Open Thread: What Reality Shows Are You Hate-Watching This Summer?

I can't wait to see how this turns out GIF RuPaul opera glassesAs excited as I am for summer to finally be here, there’s no denying that it’s a pretty dark time for television. We go from having so many critically-acclaimed shows on at the same time that it’s impossible to watch them all, to a complete wasteland within like two months.

And the terrible thing about me is, if there’s no one around telling me what to watch, I fall into a rabbithole of watching terrible TERRIBLE things on the television. Like, the crappiest reality shows you can imagine, marathons of America’s Next Top Model, and anything the Food Network will show me that doesn’t have Guy Fieri popping into it. It’s embarrassing. I’d probably rather someone see me naked at this point than to get a glimpse of my garbage-filled DVR.

But…I also can’t stop filling it with said garbage, so I’m done hiding. This summer I want to embrace my flaws and really become one with the crappy reality shows, y’know? But I also want them to be critically-acclaimed, which is where you come in. You’re the critics, and I need you to recommend me the most terrible reality shows you can think of. And I’m not talking terrible like I Wanna Marry Harry, because I was primed for that to be awesomely terrible, but it was just regular terrible, which was a huge disappointment.

I’m talking the best kind of terrible, like 19 Kids And Counting or Sister Wives, which are two of my big time guilty pleasures. Or Infested!, which I have to watch in secret by myself because my boyfriend can’t look at me the same if he knows I’ve been into it.

So come on! What are the worst shows that you’d never admit to hate-watching every week? I’ll tell you (more of) mine if you tell me yours!

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    • Alana Vincenza

      “The Quest” because it sounds like a fantasy geek’s wet dream….so yeah, I’m probably gonna love it.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


      • Alana Vincenza
      • markmywords

        WOW, this looks AWESOME!!!
        Thank you so much for mentioning this. I was an (offline p&p) RPG player back in the day, so this goes right up my alley.
        Like an amped up LARP game on tv. Very cool.

    • Kate

      19 Kids and Counting (well, binge-watching episodes from before this season) AND The Bachelorette. Both are glorious.

    • Coco

      Big Brother. I try not to but then I get sucked in.

    • markmywords

      You know I don’t live in the US, so I just know a few shows I stumble upon here and there. 19 kids is by Kate Gosselin? I just know her and the Duggars (are those with the beards and army clothes?), Sister Wives and stuff from the tabloids I read.

      Marry Harry was terrible indeed and the more the show went on, the more I got convinced that it’s all been actors. Well maybe not all all, but most of them. The way Rose started to suspect something, because “Harry” would tell them the wrong age of his “brother”? Come on. If that’s a lie, I lie about ages of myself (or my sibling or my spouse or any other adult) almost everytime, because I stopped counting exactly after I turned 17. I just don’t care how old people are unless they’re kids where age actually makes a huge difference.

      To make a long story short: A terrible, terrible reality tv show I recently stumbled upon, a show that is terrible like a trainwreck, a show whose contestants are so dumb I wonder how they manage to get dressed in the morning: “Harvey’s show” Famous in 12 on the CW.
      It’s so bad, but I just can’t stop watching…

    • Kristin

      I’ve started that “I Wanna Marry Harry” dating show. It’s on hulu now. So you can shamefully watch all of them in one sitting. It is soooooo amazingly awful! I just can’t help but love it

    • Lily Savage

      People’s couch! It shows different people watching tv shows and their reactions and it sounds totally stupid, but it’s so fun and entertaining.

    • capoupascap

      Do you have Hulu plus? If yes you should definitely watch The Only Way is Essex. It is so amazingly terrible, I love it. I am addicted to Sister Wives too. True story: I live in Utah and was Black Friday shopping (before they moved to Vegas, like right before) and Meri and Robyn were standing in line in front of me at Target and I was like weirdly excited. My life is sad but that’s ok….

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