Either Jimmy Fallon Is Looking Straight Up Halle Berry’s Dress In This Video Or I’m Blind

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I’ll bet that you weren’t anticipating that you’d start your morning with a little celebrity upskirt action. Because I trust that you don’t generally take your morning coffee with two scoops of creep. But that’s sort of what we’re about to do. Because Halle Berry participated in the most ill-conceived game when she visited Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show last night, leading to just that.

For reasons, Halle and Jimmy decided to create a human hamster wheel straight out of your childhood fantasies. And that sort of thing not only includes an impressive level of trust (what with all of the different ways one could break his or her precious neck), but, apparently, also lots of crotch-to-face time. Not directly, of course. But if one person happens to be wearing, let’s say, a black and white color-block mid-length dress, for argument’s sake, there’s likely to be some peeking going on by the other participant. Let’s call him Jimmy, again hypothetically speaking.

Jimmy attempts to assure us (or, more likely, Halle’s vagine, who only asks for a little privacy around here) that he’s, in fact, not peeking. Which is pretty silly, right? I’m not saying that he was cackling maniacally in a shaded corner as he planned this bit, knowing that Halle would fall right into his evil trap and not wear pants. I’m just saying that I don’t buy it for a second that it’s possible to lie at a 90-degree angle under Halle Berry’s crotchless article of clothing and not get an eyeful. Which is why I’m convinced that either this game or this outfit wasn’t thought through too well. Possibly not at all, but they’ve got that knee locking thing down pat, so they probably thought for at least 12 or 13 seconds about it.

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    • CortCab

      I didn’t watch the whole segment, just the clip from the article. But they clearly practiced that, so Halle knew it was happening. I assume she wore something under her dress that she’d be comfortable preforming in.

      • Olivia Wilson

        That’s a good point, and I thought of that, but I can’t see anything like shorts through the dress, which is made of fabric that usually gives things like that away.

    • jen27

      Aside from the looking up her skirt thing–which, whatever, she obviously knew this was going down so I’m assuming she picked that outfit with that knowledge and was therefore wearing something under (maybe some spanx shorts or these random really short short things we used to wear for cheerleading?) But that looked extremely painful to do. Every time she started flipping around and then landed on her neck I just cringed. Why?

      • Olivia Wilson

        Omg I know! And my inner nervous wreck just kept anticipating an accident.

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