Eavesdrop On Liam Hemsworth And You’ll Hear Him Say Nice Things About Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus gazing at each other in The Last Song GIFI bet you’re wondering what Liam Hemsworth thinks about Miley Cyrus post-breakup, right? (Don’t lie, you are.) Well what if I told you that all you had to do to find out how he felt about her was to eavesdrop on a conversation he was having in Italy? You’d be on a plane to Italy right now, and we both know it.

At least the New York Post would, as they’re claiming to have a source who saw Liam having dinner with his friends while on vacation in Portofino and picked up some choice tidbits of their conversation. Namely that he and Miley had a ‘powerful connection’ and that even though they’re not engaged anymore, that they’d ‘always be best friends’.

“Liam kept raving about how amazing she was, how much they clicked and understood everything about each other.”

That’s…probably the sweetest, kindest thing anyone’s ever eavesdropped, ever in the history of eavesdropping. Based on my knowledge of teen movies, the only things that usually get overheard are plots and schemes and revelations of your new boyfriend only dating you to win a bet and make you prom queen. How unexpected.

Especially given what Miley has had to say about their relationship, which has been a lot, and mostly through her music. Most recently, a secret track called ‘Last Goodbye’ leaked, that had the lyrics:

‘We never said that we would be perfect,

We only said that we tried.

And when you said that we were forever

I guess that’s just another lie

Let me slip right through your fingers

I hope you know it’s real this time.’

And we didn’t even have to go to a small seaside village in Italy to hear that! Just to YouTube, where it later got pulled from. So definitely different approaches to the breakup from both sides, but all in all, I remain pretty impressed by everyone’s maturity.

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    • Annette

      Serious question Alexis, I find this site enjoyable but lately I feel negativity sells more then positivity. You being a blogger can probably see the actual number of clicks on your posts, do you find the negative articles get way more clicks then your positive articles. I have been debating this with a friend and for me I can’t understand why everything has to always be negative, what does that say about our culture. Anyway keep on writing, this site gives me a reprieve during my work day.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I think a strong opinion is more polarizing, so we don’t shy away from sharing our real opinions on the site, whether they’re positive or negative.

      • Annette

        That is why I like this site I feel the opinions are genuine either way. It just bothers me that it seems negative based opinions are much more accepted then someone who tries to see the positive things. Not just this site but the internet as a whole, its a faceless conglomeration of people who can be snarkly and negative because their is no repercussion to their actions. Lots of things said on the internet would never be said to someone its about to their face. Seriously maybe its because after a tramatic event in my life I was a negative person who was depressed and suicidal but I broke out of that and found positivity which has helped me to move on and accept things at face value and be happy. After writing this it seems I am having a bad day which does happen. Keep up the good work and be true to yourself.

      • bea

        Sad truth of any kind of journalism – dirty news sells better than good news. No one wants to hear about how good someone is doing, we want to hear about their dirty secrets.

    • Lily Savage

      Even though you’re not really supposed to trust eavesdroppers, I really feel like this one is true. If someone wanted to really stir the pot they could’ve said they heard Liam saying really mean things about Miley.

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