How Ariana Grande Ruined Her Reputation In A Single Year

Ariana Grande fan GIFHappy birthday, Ariana Grande! This time last year, I was obsessed with you. Like – real obsessed, even though the only thing I really knew about her is that she was a Nickelodeon star and that her song ‘The Way’ was on permanent repeat in my brain.

And for the moment, that was enough information for me, because I seriously did not hate that song, nor have I hated any song she’s come out with since. In fact, I have loved them, because they are glorious and nothing will ever convince me otherwise. But unfortunately I don’t feel the same way about Ariana herself. If she just stuck to singing instead of talking, we’d be fine, but instead, she’s managed to completely change my mind about her from wholehearted supporter to grudging-listener-of-music-and-ignorer-of-comments. All in about twelve months.

Take a walk with me, won’t you, and let’s examine all the myriad ways that Ariana Grande has ruined her reputation since going mainstream.

Ariana Grande in The Way music video GIF(via)

1. By hiding secrets in her hair.
The girl was in a half ponytail for like…a century, and anytime anyone asked her about it, she was like ugh shut up it’s not a big deal get away from me. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, GRANDE??

2. By agreeing to work on a track with Chris Brown.
I mean c’mon. Do I really even need to explain this one?

Ariana Grande rehearsing with Chris Brown in Instagram photo March 2014(via)

3. By bailing on said track with Chris Brown.
Did someone finally hand you a newspaper, girl? I’m glad that the collaboration is no longer happening, but it left a really bad taste in my mouth for Ariana to blame it all on her management team and pretend like she had no say in any of it.

4. By defending Justin Bieber.

“He can do whatever he wants! He’s doing the same thing as every other boy in the world right now, he’s just under a microscope, and he’s being scrutinized by people who don’t know him. I know him, and he’s a good person. He really is, he’s a nice person. And everybody’s like, ugh, it’s, nevermind, but, it’s, he’s a good guy and he doesn’t deserve what he’s going through.”

Okay…but it’s not super convincing if you can’t even get through your own defense of him without bailing out.

Ariana Grande tapping finger on face GIF Problem music video(via)

5. By joining Kabbalah.
Honestly didn’t even know that was a thing anymore, but Ariana dug it out of the old treasure chest and dusted it off for use. What’s next? Scientology? (Probably shouldn’t tempt fate by even asking that.)

6. By supposedly cheating on her boyfriend.
In case you noticed that Ariana’s relationship with Nathan Sykes overlapped slightly with her relationship with Jai Brooks, you weren’t the only one! Jai noticed that as well, and called Ariana out on it via Twitter.

Ariana Grande flipping ponytail GIF red hair


7. By referring to milk as ‘cow tit pus’.
This was honestly one of the weirdest interviews I’ve ever read. I’m all for Ariana exploring healthy alternatives to mainstream foods, but just because she’s a vegan doesn’t mean everyone else has to be! And saying that Americans look like cows because they drink cow’s milk is definitely heading that direction.

8. By saying she never liked acting.
Well that’s a real shame, because it’s what made you famous! So don’t get all Robert Pattinson on us now and start biting the hand that fed you!

Ariana Grande Jennette McCurdy Smile


9. By potentially getting Sam & Cat taken off the air.
There’s no confirmation on why the show was cancelled, but a ton of rumors state that Ariana was getting paid more than her costar, Jennette McCurdy, and when Jennette refused to go forward without things being equal, Nickelodeon called her bluff and took the show off the air.

10. By insulting her own fan base.
I’m betting that Ariana’s fans, the Arianators, could have handled pretty much everything else on this list, until she turned on them. What happened was, Ariana tweeted a message wishing Marilyn Monroe a happy birthday, and some of Ariana’s fans pointed out that she’s not a great role model. And instead of letting that roll off her back, Ariana took her fans to task, calling them ‘assholes’ just because they don’t like the same things she does!

