Why Is Lucy Hale Getting Iced Out By The Other Pretty Little Liars Girls?

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In case you haven’t been glued to social media lately, we wanted to point out something that we’ve been noticing — for some reason Lucy Hale is getting the cold shoulder from her Pretty Little Liars cast mates.

Well, three of them in particular – Shay MitchellAshley Benson, and Troian Bellisario, who with Lucy, make up the ‘core four’ female cast. Up until now, if something good happened to one of them, the rest of them would be all over it on Twitter and Instagram, offering congratulations and promoting the side projects of their costars. But when Lucy’s album Road Between dropped, there was nary a peep out of anyone but Lucy. The album was released on June 3rd, but she’s been promoting it for months, with close to thirty posts on her own page.

Meanwhile, Shay, Ashley, and Troian aren’t even including Lucy in their group pictures anymore, so what gives? They’ve been posing together at Pretty Little Liar events, with Lucy so notably absent that fans have been asking about it in the comment sections. Here’s a shot from Shay’s Instagram feed, taken two weeks ago at the PLL 100th episode party, which Lucy almost certainly attended:

Here’s another, from a week ago, posted by Ashley with the caption: ’3 girls. One mystery machine’, with Shay and Troian tagged.

The only one of the three who still occasionally references Lucy in her posts is Troian, but even she has a photo of the threesome from two months ago, prompting commenters to ask ‘where is Aria’, and even one to start the hashtag #pllhateslucyhale.

For her part, Lucy’s been posting about PLL hardly at all, preferring to put up photos of herself with people not related to the show, or continuing to plug her album. Very strange, no?

And it looks like our friends over at Blind Gossip might have noticed the same thing, because they put up a post about members of an ensemble TV show who haven’t been supportive of a fellow cast member who’s recently had success in a non-acting venture. They say it has to do with jealousy, and I’ll be sitting patiently right here until we get more information.

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    • Alana Vincenza

      It’s like Lucy Hale was kicked out of the cool kids table.

      • Ashley

        Yea lol but i think now there all friends again… But Im not sure.

    • Vera

      I just started watching this show; I’m loving it so much, y’all.
      Supposing it’s true, I’m on Lucy Hale’s side cause I love her face (it’s good enough reason, right?) And I might check out the album.

    • Isabelle

      It’s been like that always pretty much. She doesn’t seem to be friends with them

      • Mallory

        This. I’ve been following them all on instagram since I started watching PLL and the other 3 have always seemed close outside of the show, while Lucy seemed to have her own group of friends she prefers to hang out with. It never looked hostile to me and Lucy’s album coming out didn’t change what was already there. I know we want everyone to be BFF on shows we like, but it’s not always the case and it’s not always a mean girls situation.

      • Isabelle

        I don’t think. Shay, Ashley or troiann are mean.

      • el

        lucy is far nicer than ashley anyway!

      • Janaka Manobah

        Lucy and Ashley used to be close though. They knew each-other for years. Something happened.

    • Snoopy – Your Friendly Neighbo

      *Sigh* why do women do this to each other?

    • Myndee

      Watching Shay Mitchell on E! yesterday was awkward and uncomfortable when she answered the “Who flirts with the guest star” question. When she said Lucy and Kat and Jason laughed awkwardly she had to backtrack and say “Well it’s not flirting per se, she’s from Tennessee so she’s very welcoming.” A lot of the questions that seemed to be more about being a mess up Lucy was the answer to. I don’t know, just seems weird, and after the season premiere I didn’t think the onscreen friendship chemistry was there for really any of them.

      • Isabelle

        It’s not messed up to be flirt

    • Dawn

      But her main career was singing but put in on hold to act. Now she’s doing what she loves, singing. I love lucy hale and her ambitions a day if this true they are not her friends.

    • Lauren Tierney

      I think it’s extremely rude for the girls not to congratulate lucy for her album. And personally I’ve been noticing this for awhile and I think Shay is the one who originally had a problem, she seems like a jealous person and prob got the other girls to be better friends with her. I don’t think lucy cares enough to fight for the attention and be friends with people like that.

    • KnowsStuff

      Reason?? Lucy is the ONLY nice one. I have heard from some people who have worked on this show, that Shay and Ashley are as rude and nasty as can be. Ashley more than Shay- Troian keeps to herself, and Lucy is usually really friendly and cant stand that the other girls are so rude.

      • Isabelle Rose

        Really? I’d love to hear more. That’s shocking! Shay seems very, very sweet.

    • chiremae

      I don’t know much about Ashley-Shay-Lucy but did heard of some incidents in the past, let’s just say I am on Lucy’s camp. Troian and Lucy seems fine, I think Troi is too preoccupied with her up coming nuptials to notice what’s going on around her. Also Troi just tweeted an adorable photo of Lucy. Lucy (my favorite PLL!) on her part, play down the whole thing saying they have different schedule and things are blown out of proportion. The rest of cast and crew were supportive of her though including EP Marlene King, her tv family and the three main boys. Ian especially has been really supportive and sweet from the beginning and its been pretty mutual on both part.

      • ophelia

        My favorite liar is Sasha (I wish they’d include her more n the group photos)

    • Salomé

      Troian and Lucy are nominated for the TCA but not Ashley and Shay. And I don’t know how Troian and Lucy are taking this but Ashley and Shay tweeted “same thing every year” about that.

    • Jane

      Maybe its because shes been touring the country with her new music?

    • denayt27

      I feel like ashley benson and trojian and shay mitchell are some haters. Go lucy hale you can do bad all by your self and you dont need them in your corner.#greenisnottheircolor:-)

    • Charlotte Jones

      People are being way too over-dramatic about this. There are people in college that I get along with and like and don’t hang out with socially but that doesn’t mean that we all hate each other. They’re actresses and this is a JOB if they make close friends out if then great and if they just have a work relationship then that’s fine.

    • Julian canery

      STFU ALL OF YOU !!!! These bitches just need some dick

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Well aren’t you a treasure.

      • Julian canery

        Well I am indeed thank you

    • Emma Dlugopolski

      *sigh* it’s none of your business. they’re grown women. Fuck off

    • Emma Dlugopolski

      *sigh* it’s none of your business. they’re grown women. Fuck off

    • Trace

      My opinion don’t matter but I think the 3 needs to get over their selves. And support each other. American is so screwed up now days and the way it is going people will stop supporting PLL. I can see how they say Ashley is rude, she looks like a rude ass little brat. Anyways….

    • ophelia

      Do you guys think Lucy Hale is a good enough actress to pull off being A? I’m not sure. She looks expressionless sometimes. Could she handle being evil? I don’t really buy DID disorder so much.. I want A to have a serious motive. I never really thought about Aria being A until I heard it a lot. But my question is more about her acting abilities. She’s good, but is she versatile enough?

      • Dolly1765

        Lucy is an insanely talented person and she’s very dedicated to her work. I definitely think she could pull it off if she had to. Either Lucy or troian could handle it but ashley or shay would be terrible.