The Guy Who Plays Bennett On OITNB Posted A Homophobic Tweet While At The LGBT Pride Parade

Matt McGorry Orange Is The New Black Staring

Matt McGorry AKA Officer Bennett, the likely object of your affections on Orange Is The New Black, posted a homophobic tweet while at NYC’s Annual LGBT Pride March. No need to squeegee those eyeballs of yours because you’ve read that correctly. While participating in one of the world’s biggest celebrations of LGBTQ pride, Matt thought he’d dust off some homophobia he’d found in the attic that he knew the Twitter folk would just love. I don’t want to spoil the ending for you, but many of them did not, and for good reason.

As you may or may not know, the cast of OITNB was atop their own prison-themed float at the march, looking super BFF-worthy, as they do. And, while atop said float, our guy Matty posted a now-removed tweet about what a great time he was having. But not in an icky gay way, okay? No, no, “Ignorant, but straight. Definitely straight, NOT GAY” is a much better description.

Matt McGorry Offensive No Homo Tweet

(Screen shot: Buzzfeed)

I wonder what would have happened if Matt hadn’t included that “no homo” at the end? Would we have seen the end of days? Would the rate of global atrocities skyrocket to 100%? The answers are probably both yes and yes, which Matt clearly foresaw. I, for one, think that his homophobic and derogatory (in a totally cute way, I mean) hashtag was the best and totally least ironic choice any person has ever made while at the Pride Parade. Four for you, Matt Coco.

Matt never exactly apologized, but he did offer up an explanation as to why he felt compelled to include that little postscript.

Clearly, he just hadn’t realized how much weight that casually using a phrase that’s still used to ostracize an entire group of people could carry. And that right there would have been a fair response. A little “I totally didn’t know” here, and some “I’m really sorry about that” there, and it would have been chalked up to a naive mistake. Buuut there wasn’t any of that, you see. However, he did offer up some nudes as retribution, so how mad can you be, you Uber-Sensitive Uma’s?!

(GIF: Tumblr)

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    • Alana Vincenza

      Ugh Bennett, this is such a Pornstache move.

      • Olivia Wilson

        And even more of a Mr. Healy one.

    • JenH1986

      That’s not funny, nor ironic. If that was his intention, it fell flat. I’m usually pretty good at taking such “jokes” for what they are, inappropriate or not. But this? no bueno.

      • Olivia Wilson

        His joke isn’t ironic, but the situation totally is. But you’re right that it wasn’t at all funny or okay.

      • JenH1986

        I’m not going to lie, my first thought was “He’s a special kind of stupid”

      • Olivia Wilson

        By “special,” you do mean straight, right? Because he’s straight, btw. Straight, you hear?

        P.S. – Not sure if you realized that he’s #straight. Just a heads up!

      • Samantha Escobar

        Wait he’s gay ??

      • Samantha Escobar

        #NoBueno is a much better hashtag for this situation, IMO. Such a bummer, blah.

    • ChiTownEdge

      meh… he tried to be funny and it failed, I don’t think he was being malicious. No big woof.