Before His Wedding, Adam Levine Is Apologizing To His Exes For Being Adam Levine

Adam Levine Behati Prinsloo Out To Lunch Los Angeles California August 7 2012

After years of impatiently tapping our feet waiting for Adam Levine to apologize for being the way that he is, it may have finally happened. Unfortunately these supposed apologies aren’t directed at the general public but rather at specific women from his past. But I suppose it’s a start. According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, before he and his fiancee Behati Prinsloo get married next month, Adam wants to make amends with his exes.

According to the source, “He apologized for how he treated them.” He/she/it/they doesn’t reveal any more specifics about “how he treated them,” but since this is Adam Levine we’re talking about, we can assume he treated them douchily. Us is quick to remind us that one of the things Adam may have felt the need to apologize for is the time he allegedly ignored his ex Nina Agdal’s calls and then informed her that he was engaged via text message.

I wonder if that’s how he’s doling out these apologies. Do you think they’re personalized, or did he just send out one mass text? Perhaps he found a funny e-card and just tagged all the women on Facebook. Or he could have just shown up to a fashion show somewhere and made an announcement. There’s a good chance they’d all be there, being models and all.

Apparently the ladies are all whatevs about this, however, since another insider (I’m betting the same person, returning five minutes later wearing a funny nose and glasses) tells Us Weekly, “They couldn’t care less he wants to make it right.” Um, no duh. What is this, My Name is Earl? If Adam really is on this mission to build up karma points and redeem them in his marriage, it’s pretty clear he’s only doing it to make himself feel better, and possibly make his newest lady think he’s an adult who will take responsibility for his douchebaggery.

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    • Alana Vincenza

      My money is on one big group text: “Sorry for being a big douche! At least you don’t have to marry me!”

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Totally. Or maybe he made it a chain email thing and was like, “Each of you forward this to one of the other ones or SOMETHING TERRIBLE WILL HAPPEN IN FIVE DAYS!”

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      A true douche never apologizes for his douchey-ness because he doesn’t actually believe he’s a douche.

      • LucySinclairsyk

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    • Dusty

      And the text read: “To all the supermodels I’ve wronged…I didn’t mean to be promiscuous, it’s just that I love women so much. It’s really a compliment.” Yours Truly, Lothario. I mean…Adam.

    • nicl123

      This is actually just the plot of the Adam Brody movie “Some Girl(s)”…

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    • MissJoy

      The hilarious part is he thought they (his exes) actually cared, lol. Women around the world are thanking his fiance for taking one for the team. One less douche walking the streets, :-D

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