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How Ariana Grande Ruined Her Reputation In A Single Year

Ariana Grande fan GIFHappy birthday, Ariana Grande! This time last year, I was obsessed with you. Like – real obsessed, even though the only thing I really knew about her is that she was a Nickelodeon star and that her song ‘The Way’ was on permanent repeat in my brain.

And for the moment, that was enough information for me, because I seriously did not hate that song, nor have I hated any song she’s come out with since. In fact, I have loved them, because they are glorious and nothing will ever convince me otherwise. But unfortunately I don’t feel the same way about Ariana herself. If she just stuck to singing instead of talking, we’d be fine, but instead, she’s managed to completely change my mind about her from wholehearted supporter to grudging-listener-of-music-and-ignorer-of-comments. All in about twelve months.

Take a walk with me, won’t you, and let’s examine all the myriad ways that Ariana Grande has ruined her reputation since going mainstream.

Ariana Grande in The Way music video GIF(via)

1. By hiding secrets in her hair.
The girl was in a half ponytail for like…a century, and anytime anyone asked her about it, she was like ugh shut up it’s not a big deal get away from me. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, GRANDE??

2. By agreeing to work on a track with Chris Brown.
I mean c’mon. Do I really even need to explain this one?

Ariana Grande rehearsing with Chris Brown in Instagram photo March 2014(via)

3. By bailing on said track with Chris Brown.
Did someone finally hand you a newspaper, girl? I’m glad that the collaboration is no longer happening, but it left a really bad taste in my mouth for Ariana to blame it all on her management team and pretend like she had no say in any of it.

4. By defending Justin Bieber.

“He can do whatever he wants! He’s doing the same thing as every other boy in the world right now, he’s just under a microscope, and he’s being scrutinized by people who don’t know him. I know him, and he’s a good person. He really is, he’s a nice person. And everybody’s like, ugh, it’s, nevermind, but, it’s, he’s a good guy and he doesn’t deserve what he’s going through.”

Okay…but it’s not super convincing if you can’t even get through your own defense of him without bailing out.

Ariana Grande tapping finger on face GIF Problem music video(via)

5. By joining Kabbalah.
Honestly didn’t even know that was a thing anymore, but Ariana dug it out of the old treasure chest and dusted it off for use. What’s next? Scientology? (Probably shouldn’t tempt fate by even asking that.)

6. By supposedly cheating on her boyfriend.
In case you noticed that Ariana’s relationship with Nathan Sykes overlapped slightly with her relationship with Jai Brooks, you weren’t the only one! Jai noticed that as well, and called Ariana out on it via Twitter.

Ariana Grande flipping ponytail GIF red hair


7. By referring to milk as ‘cow tit pus’.
This was honestly one of the weirdest interviews I’ve ever read. I’m all for Ariana exploring healthy alternatives to mainstream foods, but just because she’s a vegan doesn’t mean everyone else has to be! And saying that Americans look like cows because they drink cow’s milk is definitely heading that direction.

8. By saying she never liked acting.
Well that’s a real shame, because it’s what made you famous! So don’t get all Robert Pattinson on us now and start biting the hand that fed you!

Ariana Grande Jennette McCurdy Smile


9. By potentially getting Sam & Cat taken off the air.
There’s no confirmation on why the show was cancelled, but a ton of rumors state that Ariana was getting paid more than her costar, Jennette McCurdy, and when Jennette refused to go forward without things being equal, Nickelodeon called her bluff and took the show off the air.

10. By insulting her own fan base.
I’m betting that Ariana’s fans, the Arianators, could have handled pretty much everything else on this list, until she turned on them. What happened was, Ariana tweeted a message wishing Marilyn Monroe a happy birthday, and some of Ariana’s fans pointed out that she’s not a great role model. And instead of letting that roll off her back, Ariana took her fans to task, calling them ‘assholes’ just because they don’t like the same things she does!

Not cool girl. Not cool. Can’t wait to see where we are in another twelve months!

