There’s Allegedly Video Of Jelena Doing Coke, So This Is The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For

Selena Gomez shushing Justin Bieber black and white GIFBefore I get started here, I just want to make sure you guys are starting to think of excuses in advance, because it’s gonna be pretty hard to defend Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez with this news we’re hearing about them — that there’s allegedly a video out there that shows them doing cocaine.

This has to be it, right? The moment when Beliebers and Selenators finally accept that their idols are on a bad path? I figure it has to be, because when I wrote about Jelena allegedly drinking and smoking pot together all the way back in 2012, the main excuse I kept hearing was that it was ‘just weed’. Excited to hear how your argument adapts for ever-more serious situations, because apparently Selena and Justin’s behavior has only been escalating since they’ve gotten back together:

“They have been partying nonstop, they clearly aren’t worried about their behavior.”

Apparently not, because according to Radar, there’s allegedly incriminating footage of the two of them snorting cocaine at 1Oak in Los Angeles on June 16th and ‘someone’s trying to get paid for it’.

“They get caught doing lines; the video is pretty dark and fuzzy.”

So if these allegations are true, not only would Justin and Selena have been doing coke, but they would have been comfortable enough doing coke that they skipped that crucial step of making sure there were no cameras around while they partook. Which, now that I’m thinking about it, kind of makes sense. After all, we know from Selena’s Instagram that she’s going through something, and this certainly wouldn’t be the first time that Justin did something dumb on camera. It’s kind of his MO now, what with all those n-word videos that leaked.

The kid just doesn’t seem to have a grasp of right from wrong, so it’s not hard to imagine that he might think he can do whatever he wants…with zero consequences. Fingers crossed that this alleged video changes things.

(Image: wifflegifs)

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    • Napoleon

      Young Jizzle is doing his best Axl Rose impersonation.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        The boy is killin’ it.

    • Olivia Wilson

      That GIF is everything and more.

    • kk

      I’ll believe when I see it. Not defending them because… Justin Bieber lol so it wouldn’t surprise me. But this is coming from Radar…

    • stophating

      Wow you believe anything that has justin bieber in it.

    • fantasymother

      I’m certain it’ll turn out to be dehydrated peanut butter and jelly. He’ll have the empty jelly jar to prove it. It’s his favorite milk glass.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Hahaha oh my god, he WOULD snort PB&J.

    • darby daniel

      I hate these tweener con-artists. Selena’s pr people spent all last month trying to rebuild her image. They threw the grand-parents out there to make excuses. She is a drug-addled fake.

      • Snap Trap

        Show us the video then.

      • Snap Trap

        In order for one to be a drug addled fake we have to have evidence of her doing drugs.

        Some Bozo saying there’s a video out there isn’t evidence.

    • NYCNanny

      Eh, we’ve all been there. Dated a not-so-great guy and did a few lines of coke with him. No…?

      • Valerie

      • NYCNanny

        Oh. Lol ok then.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I haven’t personally, but you do you girl!

    • GossipCop
    • Snap Trap

      Video or it didn’t happen. Any idiot can say “derp we have a video” but unless there is an ACTUAL video of them doing the dirty deed sorry.

      No deal.

    • Snap Trap

      I could care less about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. But I’m not one to take some bogus gossip article seriously until there is actual proof. Any idiot can call into an unreliable news site and make up some story and say “derp there’s a video derp” but until I see some actual evidence this is just another plate of sprinkled BS served up to anyone who’s stupid enough to believe this garbage.

      On a side note that instagram story you wrote has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read.

      • M_G

        The tone of this entire article is speculative. “There’s allegedly a video…”, “if the allegations are true…”, “it’s not hard to imagine….” etc. There IS a rumor that such a tape exists, and this is article (which, by the way, is on a celebrity gossip website, not CNN) is just discussing the possibility of its existence and ramifications thereof.

      • Snap Trap

        But even being speculative on such a flimsy article especially from a “news” source that is laughable at best makes me question people. You put your faith in a story with little to no proof especially when the source from this site is at best spotty, yeah I’m going to call someone ridiculous. Especially when they show ridiculous logic.

    • ivan

      Many videos have been alleged to be out there on celebrities that NEVER saw the light of day such as the Joe Jonas sex tape which we were told would come out in April 2013 by BlindGossip-where is it? Why smear Justin and Selena over a tape we may never see but is just a rumor?

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    • Sara Mitchell

      Well if you’ve seen a video, how come you haven’t upload it?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Because there are rules on the internet, Sara Mitchell.