Kylie Jenner Just Got Caught Photoshopping An Instagram Selfie, So Karma Is Real

Kylie Jenner you want me cause I'm hot now GIF middle finger black and white(via)

Call me crazy, but I always figured that since Kylie Jenner is only sixteen, she might wait until she was slightly older to get as obsessed with improving her appearance as her sisters are.

But I guess that was foolish of me, because she just got busted for Photoshopping a selfie that she posted to Instagram. At least that’s what her fans are calling her out for, given that Kylie posted two versions of the same photo, the second of which was pretty clearly doctored.

The photo in question was a full-body shot of Kylie wearing a dark blue bikini, taken from the reflection of a mirror, and the first version she put up had some very suspicious pixelation happening along all of the edges. Take a little looksie for yourself:

Kylie Jenner pixelated Photoshopped bikini selfie June 2014

That version was only up for a couple minutes before Kylie yanked it, but not before many of her fans pointed out that the fuzzy outlines were indicative of either Photoshop or some other photo-editing app. A theory that was only strengthened when Kylie put up this photo to replace it:

Look! So smooth now! And such tastefully adjusted lighting! And what a lovely thigh gap you have there, Kylie! It’s almost like you think that in some world, your body that is NOT EVEN EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD YET needs to be edited down to a more appealing version of itself. Even her sisters didn’t start looking perfectly air-brushed and manicured until after they got famous in their twenties, but I guess we’re starting you extra early, just to see what happens.

The earlier we can sexualize kids and tell them that the bodies they’re born with aren’t enough, the better! So here’s hoping that this and all those plastic surgery rumors are true, because they’re both steps in the right direction for tying your confidence directly to your appearance! Hurray! (Ugh.)

But on the bright side, at least Kylie can prove that she’s learned one thing by dropping out of highschool to ‘study’ for three hours a day — Photoshop.

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    • Lily Savage

      Yeesh, Kylie is so beautiful and stylish she doesn’t need to touch up her pics.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Um, all she did was adjust the lighting. Is that really a crime? It’s not like she clipped five inches off her waist, she just enhanced the color of the picture. I can do that in Iphoto.

      • Jenni

        Did you say crime? Let me get Gossip Cop on the line. BRB.

    • Napoleon

      She’s already had plastic surgery so she might as well start on her photoshopping skills too.

    • Jason Henderson

      All she did was brighten it a lil bit and add some color / contrast. Don’t see the big deal.

    • jo

      I love it when teenagers think they’re so freaking awesome for being skinny.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        …and being good at Photoshop.

    • kdsnfan

      Is it bad that I actually had to think for a second about if Karma REALLY begins with a K? I’m so used to people changing C words to K words when writing about the Kardashians.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Haaahaha I love it.

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    • roman eads

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    • Srena

      I don’t see any photoshopping to her body! Just adjusted color/contrast. Big deal.

    • TJ

      It looks like the lines on the floor are fuzzy as well. Might it just be the quality of the first photo? The white bars look distorted as well in the background. I don’t know if that is a sign of tampering but it looks more like a bad quality photo to me.

    • Reynauld

      I wanna fuck her bad!

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    • Alyssa

      I just feel sad when I see her, because she is so young and has grown up with horrible role models.

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