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  • J_Doe5686

    All I know about this girl Is that she was on 2 Nickelodeon shows. I saw a few episodes of Sam and Cat. Got annoyed by her voice. She sings but I’ve never heard a single song of hers. She’s cute. She repeats what on the “Why become a vegetarian?” Pamphlet PETA gives away. She’s cute.

  • FemelleChevalier

    I used to have a HUGE crush on her, but the cow tit pus is a deal beaker. And Justin Bieber. And the cheating. And Chris Brown.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Just…all of it.

    • FemelleChevalier

      But I like the ponytail…

    • hitman31

      dont worry 5 years from now she’ll be forgotten

    • askininfinite

      Just looking at her mannerism you could tell that she’s isn’t as genuine as she likes to be portrayed as,
      She appear very vain and stuck up but wants to look like a sweet goody two shoes in front of everybody,
      Because she keep fixing and touching her hair in lots of her interviews, and In all of her live webcam,
      she’s always SOO focused on looking at herself, even staring at herself while someone is talking beside her,

      All her selfies with others looks like she’s only caring on how good she looks on the photo and Her Music video…she keeps on doing the same angle as if she’s afraid that the camera catches other angles of herself.

      She’s very kenned/careful on what comes out of her mouth, that’s why she defended beiber & miley because it’s all just for her own image, She doesn’t wanna say mean things to anyone because i’ll ruin her goody two shoes image.

      When she hosted that EMA award there were charts on who was tweeting or getting popular in twitter, The guy was going over it and She just repeatedly say ” yeah ” ” wow ” ” oh! cool” nonchalantly, she obviously doesn’t give a fuck
      I seen many other interview that talks about something OTHER than herself and she just stand there with a force smile on her face that she doesn’t care.

      Her feud with Victoria and Jennette say a lot about her character
      and also the whole cheating thing with her boyfriend.

      I mean come on.
      I used to liked her, I like that her style is different and new.
      and She can sing, she doesn’t have ANY power in her voice though and you can’t understand I thing she’s saying since she mumbles a lot but.. still she can sing.
      Anyway I just like that she didn’t follow trends and did the whole cute vintage style.

      But come on the girl is obviously very vain and wants to appear sweet and kind to everyone but sometimes she wants to be cool and spit out a few curses

      but mostly this girl knows what she got to do in her career and she likes all the attention she’s getting,
      and If someone calls her out on her bullshit she acts like the victim

      I guess be glad she can sing lol :P

  • Napoleon

    Her attire and behavior are both very childlike. I find it very weird.

    • Meep

      She looks like a child too, so I guess that explains it?

  • NYCNanny

    But milk IS cow tit puss. The milk we drink isn’t just pure cow breast milk, but has a bunch of other crap included. ew. She’s right.

    Most of these things seem pretty petty…. Not being able to finish her “defense” of justin beiber? Isn’t she like 16? What 16 year old finishes her sentences eloquently.

    9. First a total rumor. Second, if it’s true, it’s the blonde’s “fault” for
    Getting the show taken off. What did you expect,
    Adriana to say, “yeah I’ll take a pay it cause my costar is jealous”…?

    Kabbalah is actually super interesting and very ancient and should be respected as such.

    The Chris brown thing…. God she can’t win with this, can she?

    Ps I didn’t even know who this chick was until a week ago, but I think your article is ridiculous and petty and not even factual.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Cows don’t have breasts, they have udders.

      She actually just turned twenty-one yesterday…

      She and Jennette came in at an equal level and did the same amount of work, so it wouldn’t make sense for one to be paid more.

  • Neci_21

    1)she told us about her hair on twitter so there are no secrets
    2)whats wrong with chris brown just cus u dont like him doesnt mean anything
    3)what could she have done about it??
    4)he’s her friend of course she can defend him
    5)just because you dont agree with Kabbalah doesnt mean u can diss her
    6)jai admitted to being jealous so he said that
    7)she isnt tryna make it so that everyone is vegan thats her own preference
    8)she loves acting and drama she just loves music better
    9)she doesnt get a bigger pay she made that very clear on twitter
    10)she was just kidding you take things too seriously
    Lastly, you have no right to diss what someone else is doing with their life if you don’t like her then why are you all in her life tryna find things about her to dislike

    • capoupascap

      it’s no secret that Chris Brown beat Rihanna, punched in a window at a morning show (I’m thinking GMA but could be wrong) and has serious, serious anger issues that he is currently in treatment for. What’s right with Chris Brown?

