Noah Cyrus Is Following In Miley’s Partying Footsteps, But We Should Really Be Blaming Her Parents

Miley Cyrus Noah Cyrus nightclub Barcelona Spain June 2014

According to the latest reports, Miley Cyrus’ 14-year-old sister Noah Cyrus is ready to become a wild child just like her big sister, clubbing included. I think we can all probably agree that’s not such an encouraging prospect. But instead of blaming Miley for being a bad influence — even though she clearly is — we should probably be looking to their parents to take a little responsibility. Where are they while all this is happening? Grooming their mullets?

International Business Times reports that, according to the new issue of Life & Style, Noah was spotted walking into a local club with Miley in Barcelona, Spain, earlier this month There are even photographs, which you can take a gander at in this very post. Obviously Noah is very underage, so she has no business going to nightclubs. The Cyrus family has yet to comment.

Noah Cyrus Miley Cyrus nightclub Barcelona Spain June 2014

But that doesn’t mean the anonymous sources are keeping quiet. They’re saying Miley’s being a bad influence on Noah. Here’s what one of them had to say:

“She doesn’t hold anything back. She drinks and curses in front of her… Noah stays up until the wee hours with her.”

Noah is supposedly trying to act just like Miley in the hopes of also becoming famous. She even danced on stage with Miley in a body suit during one of the shows on her Bangerz tour. According to one insider, it’s all Miley’s doing:

“At this point Noah is a teenage train wreck in the making, thanks to her sister.”

Aaand also thanks to her parents, who entrusted their 14-year-old daughter to their 21-year-old daughter, knowing full well the types of things Miley enjoys doing. Not only can they just Google her to find out, but they also raised her to become who she is today. That would be someone who enjoys partying, bragging about drug use, and wearing skimpy outfits on stage.

Miley should certainly know better than to take her underage sister to a nightclub, especially since she’s previously said of Noah that she wants to “keep her innocence.” But in turn their parents should also be more aware of what their 14-year-old daughter is doing, and if they know Miley likes to go clubbing, they shouldn’t let Noah hang out with her alone after hours. But I guess that’s too much to ask from Billy Ray Cyrus, the guy who released a video sequel to “Achy Breaky Heart” featuring half-naked alien ladies dancing around him.

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    • JenH1986

      A quick google search of the older Cyrus children does not bode well for young Noah.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      The parents don’t give a shit, they never did – Miley’s their mealticket. Pretty sure they’re still on her payroll for something. Billy always has some excuse to rationalize Miley’s behavior, saying anyone who criticizes her or shows any concern is a jealous “hater”, and there’s photos online of the mom drinking and smoking with Miley. What do you expect from hicks?

      • Guest

        Billy Ray has earned milllions upon millions of dollars he earned before Miley was born. So, no, she’s not their meal ticket.

    • Nbl

      I remember reading somewhere that Jojo (remember her?) was originally offered the part of Hannah Montana. Imagine how different the world would be….

    • Lily Savage

      She’s totally the Ali Lohan of the Cyrus family.

      • Guest

        Ali Lohan is doing well. She is 20 now, nothing like Lindsay, and lives a clean life. If she turns out like Ali she’ll be a lot different than her older sister Miley.

    • Napoleon

      The Duggar’s non-parenting sibling assignments have made quite the impact…

    • Azrael Jones

      If Noah had been getting high or drunk (or any other dangerous behavior for a kid) at that club, I would agree with the outrage. But according to the stories I heard about this outing, she didn’t do anything like that. I don’t think a teen just being at a bar or club with family is a bad thing. I also disagree with the idea that it’s wrong for adults to curse or drink around a teen. Basically, I don’t believe in the idea that teenagers need to be kept completely innocent. I don’t think it was inappropriate that she wore that catsuit either, as it covered her from her neck all the way to her feet and kids 14 and younger show much more than this at the beach. However, since her older sister is Miley Cyrus, I do think Billy Ray and Tish should lay some ground rules about what kinds of activities Miley is and isn’t allowed to do in Noah’s presence.

    • NoMissCleo…JustMe

      Why the hell does the International Business Times give two flying fucks about what Noah Cyrus is doing in Barcelona?

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