had no prior acting experience. And despite your hate, millions of people love Carrie and watched to support her– not hate on her. Most people thought she did a good job. She had lots of support on the internet, not just hate. Sadly– the haters are the loudest and most arrogant/obnoxious, so their voices are heard over the positive comments. But Carrie and her 6 Grammys, and over 100 major industry awards, does not need your approval. Good luck at the Emmys Carrie! Hope you walk tall and proud and ignore these haters. He who laughs last, laughs best. And right now, you should be laughing loud en route to the Emmys.

    • Agusto

      Hey Alexis,
      You must be salivating with the prospect of a new victim on your horizon. Mustering up those like you who are driven by hate. Guess the anonymity of cyber space eliminates the need for hoods. What a useless piece of work you are. You and those like you need no legitimate cause to spew your thoughtless pointless juvenile remarks. You do what makes you feel good in an effort to forget your forgettable life. But just for a few minutes before your reality sets in.

      • Nbl

        Thanks for the hits! By clicking and commenting on this article, you’re adding to the popularity of Alexis. And since I quite enjoy her articles, I’m pleased that more people take the time and effort to read her, even if they hate her. Please continue to do so.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You’re the best.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        If my life is so forgettable, why is it so hard for me to forget it?? Please advise, Agusto!!!!

    • Alley

      First of all, Sound of Music got 4 EMMY NOMS! It was not a Trainwreck! It was very well done especially for a Live show! Carrie Underwood did a really good job! Her singing was outstanding! You and your snarky hateful blogs cannot change the truth: She sang beautifully and did a respectable job acting for a NOVICE who was forced to go LIVE in front of 22 million people. Even seasoned actors would have been scared and shown some nerves. Carrie did a decent job acting- Even Julie Andrews said so in a recent interview. She said Carrie did great! So take your hate and find a new more productive hobby. The amount of hate and cyber bullying on the internet is getting downright scary. Nasty hateful blogs like yours are making everything worse. This is not funny- it is cruel and wrong. Carrie was NOT a trainwreck! She sang live and sang beautifully! You attack her because you personally do not like her- but the fact is, she did a decent job in a very hard role, before haters like you just waiting for her to fail. Well she did not Fail!

      And I hope Carrie and the whole Sound of Music cast attends the Emmys in a few weeks with their heads held high in pride– as there is no sweeter revenge to haters like you than Massive Success. So enjoy the Emmys Carrie! I hope you guys win! And I hope the haters eat crowe! You did a fantastic job in Sound of Music! Especially on the singing! You can improve the acting over time with lessons, and the ability to do re-shoots like most actors.

      Carrie was forced to go live for her first major acting role. She had never even been in a school play before- she told reporters. So given how inexperienced she was- I thought she did quite well. Her singing was lovely and she hit the exact notes that Julie Andrews hit. This was proven bv a vocal expert who compared the two on youtube. Carrie matched Julie note for note and did great.

      Your hateful nasty blog is a disgrace. All you do is spread negativity to the world, but what do you actually do to contribute to society? Cut others down. Nice.

      Sound of Music was really good actually, and Carrie deserves respect for taking on such a terrifying challenge to go out there with no acting experience in front of haters like you.

      Millions watched because they love Carrie. You were just a speck on the ratings — trust me. She got thousands of positive tweets and feedback too. You haters were just louder and more obnoxious, sending her death threats and other nasty comments. But she had tons of support too, and I would venture most of the viewers watched because they were enjoying themselves and thought Carrie was good. Only jaded cynical haters like you think your opinion is the only one that counts. So if you hate Carrie, that must mean everyone else does too, because of course your cynical opinion is the only one that matters. (not)

    • Mike

      Congrats to Carrie Underwood on the 4 Emmy Noms that Sound of Music received! I hope you guys win! That will show the haters such as this blogger! You did great, and you should be proud! You had no acting experience at all before this event- not even a highschool play. And you did a fine job. I will take the opinion of the great Julie Andrews anyday over jealous internet haters. Julie said Carrie Underwood did great- and her opinion matters, not this hateful blogger.

    • AudraM

      Alexis- honestly, you are wrong about Carrie Underwood. She did a really good job given that she lacked theater background or any acting experience whatsoever. They threw her into this No-Win situation where everyone was going to compare her unfavorably to Julie Andrews. Plus they made her go live, whereas the original cast of Sound of Music (movie version) had hundreds of re-shoots and re-takes to perfect the acting. They lip synced the singing, per Julie Andrews herself. Christopher Plummer admitted that he never even sang at all in the movie. He had someone dub his voice as it was deemed not good enough. So in all your hate and mud slinging- you forget a key point: Carrie sang live, with no lip syncing or autotune, and she did bloody fantastic vocally. I compared the notes with those Julie hit and they were the same. As for the acting, she is a novice and she clearly needs some acting lessons to improve (she herself admits this) but she was not a trainwreck. She was a bit stiff and scared at parts- you could tell. But she was not terrible. The problem is that haters like you just speak over everyone else, and you are rabid about it, intent on bringing her down with venom and a passion of hate that is downright scary. She has 6 Grammys for a reason: Because she is a damn good vocalist. Most of the people watching were Carrie fans as she is a big star. Sure some haters like you watched to trash her- which is disturbing. But the majority of people watching love Carrie and respect her very much for her vocal talent. I am so glad they got 4 Emmy nominations. That is the sweetest revenge ever for Carrie and the cast after all the nasty hate and cyber bullying she had to suffer through from people like you.

    • Emma

      Peter Pan is usually cast as a woman because women’s voices are higher and peter is a kid and would have a higher pitched voice.
      Alison is actually a good singer, I haven’t seen girls so I don’t know how she is in that but I really like her in other things I’ve seen her in

    • som

      SOm got 4 emmy noms because it is tsom. The fact that no one in the cast got individual nominations proves that their individual performances were not up to par. But it would have been very hard for the production to have gotten snubbed as a whole because a. It is a classic, b. It did get good ratings c. Emmys are on nbc. But you can only brag about emmy noms if carrie herself had gotten one, she did not, the production got one mainly because it is a classic. There is a best actress category, carrie underwood is not there for a reason. The reviews by pros were not good, haters aside, I saw no good professiinal reviews regarding the acting and the sountrack music they released sold poorly in comparison to those massive ratings. Obviously people were willing to watch for freebut not willing to purchase the accompanying cd.

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    • thegirl

      I’m unbelievably shocked that people can seriously say Carrie Underwood’s performance was anything other than terrible. I appreciated the work and effort she put into it but NBC would have benefited from someone who could act. I still cringe thinking of that performance. When I heard about Allison Williams being cast as Peter Pan… What on earth?????????? I probably should prepare for another disappointment, huh?

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