Melissa McCarthy May Have Lied About No One Being Willing To Dress Her At The Oscars

Melissa McCarthy falling face down on a couch in Bridesmaids GIFMelissa McCarthy earned herself quite a bit of sympathy recently for saying that no one would agree to dress her for the 2012 Oscars, but now a designer is calling her out on that statement, saying he tried to create a dress for her but was turned down.

The designer is Christian Siriano, who won the fourth season of Project Runway, and according to a new interview he did with the New York Daily News, he ‘met with her people’ at the time because he was interested in dressing her, and wanted to collaborate with her team to make it happen. And contrary to what she’s saying now, Christian says the reason that collaboration didn’t take place had less to do with him and more to do with Melissa herself.

“She and her stylist chose the fabric and the beading. Quite frankly she was quite difficult to work with. She wanted some specific things that I thought would not look good on her body. And she was not comfortable with them in the end.”

Innnnteresting, no? Especially because it directly contradicts the story that Melissa told in the July issue of Redbook Magazine, in which she claims that she was so disheartened by being rejected by designer that she elected to start her very own plus-size line.

“When I go shopping, most of the time I’m disappointed. Two Oscars ago, I couldn’t find anybody to do a dress for me. I asked five or six designers—very high-level ones who make lots of dresses for people—and they all said no.”

Crappy, no? I have nothing but sympathy if that’s actually what happened, but now that Christian points it out, it does seem very odd that fashion houses would turn down the opportunity to dress an actual nominee — Melissa was up for Best Supporting Actress for Bridesmaidswhich guaranteed her automatic on-camera time and interviews.

Bottom line, I feel for Melissa if people actually refused to dress her on account of her weight, but if she’s out there spreading falsehoods about designers like Christian who were eager to work with her, I can’t see that her own actions are any less deplorable.

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    • Coco

      I thought the nominee/guaranteed camera time which means being asked “who are you wearing??” a millions times thing too…

      • Alexis Rhiannon


      • Kate

        I wonder if that’s why designers said no, if we assume that Christian is telling the truth about her being hard to work with. Maybe they were willing to work with her but when she wouldn’t budge about styles they felt would be unflattering, they pulled out so that they wouldn’t risk being on the Worst Dressed list or accused of not being able to flatter a fuller figure with their designs. I have no doubts that some designers refused to design her a dress based solely on her weight though because the world is the WORST.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oooh this is a good theory!

    • gayle

      Unfortunately I think a lot of fashion people focused more on her body type than the fact that she was a nominee. But this confuses me because she is talking about designers she approached versus him saying he approached her right? They both could be telling the truth that she first called some designers who said no and then he approached her about dressing her and it was a poor experience.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I hope so, because otherwise this is super sketchy.

      • MellyG

        That’s how i read it – no offense to project runway either but Melissa says “high end” i read that as Dior, Chanel, etc – not “project runway winner” – so maybe that wasn’t a designer she approached.

      • itpainsme2say


      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You might be right. I think he just chafed against her saying that people refused to dress her, when in his mind he tried to.

    • smurf

      The designer said that she wanted things that, in his opinion, “wouldn’t look good on her body.” From my perspective, that sounds a lot like refusing to dress her based on her body. You never hear about a thin actress being told by a designer that certain looks won’t look good on her body.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Interesting — I read it as Melissa asking for things that Christian warned her against, then complaining about them once he capitulated and did them anyway.

      • capoupascap

        That’s how I read it too….she wanted things, he advised against it but did it anyway, and then she didn’t like it and didn’t wear it. And I actually would like to see her address this.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah, I’d be interested to see what she had to say.

      • capoupascap

        Really? I’m thin and when I got my wedding dress designed I WAS advised against certain things I wanted/liked because it wouldn’t work on my body.

      • Kate

        To be honest, I WANT people to tell me what does and doesn’t look good on me. Especially if they are professional designers who know infinitely more than I do about how lines and cuts and fabrics look on different body shapes. I feel like he would have been doing her a disservice if he didn’t do everything he could to make her look her best, regardless of how much she weighs

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Totally agreed.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Personally, I don’t understand why Melissa – or any other celebrity – can’t just dress themselves. Don’t we all learn to do that by age four? If I were up for an Oscar, I would have no qualms whatsoever going down to Sears and picking something nice out for maybe $75. Found what turned out to be my wedding dress there and it was beautiful.

    • Kate

      Oy. I love Melissa McCarthy but I can see this being true. But if you read her quote in that context, she’s still not lying – she just didn’t mention that they refused to make her a specific dress. While still unfortunate and frustrating for her, it makes a little bit more sense with that detail in mind.

    • Nbl

      This is confusing but as someone who used to LOVE Project Runway, I remember Christian’s season very well. He clashed with the “real world” models and was very dismissive to their ideas. He also has a huge ego. There’s a chance this might have happened but I wouldn’t trust Christain’s version of it.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Definitely a fair point.

    • fantasymother

      Uh… it strikes me as a convenient comment to make in order to justify your new business venture while giving yourself a bit of advertising at the expense of others.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Ha, yeah. Good call.

    • CMJ

      For some reason, I am focusing on her saying “very high level designers.” This struck me as Dior or Chanel….not that Christian isn’t a great designer and hasn’t designed some great things for famous people…I just wouldn’t put him in the “very high level ones” category…yet.

      • Myndee

        He has a shoe line at Payless, so he hasn’t hit the “very high level” yet. To me, he’s still the guy from Project Runway. And didn’t Karl Lagerfeld say something about never dressing a plus size woman? So it’s not really that far fetched that a top fashion house would say no, regardless of how much camera time the dress would get.

    • bea

      Even if this is true, I’m still gonna side with Melissa. I don’t doubt that the designers who were happy to dress her peers refused to dress her, but I’d be surprised if no other designer would take her on. It is the Oscars after all, and Siriano is hardly a world famous designer who stands a chance of dressing the slimmer stars, beggars can’t be choosers?
      It sounds like Melissa was willing to work with him but they clashed, as artists do all the time but she didn’t have other options. Fat people don’t usually have zero options when it comes to clothes, only a narrow set of options. So yeah, well done on her for protesting it.

    • MCR

      It may not be an out and out lie. The truth may be more complicated.
      McCarthy says she asked five or six designers who turned her down. That’s not hard to believe; remember the big name designer (I forget which) who was asked why he didn’t design plus sized items, and answered, “I don’t do upholstery”? Some designers might well disdain to take on even a big name actress who, in their view, makes their dresses look bad. High fashion is not friendly to a wide range of body types. So maybe she was turned down by several, as she says – upsetting, even if she also found at least one willing to design for her.
      Siriano’s version may be right. On the other hand, his comment that he felt certain things would not look good on her body sends up a little red flag. Maybe his idea of dressing a plus-sized person is draping her in a tent to camouflage her body as totally as possible, and he deemed McCarthy “hard to work with” because she wasn’t having it. We don’t know all the details.

    • alphabadgirl

      so does this mean she is opening a high end designer line for oscar worthy dresses? If yes than is she the designer? If she is opening just a regular plus size store, they do exist, actually a lot of them exist. I am tired of hearing there is no place for plus size to buy clothes when they are everywhere. I think people are lazy. And yes what a good plug for her biz. If it is true that she had a hard time finding high end designer clothes and is opening such a biz then I say yes because that is what makes for a good biz, when you can’t find it, you create it.