The Lady Gaga And R. Kelly Video Sounds Great, If You Like Glorifying Sexual Assault

Lady Gaga and R. Kelly promo image for 'Do What U Want' videoI feel like I say this a lot, but this time I really mean it — what what WHAT was Lady Gaga thinking? She’s made some strange choices in her lifetime, but never one as ill-advised as shooting a video for her song ‘Do What U Want’ with R. Kelly.

It’s worth noting that she never actually dropped said video, but Gaga only barely gets credit for that, since apparently it wasn’t her decision not to release it. It was, however, her decision to collaborate with accused rapist R. Kelly in the first place, particularly on a song with lyrics like ‘do what you want / what you want / with my body’. I’m sure his underage accusers really appreciated that choice, as well as your decision to have the video shot by accused sexual predator Terry Richardson. Really nailing it.

All that information was already enough to make me swear off Lady Gaga, but in case you’re still right on the edge of glory (sorry, I had to), good luck staying there after you read an unnamed source’s description to Page Six of the scrapped video. Stay tuned for the part where he or she calls it ‘literally an ad for rape’.

“According to our source, Kelly plays a doctor in the video. [...] Gaga asks Kelly, “Will I ever be able to walk again?” The singer replies, “Yes, if you let me do whatever I want with your body. The not-so-good doctor then adds, “I’m putting you under, and when you wake up, you’re going to be pregnant.”

WHOA. Whoa. Not okay. That’s a literal statement of intent to rape, and we’ve barely even started the video. He’s telling her he’s going to incapacitate her, and while she’s incapacitated, he’s going to do what he wants what he wants with her body. Which in this case means having unprotected sex with it. That’s rape! In what part of ANYONE’S brain did that feel okay?

“Gaga had a video directed by an alleged sexual predator, starring another sexual predator. With the theme, ‘I’m going to do whatever I want with your body’? It was literally an ad for rape.”

Bingo. You need to pull your head out of your ass, Lady Gaga, if you feel like it’s anything other than a blessing in disguise that this video never saw the light of day. Ugh.

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    • Alana Vincenza

      The song is terrible but OMG this video sounds like the worst idea ever. I’m seriously surprised this was even a thing.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I know…I’m so grossed out right now.

    • tex2

      Rape is terrible, and Amway has financially raped millions of people. See for yourself:

    • noodlestein

      You know, I used to like her music a lot. I was never particualrly fond of Lady Gaga, herself, but figured she was just one of those pretentious ‘artist types.’ I liked her later efforts less and less, until I realized that the show had taken over the music, and she had gotten so far up her own ass that all she could see was shit. This terrible, terrible song and video are just more examples of what can happen to somone who surrounds themselves with yes men on the payroll. Once you erase all dissent, there’s nobody to say, “are you fucking kidding me with this?!? NO.” To me, that’s what seems to have happened. She’s so far out from reality that this didn’t register as a bad idea. What. An. Idiot.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Couldn’t agree more.

      • boywithbluehanger

        Well the song really is actually about the media’s obsession with Gaga’s fluctuating weight gain (in the last 2 years). She’s telling them “you don’t own my life [but] do what you want with my body” as a way to tell them that they can talk about her body all they want but it won’t change who she is and what she believes…you know, the things that matter. That’s also evident in the lines “write what you want and say what you want ’bout me”. So the song itself is using the lyrics as a smokescreen for those who aren’t actually paying close attention to the words. The video was probably done in such a way to deceive shallow people. It certainly doesn’t sound tasteful but that was definitely the goal long before the video was made.

      • Raquel

        If that was her point fine, but no need to bring R. Kelly into it. I’ve never understood her choice to sing a duet with him. He’s a rapist and a pedophile. That’s not my opinion that’s a fact. She has such great messages in her other songs (preachy in my opinion) that have been completely erased by this stupid song.

      • noodlestein

        And, to add on to what Raquel said, have you heard of something called “authorial intent?” It’s what the writer of the song meant to convey when they were writing it, which is what you’re talking about. The problem with authorial intent, though, is that it’s ultimately unimportant. Once the artist realeases a piece of art, it becomes its own voice. People take meaning from it as they choose. She may have been meaning to talk about the media’s obsession with her weight, but instead, the art, and the person that she choose to partner with in making it says, “I don’t care that this person rapes little girls. I don’t care if this seems pro-rape (it does). I don’t care, because I’m the great arteest, and everyone can kiss my ass.” I, personally, don’t find that appealling.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Well said.

      • noodlestein

        Thanks!! :)

      • boywithbluehanger

        That’s fine. I was simply shedding light on “This terrible, terrible, song…” I think it’s plain to see that Gaga doesn’t care so much about who she offends on her controversial journey through stardom. Personally I believe in forgiveness. So yes, even a man who had sex with a 14 yr old girl is not beyond my ability to forgive.

        Also I know in this raunchy, “edgy”, world of pop-culture, not to take everything so literally. I’m not a fan of it but I’m more concerned with the parents/guardians who suck at parenting rather than the kids who end up emulating what they see.