    • Fallopian Twerker Phillips

      Who is “Tryna?” I thought we were talking about Ariana Grande.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      What’s wrong with Chris Brown? He tried to beat Rihanna to death.

    • Renee.

      So did John Lennon and people still respect him and think very highly of him. He beat his first wife but no one cares. So why does it matter if Chris does? I’m not a fan of Chris but if people like John Lennon can still be seen as some musical genius/hero and not answer to his faults then why can’t Brown? Mark Wahlberg is a racist and he physically assualted two asians where he had blinded one of them and also uses a lot of racial slurs towards black people but he’s still seen as a great person and an actor. I’m not excusing Chris’ actions but I’m saying you can’t talk shit about Chris if you’re not gonna talk shit about Lennon or Wahlberg while you’re at it. Besides she never said they were friends, they were working together. It’s the music industry, business is business and no matter what he did people still love him and it could have helped her get her foot into the door of the more hip-hip/rap side of the music industry.

      And also, I don’t think you can fault anyone for trying to stand up for their friends. Bieber is a stupid kid, everyone knows that and I doubt Ariana doesn’t realize that but we’ve all stuck up for our good friends even if they’ve done something stupid or we know they’re wrong. For example, your best friend could have gotten into some fight or drama and you know they’re wrong but you stick by them because they’re your best friend and all you can really do is support them and try to get them to see the reality of things so you can’t really pass judgement on Ariana for it. It could even be something so small but we’ve all done it because it’s human nature to have some form of loyalty towards people we care about.

      I don’t get the hair thing? So she has fake hair, who cares? Are you really going to fault her for her hair? It seems like you’re trying to find anything to use against her and it’s going to be her hair, like really?

      And wow she called people out. Just like you’re doing on this website? Yeah. So what if she called a few assholes, assholes? She’s saying it how it is. She wanted to respect someone she liked and that’s understandable. She wasn’t calling out all her fans, she was calling out the jerks who were willing to disrespect the dead and if you know anything about Marilyn Monroe, her story was a very tragic one. It’s just like how people wouldn’t disrespect Whitney Houston or Amy Winehouse even though they also died of drugs.

      And like you said, her ending Sam & Cat is a rumour and since it’s not a fact, that argument is completely invalid. And if anyone ended that show I would actually assume it would be Jennette since she was the one who was apparently mad with Ariana- it’s the logical explanation.

      You seem to be finding really stupid reasons to hate on Ariana tbh. I’m not sure if it’s just jealousy or what but it’s really misplaced. I’m not an Ariana superfan but I can say that none of this information really is a reason to hate her.

      You can hate Chris Brown but you can’t hate her because labels/managers set up who you work with in your album. You can hate Justin Bieber but you can’t hate her because she’s a loyal friend. You can hate her hair but that’s a really immature reason to hate her. You can hate how she handled a situation about Marilyn or Marilyn herself for whatever opinions you have of her being a role model but you can’t hate on a girl trying to show respect for the dead.

      And by the way, hating someone for a religion is really ignorant of you and shows what kind of person you truly are.

    • Diane

      you go girl

    • Maggie Moss

      Lots of celebrities aren’t good people. This isn’t anything new and it doesn’t rationalize Chris Brown’s behavior.

    • Cameron

      I ignored your ten facts and just skipped to “Lastly”.

      “Lastly, you have no right to diss what someone else is doing…”
      I’m gonna stop you right there.
      First Amendment.
      Choke on it.

