Helen Mirren Assures Jennifer Lawrence She’ll Be A Beautiful Woman… Eventually

Helen Mirren Jennifer Lawrence lookalikes Entertainment Tonight 2014

There are just too many great things about this Helen Mirren interview, I don’t even know where to start. Perhaps I should give a little background about how Jennifer Lawrence fits into it all. You may or may not remember a few months back when Jennifer was on The Daily Show, and Jon Stewart pointed out that he thought she looked like a young Helen Mirren. Meh, a little bit I guess, but I never would have thought so if he hadn’t suggested it.

That’s not the important part of all this, though. The important part is that Entertainment Tonight asked Dame Helen if she thought he was right, and her answer goes from faux-modesty to backhanded compliments to bragging to genuine loveliness in almost no time at all. Here’s how she starts:

“She’s much prettier than I was. But there is a great similarity actually, it’s very true there is a similarity.”

Aww, that’s so polite, but she really shouldn’t sell herself short. She was beautiful then and she’s beautiful now. Seriously, what’s her secret and where can I buy fifty bottles of it? Let’s look at what she said next:

“She’s got the little fat cheeks that I used to have.”

Uh oh. Somebody’s sharpening her claws for a cat fight. Did you hear her fat-shame your cheeks, J.Law? These two are going to be sword-fighting with their Oscar statues very soon. But what’s that? Helen has more to say?

“As she gets older that will all fall away and she’s going to be the most beautiful woman. She is a beautiful girl. She is going to be spectacularly beautiful woman.”

What that translates to: “Don’t you worry about those dreadful cheeks, Jennifer. You’ll grow out of them and be beautiful in no time. After all, you look like me. And look how beautiful I turned out. Oh look at that, I believe I’m doing a little bit of bragging. I wonder how that happened.”

I am obsessed with everything Helen Mirren is and chooses to be.

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    • psb

      Lol I’m sorry but this is stupid

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        What are you sorry for?

    • johnny

      Jennifer Lawrence is not only beautiful outside but most importantly inside. Her unique personality is what makes her the best EVER!!!

      • jacobs

        all fake, you do know that she didn’t want to kiss Christian Bale in American Hustle because he was fat right? She even said “they should call him fatman not batman”

    • ran

      Yeah… I’m pretty sure Helen Mirren didn’t mean it the way you’re interpretating it.

      • Athena

        I agree. There’s nothing about Mirren’s response that should be taken as anything but complementary and sweet unless you think like an eighth grade mean girl.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Thinking like an eighth-grader! My one weakness!

      • Jill O’Rourke

        I think like an eighth grade band geek. Still a problem?

    • Olivia Wilson

      English accents sure have a way of masking sly digs.

    • Michelle

      project much?

    • sofie

      Saying “she’s got the little fat cheeks I used to have,” is hardly fat-shaming.

    • Katie

      I can’t stop laughing at all the other comments. Why are you soooo mean JILL? WHY?

      • Sile

        I think it’s cute how fond Jill O’Rourke is of witty satirical articles…she’s just not capable of writing one.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Well at least you realized that’s what it was supposed to be?

      • M_G

        You mean like the same way you seem to be fond of witty responses but only come off as being a bitch?

      • Jill O’Rourke

        I’m such a Meanie McMeanerson.

    • amelisha

      Many older women consider “fat cheeks” to be a compliment because fat stores there are youthful looking and, as she said, disappear with age. Fat that stays up on the cheeks instead of falling looks young, so it’s coveted by lots of older women.

    • Tara

      For her sanity I hope Jennifer retires from the public eye forever. The amount of vitriol that gets thrown on this girl is amazing. I don’t even think Helen Mirrin was insulting her at all. What she said was actually quite nice. But because it’s Jlaw we’re talking about here there just has to be some twist on the story into “Helen Mirrin throws awesome shade on Jlaw YAY!”

      • Athena

        Acttually, Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t get vitriol…it’s just that Crushable has been inexplicably negative for over a year now towards Lawrence. As far as I can tell, the reason being is that people love Jennifer Lawrence too much. Lawrence is critically acclaimed, well liked, beautiful and successful and that really pisses Crushable off.

        Well, Lawrence was just named the most powerful actress in Hollywood so, I doubt she gives a shit about what some blogger thinks of her and really, neither does the rest of the industry, fans, etc.,….read Uproxx instead…they love Jennifer Lawrence, don’t bash successful women like some jealous twit and oh yeah, they are far better at writing articles.

      • Athena

        Oh, one more thing (because I just couldn’t resist this one) head over to Daily Beast.com and read Kevin Fallon’s piece about the late great Elaine Stritch in which he mentions both Jennifer Lawrence as well as Lena Dunham…it’s a great read and will remind you that Crushable, and their articles (like this one about Lawrence) is full of shit.

      • M_G

        Wow….the entire concept of “satire” is lost on you. But hey, at least what you lack in understanding, you make up for in pretentiousness.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I think we explain ourselves pretty well each time.

    • Annette

      I like Crushable, I normally find this a very entertaining site but Crushable has gotten seriously negative lately in most aspects I have found especially in regards to celebs who seem to pretty honest and candid like Jennifer. It’s almost like the crushable bloggers can’t accept the fact that maybe there are non manufactured real people in the industry.

      This is a story of Helen Mirren complimenting Jennifer but its turned into something its not. I asked the question a couple weeks back about why the negativity sells more then positivity on a Liam Hemsworth blog and Alexis responded and I quote, “I think a strong opinion is more polarizing, so we don’t shy away from sharing our real opinions on the site, whether they’re positive or negative.”
      So I guess my question is what is with all the negativity since its your real opinions where is all the hate coming from???? It has to be it gets more clicks/viewers and that is the sad truth about our society right now, negativity sells.

