Kimye Dined And Dashed Their Irish Honeymoon Because Castles Are The Worst

Kimye Rehearsal Dinner 5-23-14

I now feel slightly less guilty about that time I didn’t have enough cash to leave a tip at the Olive Garden in junior high, because I was thirteen and totally overestimated how much babysitting money was sitting in my Velcro wallet from Claire’s.  It’s so much worse when incredibly, filthy rich people do it!  Kimye reportedly didn’t pay one cent to Castle Oliver in Ireland – the original location of their European honeymoon. Why, you ask? Let’s let Radar Online’s exclusive source explain it to us.

“They packed up afterdinner complaining the castle was ‘too big’ and that cellphone reception was dismal, checking in to the Ballyfin House in Co Laois instead.”

UGH.  I *hate* it when the castle I’m staying in is not only too large and elaborate, but when I don’t get a full four bars of cell phone reception?  Fugghedaboutit.  How could the staff at Castle Oliver expect Kim to snap selfies by candlelight if they wouldn’t upload to Instagram?  WHAT IS THE POINT OF LIVING THEN.  As it took four days for them to properly Photoshop that one, singular photo obviously they couldn’t stay there. Get it together, beautiful Irish Castle Oliver!  No wonder they needed a third honeymoon in Mexico.

In all seriousness, what’s really troubling is the amount of money this place put into their arrival.  They reportedly shelled out thousands and thousands of pounds to meet Kimye’s “demands”, like flowers and candelabras, and (I can only assume) hundreds of mirrors at every turn.  And what did Kimye do?  They reversed their enormous deposit because they have a special Kimye American Express card that allows incredibly wealthy celebrities to leave establishments high-and-dry!

“We’re not just talking about the hotel, but providers from all around the local area who gave their services and time in good faith that Kim and Kanye would pay them. But they won’t get their money back. A member of staff based in the United States was fired for booking them into the venue.”


Ah, ‘Murrica.  This is why we can’t have nice things.

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    • Elizabeth Aspen

      It doesn’t surprise me one single bit. Oh, how I am praying for a nice paralyzing car wreck or plane crash for these two. Karma’s a bitch, baby, and with any luck, she’s coming for Kimye.

      • Igottagetoutmore

        Wow…Your comment is awful. Where’s your karma for wishing something bad on someone (crash/car wreck). Get a grip. They are spoiled celebs but nobody deservers physical harm. Shame on you and if you were making a joke – it fell totally flat.

    • Val Toa

      Elizabeth, when you wish bad luck for someone else it is YOU who gets it. That’s how karma works. Please be careful.

    • Sabrina K

      It surprises me that any establishment would want these freeloaders to grace them with their presence. I feel terrible for all the people that worked so hard only to be left high and dry. Shame on these selfish and low-class celebs, living the high-life on the backs of others.