Lifetime Movie Killing Daddy Has A Soundtrack As Literal As Its Title

Lifetime Movie Killing Daddy July 2014

Last night Lifetime aired a new movie called Killing Daddy, in which they indulged in their favorite pastime — portraying mentally ill people as evil cliches, but then at the end declaring, “But wait! This is a serious matter. We need to get them help.” In this case the evil cliche is a girl who kills her father. So it would seem the title wasn’t just picked out of a hat. It is a bit misleading, though, since the girl doesn’t do the daddy-killing directly. She does, however, do it to the tune of the most literal soundtrack in Lifetime movie history. You’ll see what I mean as we go along on this (spoilery) journey.

We start the movie with the opening credits, as often happens. We hear some some bluesy song about a troubled woman being haunted by her past or something equally on-the-nose. I wonder what this move with be about. It’s then that we’re introduced to Callie (Elizabeth Gillies, the hammiest ham to ever ham), our main crazy lady. She has one of those typical Lifetime movie names where it takes hearing it approximately fifty times to understand what people are saying. Kelly? Allie? Gilly? Once someone called her Calista, a name I was barely aware existed outside the Flockhart family, that cleared things up a bit. Callie’s a bad seed, as evidenced by her skinny eyebrows and dark makeup against pale skin.

Callie gets fired from her job at “Family Restaurant” in Missouri for stealing money, then narrowly escapes both her angry landlord and her angry ex-boyfriend Jake (Sebastian Pigott), both of whom she owes money. This is where we get the next literal song, which, based on how many times the singer says “great escape,” must be titled “Great Escape.” Get it? Because she’s making a great escape. I can see how you might miss that, since it was such a subtle choice of song.

When the truck Callie stole from Jake (which is the quintessential dirtbag boyfriend name, by the way) breaks down, she decides to call home, in Philadelphia, where a woman named Emma (Cynthia Stevenson, whom I’ve seen in approximately everything, yet nothing on her IMDb page rings a bell) tells her that her father had a stroke. Emma is her father’s housekeeper, who practically raised Callie. Yet I spent the first 45 minutes of the movie going, “Who is this? The dad’s new wife? His ex-wife? His sister? His wife’s sister?” Nope, just the live-in housekeeper, with whom the father also happened to be hooking up.

Callie heads home, because she doesn’t really have anywhere else to go, and also she’s in the mood for a little revenge. See, she blames her mother’s suicide on her father (William R. Moses). We learn through flashbacks that Callie became troubled as well, and her father sent her to an institution. So now that her daddy’s suffered a stroke and is unable to move or talk, it’s time to get back at him. She does this by giving evil speeches to him when no one else is around, kissing him malevolently on the cheek, and practically screaming “MUAHAHAHA” at the top of her lungs. Even though her dad is incapacitated, he’s still able to give her WTF face after WTF face. Same, Daddy. Same.

Callie does some snooping and finds her father’s new will, which leaves most of his assets to both Emma and Callie’s goody two shoes half-sister Laura (Tori Anderson). That simply will not do, so Callie finds his old will, from before they had their falling out and before he and the housekeeper were getting it on. Now all she has to do is get the family lawyer (Tom Barnett) drunk, sleep with him, record herself sleeping with him, and use that as blackmail to get him to use the old will once her father’s dead.

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    • Christine

      I watched that last night! Was good! The girl Cali is from Nickalodeons Victorious

    • Trevor

      I really liked this movie. Mostly because of Elizabeth Gillies. She is BORN to play psychotic women! And I have two piece of trivia for you, Jill. 1. William R. Moses has been in a LOT of Lifetime movies. And 2. On the Lifetime website, Elizabeth Gillies’ character’s name is supposed to be Cassie, not Callie.

    • MM

      Who sings the money on my mind song?

      • WRC

        Have you found out who sings this song yet?

      • MM

        No and I’ve been looking for it everywhere!!

      • WRC

        I have too. Every since that night it premiered. It’s driving me crazy! Lol

      • RRed2014

        Please post it when you find out who sings that song. . Please thanks

      • laur

        sam smith – money on my mind

      • Kay

        There’s a blues band named KOZ that has a cd with only the songs, ‘Money on my Mind’, ‘Money on my Mind’ – clean version, ‘Money on my Mind’ – remix, and ‘Album Sampler’ on it. I don’t know if this is it because it didn’t let me listen to a sample of it, but you can find it at (used to be the Sam Goody music store years ago).

      • alisha

        do you know the name of the cd? i can try to look it up.

      • alisha

        i found it. i’ll try to find torrents or do what i can to see if its the song or not, thanks for the post though!

    • Cbalducc

      According to Lifetime, any woman who wears black nail polish is a baaaad, baaaad woman. Check out Josie Davis’s mani on “Dirty Teacher”.

    • jane

      who sings the “bluesy song” at the beginning? I loved that…

      • Andrea Anderson Ribera

        I want to know who was singing that song too. Can’t find anything on line and of course the credits are so small and scroll so fast, you can’t read anything. Grrrrrr

      • RRed2014

        Who sings the song.. Please Find Out I Have To Know. . I love it

      • Daniel Hursey

        yea need to know asap

      • Tracey Marino

        “She’s The Devil” by Eric Palmquist & John Defaria

      • bucky12

        Where can we get it?!

    • Samantha Escobar

      Everyone’s very sad, and they have a funeral which Callie attends in a
      cocktail dress and a choker. And yet people still don’t realize she’s


    • FauxRealFaux

      Terrible movie.

    • MDS

      I want to know who sings that money on my mind song and its not Sam Smith.

      • Kay

        There’s a blues band named KOZ that has a cd with only the songs, ‘Money on my Mind’, ‘Money on my Mind’ – clean version, ‘Money on my Mind’ – remix, and ‘Album Sampler’ on it. I don’t know if this is it because it didn’t let me listen to a sample of it, but you can find it at (used to be the Sam Goody music store years ago).

    • timbocf

      Calista?? I thought she said “Como esta”…

      • calesta akin

        yeah calesta knows some Spanish,but since when does the Mexican with connecions think he can use the name chrissy &calllie.your speaking to the real calesta,chrissy,cali,right here.greedy user he wont go unpunished.or the leeks.his income will be reduced to a piece of bread!!!!!

    • GerriGer

      Not the best movie but was OKAY. Here are the songs from the credits at the end …

      The Morning by Javier Gora
      Got Down by Thomas Dean Pugh-Fields
      She’s the Devil by Jon Defaria and Eric Palmquist
      The Great Escape by Liz Larin
      When We Were Kids by Allison Justice
      Where do I Run by Michelle Treacy
      Got You Back by Amanda Jordan
      Your Sad List by Amanda Jordan

      Painful but I got this from the closing credits and yes … I have a life but I was curious also .. :-) G

      • Daniel Hursey

        none of these are it

      • GerriGer

        Sorry ;(

      • Daniel Hursey

        thanks though update asap if you find it

    • Guest

      I was under the impression that Callie wasn’t actually crazy, she dropped the gun at teh end because she saw that she was out of options and figured getting high in a mental hospital was better than going to jail for the rest of her life. Ergo the dark triumphant stare at the end.

      • GerriGer

        Nope .. nuts as a pecan tree!

    • Lizgillz


    • BartonFink

      I too watched the film muttering “Who is this? Who is Emma? Is she a nun? Is she her sister? Her father’s new wife? A phantasm?”

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