8 Overrated Shows That We’re Tired Of Seeing Sweep The Emmy Nominations

Rebel Wilson saying enough enough enough from Pitch Perfect GIF(via)

The 2014 Emmy nominations are out, and as someone who was hopeful that some previously-snubbed shows and performers would get their due recognition, I feel like a pretty big idiot right now. Because with a few exceptions, the list of nominations was pretty much just copy-pasted from previous years.

We’ve already talked about our biggest disappointments as far as which shows didn’t get nominated, but I also want to spend some time on who did, because it’s just as frustrating, if not more. HOW ARE THESE SHOWS STILL GETTING NOMINATED. Haven’t they scooped up enough awards now over the years? Many of them started out great, and even award-worthy, but many of them haven’t sustained that quality, which makes sense, because it’s a hard thing to do.

And yet and yet and YET their names are still showing up every season, just because they’re recognizable and a ‘safe’ choice! As someone who is overwhelmed on a daily basis by how much quality television there is out there right now for me to catch up on, it’s truly insane to me that the Emmy voters’ insistence on trotting out the same old, tired names to come onstage and give the third or fourth or fifth or eighth acceptance speech.

After that many awards, it must not matter anymore, right? So why don’t you recuse yourselves and let some of these talented underdogs get some of the action. (Is ‘recuse’ not a word you can use about TV shows? Sorry, I guess I’ve been watching too much of The Good Wife. THE GOOD WIFE. Now there’s a show that should’ve gotten a nomination for Best Drama!)

…you know what? I’m getting carried away here, so why don’t I just put this in list format. Here they are, folks, the eight overrated shows that we’re tired of seeing sweep the Emmys.

1. Modern Family

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It’s won ‘Outstanding Comedy Series’ the last four years in a row and will probably take it again, even though everyone I know who started out loving it bailed by the middle of the fourth season. And not only that, but it’s also taking up two spaces in the Supporting Actor category, and one in the Supporting Actress. I’ll agree that Ty Burrell deserves every award we throw at him, but really? Julie Bowen? We’re still on that train?

2. The Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons as Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory I'd like to stop listening to you GIF(via)

STAAAAHHHHP. Just stop. How is it possible that this behemoth is raking in three nominations in its seventh season while a show like Broad City is completely ignored? Where is the justice in this universe??

3. Girls

Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath in Girls saying no one could ever hate me as much as I hate myself GIF(via)

Remember when Girls came out and it was such a refreshing, honest concept and we hailed Lena Dunham as the voice of her generation? Yeah probably not, because it was three seasons ago, and Hannah Horvath still hasn’t learned anything. Pass.

4. Mike & Molly

Melissa McCarthy in a coffin on Mike & Molly GIF(via)

I love Melissa McCarthy as much as the rest of you, but please raise your hand if you’re watching this show. Anyone? Bueller? I feel like the voters are just thrilled to recognize Melissa’s name, so they throw her hat in the ring over the backs of performers whose…um…material is maybe a little stronger and more suited to their talents.

5. Downton Abbey

The Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey saying you're better than nothing GIF(via)

Again, this is another show that was SO GREAT when it first started, but we don’t need to keep rewarding it on the basis of those first couple seasons! We can feel free to move on to other amazing shows — like Orphan Black for example!! — that are still waiting around for their first shot.

6. Mad Men

Peggy Olson I dont care Mad Men(via)

No. No no no no nope. I stuck with this one longer than I probably should have, given that they’ve bailed on almost all their original character choices, but at least I don’t still think it’s one of the six best shows of the year! Christina Hendricks absolutely deserves her nomination, but there’s no way the show as a whole has the chops to stand up next to shows like Breaking Bad, True Detective, and Game Of Thrones.

7. Homeland

Homeland gif(via)

Come ON! This is like, a notoriously bad season for Homeland, so we gotta stop nominating Claire Danes just by habit! Having the same names on the nomination list from year to year is the easy way to go, but it makes the shows seem consistent in ways that they’re not, and honestly cheapens previous, earned nominations and wins.

8. Parks & Recreation

Retta Parks and Rec watch yourself(via)

Please don’t murder me for saying this, but Parks & Rec has really lost its edge, and you can tell because they’re grasping at plot straws. They’ve kind of run out of places to take the characters, so any time interest flags, they just have a wedding or get someone pregnant. I love Amy Poehler…but triplets? Really? We can do better than that, Emmys. Can’t we?

