Katherine Heigl Left Hollywood Because She Had A Rom-Com Addiction, Not Because She’s The Worst

Katherine Heigl ASPCA event May 2014

Katherine Heigl is back with a new TV show called State of Affairs, everybody! Sorry, I can’t hear your response to this news over all the crickets. But anyway, after taking a little break to become the star of that Zzzquil commercial that made you go, “Wait a second, is that Katherine Heigl?”, she’s finally ready to open up about the real reason she needed time off. And it wasn’t because the world collectively groans when they hear her name. It was rather to deal with her crippling romantic comedy addiction. So very sad.

Katherine has an interview in the new August issue of Marie Claire UK in which she explains that when it came to making romantic comedies, she simply couldn’t stop, Miley Cyrus style:

“I had an amazing time [doing rom-coms]. I love romantic comedies. But maybe I hit it a little too hard. I couldn’t say no. I stopped challenging myself. It became a bit by rote and, as a creative person, that can wear you down.”

I imagine it was like that I Love Lucy episode with the chocolates and the rom-com scripts just kept flying through her window non-stop and she just had to catch them all. So maybe it’s more like Pokemon. Or perhaps a better analogy is Katherine’s own movie 27 Dresses, where she plays a woman who’s just been a bridesmaid too many times. Except instead of looking into her closet and seeing hideous dresses, Katherine looks on her IMDb page and sees cliched chick flicks.

So obviously she needed to get away for a little while, which led her to a ranch in Utah. I’m not sure when this break happened, since she starred in The Big Wedding just last year, but regardless, Katherine really needed it after those exhausting rom-coms:

“That was part of why I took that time off, to ask myself, ‘What do I want? What am I looking for?’ and shut down all the noise.”

Does “all the noise” refer to her reputation of being extremely difficult to work with? Is what she’s “looking for” a likeable personality? Because that would make more sense to me. If she wants to achieve likeability, however, I might suggest she lay off the Paltrowisms about wanting to “simplify” her life through knitting. Like this one, for example:

“Oh yeah, I had a moment where, I don’t know, I was thinking, ‘Maybe open a knitting store, get my money out of retirement accounts and live off that, live off the land.’”


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    • Alana Vincenza

      Opening a knitting store and dipping into retirement money does not mean living off the land, but nice try Katherine.

    • gayle

      She has a very different take on events than basically everyone else who was paying attention to her career. I hope people on her new show have Shonda Rhimes on speed dial because it does not sound like she has learned anything and that does not bode well for this new show.

    • Lily Savage

      This time next year a rom-com about Katherine Heigl as a 30-something-workaholic-living-off-the-land who just can never seem to find love (because she’s just so darned consumed with her knitting business) until a young stallion rides into town (Ashton Kutcher) and changes her perspective on ranches, knitting, and (of course) love will be screening on every airplane.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        I’ve never believed anything to be more likely.

    • Jenni

      Does she look back fondly on any part of her career at all?

      • Valerie

        My Father The Hero was cinematic poetry.

      • M_G

        Umm, have you SEEN “Wish Upon a Star”? If not, go watch it now. I will wait. Then we can discuss.

      • Jenni

        Puhlease. Not only have I seen it, but I optionally watched it on Netflix recently. Ready to discuss at your leisure.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Aside from Mel Gibson and Kanye West, I’ve never seen someone do a faster career implosion than Katherine Heigl.

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