It’s Beyond Adorable That Prince George And Prince William Have Matching Haircuts

Prince George first year vanity fair coverLadies, lock up your ovaries and put them somewhere safe. Because after you spend all afternoon staring at this photo of Prince George and Prince William on the cover of Vanity Fair, your ovaries are going to do their darndest to explode. All over everything. And trust me, as someone who’s played fast and loose with interspecies baby animal video marathons, there’s nothing harder to clean up than exploded ovaries. #Science

While there’s a LOT to say about this cover, I’m saving that for the commemorative plate I’m writing about the first year of Prince George’s life…coming to Urban Outfitters tables everywhere this fall! So instead today I’d just like to focus on the fact that Prince George and Prince William have the exact same haircut on this cover. Short, sparse and to the point. It’s exactly the haircut that I’d expect a prince to have — whether he’s 12 months old or 1200 months old. (Also sidenote: someone be a doll and bing Prince William’s age for me, I can’t possibly spare a minute to do it myself.)

Honestly, I’d be surprised if everyone in England isn’t rushing out now to the barber, screaming, “give me the Prince Willorge at once!” I mean, that’s what the ladies did after Kate emerged from the hospital after giving birth last year looking like an enchanted fairy princess. We all rushed into the salon and screamed, “give us the Kate Middleton! Her hair! Her face! Her baby! Her post-baby body! Her life! Everything!”

So props to Prince Willorge for following in the foot steps of Kate and coming up with a haircut that everyone in the entire kingdom will envy. Also props to Kate for being beautiful, as per usual.

(Cover: Vanity Fair)

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    • M_G

      Prince Willorg? Is this a typo or a clever pun that lame 28-year-old me doesn’t get? (*mumbles about darn kids these days….*)

      • Jenni

        Combo of Will and George! I added an e to make it clearer? Maybe?

      • Jenni


      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Hahahah yes. Obvs.

      • M_G

        Aha! So I am NOT un-cool, just extra dumb today. Phew! That was a close one. Thanks, guys!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I think it’s because they both have the same haircut! So it’s the William+George! The Willorg!

      • JenH1986


      • Guest

        I think it is a mash up of William and George. :)

    • Nbl

      I was not expecting to get excited about the royal baby because ‘murica but god damn it, that baby is cute as hell.

      • Jenni

        He is ridiculously cute.

    • Lily Savage

      Thank god I took your advice and locked up my ovaries because they could not handle this cuteness.

    • Valerie

      *Ahem* Prince William just turned 32.
      And the cuteness is literally not to be believed. That baby is like, touched by all the angels.

      • Jenni

        32 = 1200 months no? Maybe? Wat is math anywayz?

      • Valerie

        Math sux.