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    • Alana Vincenza

      I will never ever understand how The Big Bang Theory has so many fans. It doesn’t make any sense.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        It’s SCIENCE!

      • Samantha Escobar

        It’s a shitty sexist show with at least one star who is a sexist shitty person. Sigh.

      • TJ

        Oh! Who is that?

      • Piper McAdams

        You’re a dumb fuck. That is why it doesn’t make any sense to you.

      • Alana Vincenza

        Ummm…nice bazinga? Is that how that works?

    • capoupascap

      I think Claire Danes (and Damian Lewis) rose above the terrible scripts/direction that happened in season 3 so I’m not mad at her nod. But Parks and Rec, Big Bang, and Modern Family? Yes totally agree. Especially BBT because (don’t judge me too harshly please) I actually enjoyed their first few seasons and at the time it was something different. But I stopped watching around 4 because none of the characters had any growth and they all got so whiny. I turned in on an episode this season and surprise! none of the characters had any growth, and frankly Sheldon had regressed. It’s really just a shell of what it once was.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yes! I feel like sometimes, when shows win an award, they try not to shake things up after that, to stay in the sweet spot. And while they get rewarded by that with Emmys and whatever, it’s really un-fun to watch.

    • Lou


      • Alexis Rhiannon

        IT IS KNOWN.

    • Nbl

      So I’m one of the few people who is proud to say that they like The Big Bang Theory and I never understood the hate it gets. I love the nerdy jokes and references and it has a heart to it that’s not sappy. While I get that it’s probably taking up a spot on best comedic show, I will argue to the day I die that Jim Parsons absolutely deserves his nomination. He really is the heart and soul of that show and does a great job playing his character.

      • Maeby

        You could like the actor but not the show. I’ve loved the first 3 seasons of TBBT but then it went downhill to the point it was a chore to watch it. Yet I hold a dear spot for Jim Parsons who, in my opinion, is the only good thing in that show.

      • Samantha Escobar

        I admit that once in a while, I think it is funny. Otherwise, I think it relies so heavily on vague nerd references and generically geeky inside jokes that aren’t actually that amusing, insightful or clever. Plus, the way it portrays women as being absolute morons who are borderline incapable of both understanding social norms and engaging in intellectual discourse is…well, it’s depressing. The women are never “real” geeks, and I remember a couple years ago, Galecki scoffed at the idea that women could ever feel like “geeks” or be bullied for being nerds, which is offensive in a lovely variety of ways.

      • Nbl

        Well that’s just wrong. Sorry, but the women on the show are portrayed much better than women in other sitcoms. They actually grow as people. They could have kept Penny dumb as hell but they sent her back to college and she understands what the guys are saying most of the time. They could have kept Amy as an emotionless, socially challenged nerd but she has gotten really good at handling emotional moments quite well and is more real in her reactions to social situations than any other character I can think of. Bernadette is beautiful, funny, smart, and the breadwinner in her family. The writers don’t demean any of those qualities and the characters see that as the norm. With characteristics that in any other sitcom would make the woman a “bossy bitch”, TBBT praises her for it. You can say the writing is stale or that you just don’t find it funny, but to say their treatment of the female characters is bad, well that’s just not true. Maybe you watched a bad episode?

      • Piper McAdams

        It in no way “almost exclusively” portrays women as morons. Sheldon’s mother is a wildly successful psychologist, Amy is a neurobiologist, and Burnadette is a Microbiologist. So making that big feminist ordeal solely on penny’s character is just plain ignorant on your part. And about it relying on “generically geeky inside jokes that aren’t actually that amusing, insightful or clever”. That sounds like a personal problem. If you aren’t into subjects that are referenced throughout the episodes, well then you’re obviously not going to find it entertaining. DUH.

      • Nbl

        If you’re what other fans are like, I think I get why people don’t like it. PS Leonard’s mom is the psychologist

    • Samantha Escobar

      Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and Mad Men. WTF WTF WTF.

    • Jenni

      You know what this means….so much Kaley Cuoco!!!!!

    • Jennie Blair

      Barf. I have NEVER watched a single episode of any of these shows.

    • joanne

      I do LOVE Parks & Recreation, and it breaks my heart that you are totally correct. Maybe these are make up noms for when the show should’ve gotten them in years past?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Maybe? I don’t know. I feel like it’s just laziness or a lack of knowledge on the part of the nominators, unfortunately.

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