    • Lol At You

      2.) Chris Brown fucking assaulted Rihanna. Wtf. My mom hates Rihanna now for going back to him.
      4.) Justin Bieber is a fucking dickhole and needs to go to jail for a good while to learn some shit. The kid has fucking issues that he needs to get solved.
      6.) Jai maybe vain sometimes, but I KNOW Jai wouldn’t EVER dare make up a lie like that.
      9.) Just because Ariana “made it clear” on Twitter that she doesn’t get a bigger pay does not mean it is the truth.
      10.) No one is fucking joking around when you call someone an asshole. Marilyn WAS a good figure for being curvy and teaching girls to be curvy instead of skinny but she did ruin a few marriages and she did die of an overdose. I would know, I did a huge research paper on her.

  • AnnH

    If she stuck to silly overacting, flashy hair colors and catchy songs, she’d be perfect for a career of Kpop idol.

    • gerogia

      what’s yr problem?

  • Hillary511

    More than anything I think it’s weird that no one’s talking about her extreme weight loss. She used to be so healthy looking, and being a vegan doesn’t make up for the fact that she is so skinny right now. I’m not trying to body shame, but it’s indicative something’s up (also that you have to be tiny to be successful).

    • lovinqmotax

      Well according to what she said, she gave up junk food and became a vegan. If you’re referring to maybe a disorder like anorexia or something that would dramatize her wight loss like a pill or something, she wouldn’t have the energy to do all the things she does. She has been preforming a lot recently and that’s hard work on the body. Also if I were eating junk food and feeling bad and having to go up on stage and preform, no thanks. But we don’t know what she really does, but for now I’m still going to be a supporter of her.

    • Hillary511

      I’m a little afraid to go down this road because your response struck me as a little naive. While I was not accusing her of an eating disorder it is still enitrely possible she could have one, especially considering the time and extremity of her weight loss. I don’t know her personally. I’m just saying on the outside it doesn’t look like the healthiest of situations.

      That being said, many performers have struggled with eating disorders while touring, being a celebrity, etc and performing high energy sets. A great example of this is Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussy Cat Dolls, who was dancing and singing entire concerts on a pretty regular basis. It’s not a matter of energy. Here’s a link with a list of about 20 actors and singers who have come out about their eating disorders: http://www.buzzfeed.com/newsdaylaura/celebrities-who-have-had-eating-disorders-24ap

  • Joshua

    first of all , ariana didnt cheat , her ex boyfriend said he lied because he was mad when they broke up . and she cant defend bieber , they are friends , and whats wrong with collaborating with chris brown . you have no right to be dissing ariana . at least shes not miley . she told s us on twiiter about her hair sooooo . in sam and cat , they get payed equally . anyway ariana is still a good role model for ppl . ariana grande is healthy , she chose to vegan .yall act like chris brown is going to beat EVERY girl he works with up like just stop . personally . i love ariana . shes a good person with good intentions but ppl are starting to make her seem like a bad role model when shes not .

  • Common Knowledge

    This shit is trivial. You are all making firm judgements on someone you don’t personally know, and most based on speculation. These petty arguments hold no value, and you treat her as if she is better than you, so you hold her to a higher standard when most of you would do for yourself.

  • Dani Lima

    These posts about Ariana are very unnecessary, it is new in the world of media and idiots and stupid people like you say things like this are meaningless, you put things where They Do Not Have, you just might be a nobody in life and tries to que climb of level lowering others, what you are doing is just ridiculous, like I said it is new in the media but she is learning to deal with it, she is discovering yourself, give her a break to settle, because what you write, only makes people loathe you. And yes I’m arianator.