      • Nbl

        Non-manufactured? Oh honey, sweetie, no. I’m sure Jennifer really is a funny, clumsy goofball normally but I can guarentee that is not her whole personality or even a major part of who she is. She’ll continue to play it up for one reason, the studios want her to. Gone are the days of aloof movie stars with perfected unattainable glamour. The public wants to support someone who is relatable and the backlash for not being so has a negative effect on profit the star can bring the studio. Two big examples are Gwyneth Paltrow and Kristen Stewart. As long as she’s in a franchise marketed to teenage girls, she will do anything she can to keep them thinking that she’s just like them and they would totally be best friends if they met. Remember, these are people who make a living pretending to be something they aren’t.

      • gabs03

        yet she’s always been like this in her interviews…even when she hadn’t blown up yet. all her interviews from beginning to now are similar and consistent. So this Idea that she’s pretending to be something she’s not because she’s famous is ridiculous.

        Also, take notice that the main characteristic that most people like about her is her sense of humor. It’s very relatable to most people. Sense of humor cannot be taught. You either have it or you don’t.

      • Nbl

        Except she hasn’t been http://youtu.be/Zkb2JidW-vk

      • Tpce
      • gabs03

        Do you know the difference between a live interview and one make for a DVD extra?
        Go and watch her in the extras for all the movies she’s been in ( winters bone, american hustle, silver lining and even hunger games) and you’ll realize that she’s rather serious in all of them because that’s how it’s done.
        However any live shows or interviews she’s always been lively and fun.

      • gabs03

        while she was shooting Winter’s bone (so basically before she was famous):


      • Claire

        Kristen Stewart’s aloofness didn’t make a dent in the huge amount of money her films brought to the studio. She didn’t have to pretend to be likeable to keep twilight fans happy. Any backlash she got is because of the cheating scandal. Anyway It’s interesting how Lawrence has become such a polarizing figure. She’s either a manufactured, overrated hack or the next hope of Hollywood. Every public figure has a slightly exaggerated image of themselves they play up. I don’t think Jlaw playing up her goofy side necessarily means her persona is fabricated by the studio.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Sorry, what’s the question?

      • Hannah

        Alexis is right there in the comment. “I guess my question is what is with all the negativity since its your real opinions where is all the hate coming from?”
        I think she is asking is why has crushable seemed to cater more towards negative stories, I disagree this is a snarky type of website so I understand but I can see her point why does everything have to have a negative connotation.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Everything doesn’t have a negative connotation. I write six posts a day, and if you read all those every single day, I think you’d agree it ends up very balanced.

        But when you only read articles on one topic, and it happens to be one that we’re not super psyched on, you’re going to get a weighted idea of how negative we are.

        Jennifer isn’t someone I’m that into, so that opinion comes through in my posts. It’s me being honest.

      • bambi

        Very good answer and makes total sense and its great that you responded but also know your response shows why these comment sections especially about JLaw get the way they do. This site has been posting about her for a while now about every little thing she does, says, or someone says about her that can be seen as negative. I can’t wait to see a positive story on here about her and read the comments on that one, should be interesting.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        We’ll keep you posted!

      • Tara

        In other words don’t hold your breath.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Hey Tara, we were having a pretty conducive conversation here. Do you have something you’d like to add to it?

      • Jill O’Rourke

        This post was not written out of hate for either Jennifer Lawrence or Helen Mirren. None of it was meant to be taken seriously.

    • Hannah

      As others have stated in the comments Jennifer has a sense of humor and that’s why she is relatable. It is there in all her interviews even before she was super famous. She is a polarizing figure for sure because she seems so relatable some people say yeah she is real and others feel it is manufactured.
      I think she is genuinely being herself when in the public eye and of course she is playing to her sense of humor a little more that’s to be expected but doesn’t mean she is a studio or PR firms making. As gabs03 said Jen’s sense of humor can’t be taught.

      • javobs

        Sorry, but it’s all fake, she stand up for fat-shaming but calls christian bale fatman and didn’t want to kiss him because of that

      • Kaleigh

        People are talking about her personality not her views on topics. Her personality from the beginning of her career has not changed by the interviews that you can find of her going back to 2008. As for the fatman comment it was a joke between her and Christian Bale that they spoke about in a interview, she had no problem kissing him it was her teasing him while they worked together. I think her stance on fat shaming has always been about young girls and them getting warped perceptions of body image but I agree she could be a little more discreet in regards to the topic even when joking with her co-star.

    • M_G

      Yikes….the angry trolls are out in full force here. Folks, if you are taking this article verbatim and ignoring the very clear sarcasm, I don’t even know what to say to you other than you’re missing the point.

      • HollaBackGirl

        I know it is satire but I could see where people might misconstrue it. If you are going to write satire make sure it comes across as completely satire. Its riding the fine line of trying to look like it is not satire so people start to defend both the subjects of the article or the writers… its the internet and that’s what people do.
        With that said what’s crazy is this website is known as a parady, satirical site so you would think people reading this would take it with a grain of salt to begin with.

    • Asher

      MOAR JLaw articles… the comment sections are golden.

      • Kaleigh

        You got that right… WOW… very interesting read.

    • katydid41

      O’Rourke’s (article writer) paraphrasing interpretation of Helen’s comments vav Jennifer are soooo off the mark. There was no put-down implied or explicit in anything Helen said.
      O’Rourke’s lack of mental class is where the put-downs originate and she projects them onto Helen’s words. Another idiotic journalist who thinks “cat-fights” are worthy journalism and so invents them where none exist.
      A brain transplant might be in order Jill.

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