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Taye Diggs Is Currently ‘An Emotional Wreck,’ The Only Acceptable Response To Divorcing Idina Menzel

Taye Diggs Seth Meyers July 2014

Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel split up after ten years of marriage last December, causing theatre nerds everywhere to go into a period of intense mourning from which I don’t think they’ve fully emerged. They’ve been pretty open about the divorce and the fact that they want the best for their son. But last night Taye appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and he declared that he’s “an emotional wreck.”

And wouldn’t you be too, if you were no longer married to the wick-edly talented, one-and-only Adele Dazeem, better known as Idina Menzel? That’s just not the type of thing you get over with a snap of your fingers and the donning of a fabulous fedora. (Seriously, I think Taye might be the only person in the world who can wear a hat like that and not annoy me.) Although he doesn’t mention this as related to his divorce, Taye reveals in this interview that he’s taken to making Vines of himself while driving in which he questions his own handsomeness. Clearly this whole “not being in the presence of Idina Menzel’s fabulousness” thing is getting to him.

Then at one point he just laughs uncontrollably at himself for much longer than is socially normal, while Seth and the audience chuckle along nervously. And then he does the same laughing thing later. Guys, should we be worried? Do we need to put together a “Chicken Soup For The Recently Divorced From Idina Menzel” care package and send it Taye’s way? How can we get him to stop this self-destructive Vine-and-drive behavior and this terrifying laughter? More importantly, how can we pull a Parent Trap and just get those crazy kids back together? Even more specifically, how can we work impromptu musical numbers into that plan? Get back to me.

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  • Lily Savage

    I’m still not over their divorce. Completely down for a Parent Trap inspired plan.

  • jackie

    Emotional wreck? So that’s why he’s been dating another woman since JANUARY, a month after they announced the divorce. He’s a big faker.

  • BirdieU

    He is gross! She is better off without him. He should get a ticket for endangering the lives of EVERYONE on the road. A-HOLE.

  • Janelle

    He was just photographed with his new girlfriend at the BET awards! I don’t think he understands what an ‘emotional wreck’ is…

  • omgwhy

    he’s being sarcastic

  • Eww. Taye…you’re gross

    Yeah…having a girlfriend almost immediately after announcing your separation (if not before, which is probably what happened) and enjoying the nightlife the clubs have to offer instead of staying home with your child while your wife works her butt off on Broadway, really demonstrates how broken up you are. The thing is, HE’s the reason he’s divorcing. Idina, while in the long run probably better off without him, doesn’t seem like this is what she wanted so he’s got no one to blame but himself. But saying, “I’m a cheating ***hole who gave up on my 20 year relationship because I wanted to mess around doesn’t make for as sympathetic a soundbite as “emotional wreck” does it.

  • Debra

    And we all know what’s going on with these two because ??? It’s shameful to make judgements about people’s relationships. The only two people who know what’s really going on are the two people in it.

  • Alyssa

    How sad Taye, too bad I don’t feel for you. You have a new girlfriend anyway. Idina’s better off without you.