  • kirstie

    1) she wore her ponytail for so long because her hair was ruined due to dying it constantly for sam and cat
    2) yes Chris Brown has a bad reputation but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a god musician
    3) she didn’t bail on the track. It’s Chris’ track and it’s not up to Ariana when it is released
    4) don’t Americans have the right to free speech? And surely Ariana understands more than you do what it’s like to be under the spotlight. Just because he has a bad reputation doesn’t mean she cant see the good in him
    5) she didn’t join kabbalah this year she’s been following it for a long time. Also it is nobody’s place to make fun of someone’s religion whether you see it trivial or not
    6) she didn’t cheat on Jai. Her relationship with Nathan was forced because they have the same mamagement. Jai didn’t know this, and thought she cheated but everything was cleared up between them
    7) again, the free speech thing. ok, the words cow tit pus sound a bit weord but isn’t that essentially what it is? And she’s not forcing everyone to be vegan, she simply voiced why she thinks it’s important
    8) she said that she loved music over acting. victorious was a platform for her to develop her music career. And it’s quite obvious that she’s a better musician than she is actor
    9) it was confirmed that the dispute was nothing to do with money. It could have been Ari’s fault but we dont know that and shouldn’t assume anything
    10) she wasn’t talking about her fanbase directly. and “assholes” that’s not even offensive

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Don’t worry, you’re not the only person who thinks Chris Brown is a ‘god musician’. That’s what he thinks, too.

    • idontreallylikethiswebsite

      I believe she meant “good.” It was just a typo.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      That’s a beautiful name — how do you pronounce it?

    • R S

      Alexis, you are replying to 14 year old trolls who “believe” in grande. The only grande I believe in is in Starbucks.


    • Alexis Rhiannon


    • tiaraa23

      cause we are “fans”. that’s why we “believe” in her. i am 20 thank you very much.

    • R S

      Sounds like you believe in the easter bunny as well.

  • lovingmotax

    1. I’m not sure you saw the tweet Ariana posted, but it was addressing her hair. So there are no secrets.

    2. It’s her choice on who she wants to collaborate with.

    3.She didn’t stop the track. It’s Chris’ track and that was his / management’s choice.

    4. Look it up, they’re friends. So if something happened to your friend wouldn’t you defend them.

    5. She didn’t just join, she has been following for quite a long time now.

    6. Jai admitted to being jealous, so that’s why he said that.

    7. Um her choice of words? Shes not pointing out everyone has to be a vegan, it’s her own opinion.

    8. She’s been acting since.. forever really. She just likes singing better. “I never liked acting. I auditioned for TV just to get a platform to get a record deal and then I fell in love with acting because it was fun.”, she didn’t like acting originally, but she fell in love doing it.

    9. She never got a bigger pay.. lol.

    10. Ariana is one of the sweetest person I’ve ever met, and I am apart of her fan base, and she would never hurt her fans on purpose.

    Personally I feel to truly judge a person you have to truly understand them, obviously you don’t. I really hope you are just being sarcastic or just being a troll.

  • Guest

    Also, when she told people Victoria Justice bullied her and was the reason Victorious got cancelled.

    • Renee.

      She never said that haha she denied ever being bullied. She said someone she worked with bullied her and everyone assumed it was Justice but she denied those rumours and said it was someone she worked on Broadway with. Get your facts straight before you talk.

  • Mariana

    I was a huge fan of Ariana. Until she said she was with Nathan just to be comforted. Alright finish a dating … But he’s so nice, did not deserve to hear something like that.

    • DEEE

      honestly. if you’re a “HUGE” fan of Ariana, you would’ve support every decision she decided to make. we as fans are suppose to support her cause that’s what fans do. if you’re not a fan, then you would have written shit like this.

    • J

      being a ‘huge fan’ does not in any way constitute validating and supporting every decision she decides to make.

  • Xjoosxx

    I can’t understand why you write this, i mean, she has done nothing wrong. if you do not like her, then why you do not stay out of it?

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Because I write for a celebrity news blog.

  • Z

    I don’t like Ariana Grande at all really besides her music and I agree with most if what you said except Chris Brown like there’s nothing wrong with him and I think he and Rihanna have both moved away from that happened like six years ago.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Well good for them! I haven’t.

  • Arianator<3

    okay. i just want to say this. i am a fan of ariana. so i want to say this.

