Kate Middleton Is Pregnant Again, According To Her Obviously Great Friend

Kate Middleton holding Prince George on New Zealand play date April 2014

Little Prince George doesn’t even turn one year old until next week, but if you believe the latest rumors, his mum Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and possessor of the world’s best hair, is already pregnant with another royal baby. At least, that’s according to a so-called longtime friend of Kate’s. According to Radar Online, Jessica Hay “confirmed” to New Day, an Australian publication, that Kate is expecting. Since telling the media that your pal is pregnant before she decides to share the news is obviously the kind of thing a great friend does, what other choice do we have but to believe her?

Oh wait, I must have mistakenly put my opposite brain into my skull this morning. That’s actually not such a great friend move. But Jessica Hay has pulled this “great friend” move before. She blabbed about Kate’s first pregnancy weeks before the official royal announcement was made. She’s also spilled stories about Kate’s boarding school days. However, royal sources have apparently previously said of her: “She is not and never has been a friend. Many claims are just fantasies.” But according to her, Kate and Prince William plan to make another official pregnancy announcement in the coming months:

“Kate’s inner circle are buzzing with the news that she is pregnant,” Hay told the Australian publication. “I’ve heard it from several different friends of theirs now and they’re saying that they think there’s going to be an official announcement in weeks.”

She also says Kate’s face is fuller, which she might be trying to disguise by changing her hair, and that she’s also holding things to hide her belly when she’s in public. Of course, as you can see, Jessica didn’t even hear this news from Kate herself, so we should probably take this report with a million grains of salt, in case you weren’t already. Still, if it is true and Prince George will soon have a younger sibling, I fear for the little prince or princess. You’ve heard the stories. What a tyrant.

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    • Jenni

      The unfair thing about this rumor is that if you say it enough, it will eventually be true. At some point she will have another child and Jessica will be all like “I TOLD YOU SO!!”

    • JenH1986

      With celebrities I get suspicious when stuff like this happens, they have to be relevant or fun or something to make money. She’s the fucking princess of England. She doesn’t really need to stay relevant, I also don’t see a ton of people being afforded the opportunity to know she’s pregnant before she and William decided to make it public so I call bullshit.

    • Rachel Sea

      According to the supermarket tabloid covers, she is pregnant with twin girls. Obviously it’s true because They wouldn’t allow fabrications to be printed.

      • The Actual Devil

        Every time I see her, my grandmother tells me how Kate is pregnant FOR REALS this time, it’s true because she saw it on a magazine! She’s also a huge Glenn Beck fan, so…

    • miriamrwilson

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    • http://wtfihaveakid.blogspot.ca/ jendra_berri

      Meh. I just don’t see her packing two kids in such a short period of time. She’s still young enough to wait a bit and her last pregnancy was so hard on her. A lot of parents do it to get the baby stage over with faster, but she has hired help so I can’t see trying to minimize the years of exhaustion as a reason either. I don’t get why there’s such public rush to have her conceive again.
      I don’t know why people are obsessing over this woman’s uterine status. Until there’s an official announcement of pregnancy I just assume she’s not, much like I do with every other woman out there.

      • AugustW

        People do love an heir and a spare.

    • Jade

      Best thing about this article is the name of the woman’s magazine that is referenced, Australia has two major women’s magazines ‘NEW idea’ & ‘Woman’s DAY’ makes it all the more funny to me :)

    • MCR

      This is pretty much the problem with most celebrity gossip. The more interesting, private, or scandalous the news is, the less likely to have actually come from a friend, relative, or other genuine insider. The more boring or trivial the news, the more likely to be true.
      What makes this situation special is that the source has a name that the royal couple can specifically disclaim as a friend, which really screws things up for the press. Now Radar Online will have to rely on bulletins from the Duchess’ gynaecologist.

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