Not cool girl. Not cool. Can’t wait to see where we are in another twelve months!

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    • KarmaBitesYou

      My son works in tv and one day on a set I was having a convo with 2 parents who told me that their kids had worked with Ariana on Sam and Kat and that she treats crew and background like dirt and calls them RETARDS. They witnessed this themselves. Said she was horrible. That right there is enough to make me lose all respect for her. Just terrible!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Wow, seriously!

    • whys everyone hating

      Her hair is always the same because she had to dye it red every week to play cat

    • OmqMe

      I used to LOVE Ag. Like… LOVE everything about her. This article is soo true (except for one thing I’ll mention later). She used to look and be so innocent and ACTUALLY CUTE. But now, she’s so stuck-up, I’m surprised she isn’t in space by now. I’m not jealous but she is just plain annoying to me. She tries to act all cute, innocent, fun, and flirty but looks like an annoying brat in the end. She is so conceded and doesn’t care for her fans (WHO MADE HER FAMOUS!) for the world! She seems like, “Ugh. I’m so perfect. I don’t want anyone to think that I think that cause I want them to think I don’t know…”. I’m sorry for hating but this is just my opinion and I don’t think she’s all she’s cracked up to be.
      And don’t get me started on the “arianators”! They are sooo annoying! All of her fans always say, ” Ariana is perfect! Just look at her character on Sam and Cat!” They only like her for Cat and think that if they defend her, she’ll become their friend or something. They are mostly 9 year olds who think they know everything about her when really know NOTHING about her. And, if you make a single comment even if it’s like, “Why was your hairdo different?”, they say something like “Omg stop hating on Ari you hater! Go fall off the end of the Earth!” And I’m like, “Wha? -.-”. The only thing I like about AG now, is her music. I think it’s great but everything else… not so much.
      Now the last thing I said I would mention (Be prepared for a LOOOOONG off-topic conversation) , I do strongly agree with her when she says cow milk is “cow tit pus”. You’re basically drinking the breast milk that was supposed to nourish a baby cow so it could live. But instead, you’re drinking it for your own “needs”. I’m vegan and not only because it’s healthy, but because I HATE eating and abusing animals. It’s not right in ANY universe. I will NEVER eat meat or animal product again. It’s sick, stupid, and wrong in sooo many ways that most meat-eaters won’t understand because most are ignorant and stubborn. Look up an animal abuse video, you’ll see what I mean. If you eat animals and say you love them, you don’t. Your eating them for your “enjoyment”. You don’t need meat. I am vegan and perfectly healthy. It’s just gross and sickens me. It’s like saying, “I love my dog!” and eating him for dinner the next day. It’s cruel, sick, and terribly sad. Animals were NEVER meant to be eaten. Just imagine. You meat-eaters are eating an animal that had feelings just like you but was killed, tortured, neglected, and lived a painful life. I have more to say but will not go one because it’s too sad and this website is not the right place to say it.

      Thanks for reading this LONG comment that also went totally off topic. Remember, this comment is my opinion and is meant to tell you what I think.

      • Alice

        I agree with everything you just said, but just because you consume meat doesn’t mean you’re an evil monster that hates animals. But i hate the fact that specific animals were bred to be eaten still…
        if you do a little research it says that humans are meant to be omnivores(look at the placement of our eyes and our teeth)but humans don’t NEED meat to survive.
        I think animals ( Cows,chickens,pigs) should never be abused. Like, at least give them a good life if you’re gonna eat them. I’ve seen a video where these workers at a slaughterhouse or something were beatingbaby calfs and I was like WTF.
        I’ve now switched to being pescetarian for health matters, but I honestly think I’mngonna become vegetarian at some point.

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    • SophSoph

      I thought Sam & Cat was taken off the air due to the “leaked” nudes of her co-star but ended up that her co star leaked the nudes of herself.

    • Tania

      Lmao dumb kids

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