    1. Ariana is a highly trending popstar. Papz will always be with her, intruding in her personal life. They would also find every way to stir up something to gossip about popstars or artists like her. Everyone knows how her hair was a wreck after the Victorious situation. And because she knew what was gonna come, she just kept it simple. I mean, she literally cried on a red carpet cause papz were rude to her and making fun of her normal hairstyle of hair. Haven’t she suffered enough? And also, she didn’t say UGH, GET AWAY FROM ME. She simply didn’t want to answer the same question everytime she has an interview or was being reported. Of course she’ll get irritated. I mean, I would be.

    2. I don’t get what you’re trying to say. Chris Brown is Chris Brown. She works with him, everybody will love the song and when it gets popular, nobody would even want to say anything about their bad past.

    3. She really had no say in it. I mean Chris went back to jail and she couldn’t just debut the song without him. Plus, how did she blame it all on her management team?

    4. Ariana have always been a fan of Justin. A fan would want to deny all the mistakes their idol does. I have to say that what Justin did was wrong and I was shocked that Ariana still defends him. But I, as a fan of her can’t just go all angry and say it’s wrong. She can do whatever she wants. And we as fans should support her alongside. If we don’t, then we are not her fans.

    5. Ariana stands for what she believes in. There was an article explaining how she suddenly decided to join Kabbalah. Eventhough I may not believe in what she believes in, I still support her. Why? Cause I idolize her. Her singing qualities, awkward and quirky antics and her shy personality with a hint of vulgar speaking. I stand for what I believe in and it’s her.

    6. Nobody would know what really happened. I honestly think that you don’t have the right to just say stuff like that about Ari cause we didn’t know the real story. If it’s Jai’s fault, then maybe he’s a jerk. If Ari is the main cause, then she may be a cheater.

    7. Ari is a weird, awkward and quirky girl. She has her own ways on what she wants to call things. Why does that bother you so much? If it’s soo wrong, then forgive her. People makes mistakes. Why can’t you just look past this one? How long ago was it? Now, you seem like the person who’s dugging this all out of an old treasure chest.

    8. She never liked acting. What does that have to do with hating on someone? She wasn’t as busy as she is now. Maybe she wanted to do Sam and Cat for the time being.

    9. Nickeledeon taking away Jennette was not at all in her place to say anything. Ariana just gets her pay. Do you like want her to not take up the role at all?

    10. She didn’t insult anybody. She was mad at the people whom were insulting Marilyn when Marilyn destroys a marriage and stuff. Like me, she stands for her idol. Marilyn is her idol. Get everything now?

    That’s all.

  • Maybe my reputation on this page will be destroyed for this, but I pretty much agree with Ariana on most of those things or just don’t care. Most of these are pretty minor and those fans kinda were being assholes. I’d think someone was an asshole if they insulted me on my birthday, insulting people on their birthdays is pretty much an undeniable dick move even if that person is dead.


    I can not understand her in her songs she needs to learn to sing more clearly, just sound like she’s yelling .

  • Jinxed Jacqueline

    Um . Lol these are such dumb reasons to hate a person.. like cow tit pus.. Seriously? Girl these are the most silliest things to make into a list. She wanted to be singer since she was young, buh she had a more better chance of getting noticed by acting said her agent. Buh if someone tries something that they always wanted to try & find out that they don’t really like it is not a bad thing.. Yeah Robert Pattison got famous buh if he wanted to do acting then yeah that’s the toll he’d pay. Buh sometimes people just get to the top to get noticed & or get alot of money to do what they really want to do. You’re never going to love you’re first job, so you get a different one, right? It’s the same thing, they’ve been there done that enough to have their own opinion in how their experience was with their job . Ariana is an amazing singer& she’s doing the best she can not too be judged buh she’s only human, of course if her fans are going to say something negative she’s going to be a person like anyone else& be real & express herself on her Twitter or whatever account. She has the right to be herself& whoever she wants to be. She’s still growing up, imagine being judged by the world on the littlest things, no one’s perfect, buh so far she’s doing a pretty good job defending herself & living her dream, she’s not big in the industry for her flaws, buh what’s she’s good at : )

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      She has the right to be herself, and I have the right to comment on it.

      Buh seriously, what’s up with you spelling ‘but’ like that?