      • noodlestein

        Ugh, this is going to come out douchey, but I truly don’t mean it that way. It’s more of an FYI, because you seem like a reasonable person who is willing to debate politely, which I appreciate. You need to do some research on R. Kelly. Forgiveness is great, but this man has RAPED MULTIPLE CHILDREN. It’s not that he has consensual sex with a girl who was (way) underage. It’s that he has RAPED MULTIPLE CHILDREN. It’s widely known in Chicago. Here’s a Vulture article about it:

      • boywithbluehanger

        I’m not disputing what awful things R. Kelly has done in the past but I’ll admit that it does look even worse than I thought. Also I won’t get into what I think should be the fate of people who do such things because that’s also besides the point. All I’m saying is that someone like Gaga isn’t going to hold very high those who are offended by her controversial actions. She also seems to have a very broad belief in acceptance (possibly due to her own stories of rejection). The ability to forgive people regardless of their history, is not an easy task. It’s actually really commendable but I’m not in defense of Gaga here. I’m just stating what may be another possibility rather than her thinking, “I don’t care that this person rapes little girls. I don’t care if this
        seems pro-rape. I don’t care, because I’m the great arteest,
        and everyone can kiss my ass.” I usually try not to rush to the most negative likelihoods just because I disagree with something.

      • KathleenCat

        So, basically, it’s supposed to be about things that are out of her control- and that’s why it’s rapey, more or less?
        That makes some sense, but then why work with actual sex predators? That part is just , ugh…gross.

      • boywithbluehanger

        Well she doesn’t strike me as the type who often judges people. After all, someone as controversial as herself would be a hypocrite to point fingers at others while ridiculing them for doing the same to her. Also like I hinted before, perhaps she has the capacity to forgive people even for heinous acts. I believe she was brought up Catholic so it wouldn’t surprise me.

      • KathleenCat

        I was brought up Catholic, too.
        Just saying, maybe if you are going to work with a sex predator for the forgiveness type of thing, maybe a video invoking rape-like situations isn’t the best call.
        And I think there’s a difference between judging someone like Gaga, who does shocking, but non-criminal things, vs judging someone who committed a crime, which I thought R. Kelly had in fact done, and Richardson has been at least close to that.
        Richardson I guess is still sort of at the point where some people still go, “Oh he said, she said” but even there the evidence is he is a harasser at the very least. So, OK, if he would turn out not to have done anything non-consenting, and not to anyone underage, then OK, he’s a creep rather than criminal, but with R Kelly I believe we are talking about criminal acts too similar in theme to what the video portrays. I could have it wrong, don’t feel like googling at the moment…

        I don’t think these men should be prevented from ever working again, necessarily, just maybe not on something like this!

      • boywithbluehanger

        I don’t disagree. As I mentioned in a comment above, I was initially referring to the comment made about the song being “terrible”. I just wanted to explain the intentions behind the lyrics. The video sounds like it was a risky idea given the implications and R. Kelly’s involvement. I’m however, not surprised. I’ve come to expect cheap, distasteful, attempts at shock value from pop artists. *Madonna, Britney, Rhianna, and Miley collectively smirk*

      • KathleenCat

        And also, as someone who was not only raised Catholic, but at one point contemplated a becoming a Nun, I can definitely say, in the wake of clergy child abuse scandals, forgiving sex predators by participating in rape-themed art with them is not exactly what the Church needs. Even if Gaga is not part of the Church per se. Or, you know, not any official part of the Church.

      • jksdo

        I bought her first two albums. I used to be really excited for gaga but once I saw some interview from her on tv some years ago, I couldnt shake these massive dishonest vibes from her. I had to change the channel. Then looking at how she constantly contradicts herself (claims she’s for certain people but then she does or says something that makes you go what??) and how it seems that she has lied about her past to make her look more normal and relatable, among other things, I was turned off. she’s fame hungry and willing to do anything for attention and praise.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      There is something seriously twisted with that woman.

    • guest1

      “Fans” may support Bieber and Chris Brown and any other artists despite the multitude of douchiness that exudes from their skin but this is unreal. I don’t know how anyone could defend this at all. R.Kelly, okay, artistic creativity(?) and all that. But TERRY RICHARDSON!!! I just don’t get it. And anyone who defends this looses all respect from anything forever

    • TJ

      There’s no artistry in her decision making anymore. I feel like some “singers” these days are looking for shock factor and little else. Instead of making something emotionally based, they are looking for a reaction from people and it leads to something like this. Gross. I’m so over Gaga.

      • Nbl

        Adele needs to make another album and show these bitches how its done.

      • Mierzwiak

        Lana Del Great already did that :)

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        She is!!! It’s coming!

    • Myndee

      I saw a 33 second clip of the video, and OMFG doesn’t begin to express my feelings. I felt violated after watching it. A woman air humps her body as she’s passed out, and Terry Richardson takes photos of her as she’s rolling around fingering herself. Excuse me, I need to go pour bleach in my brain now to erase the memory.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I know! I so regretted watching it.