New Book Claims To Have Excerpts Where Kate Gosselin Admits To Abusing Her Kids

Kate Gosselin at Pie Face for Celebrity Apprentice season 14 event March 2014 NYCSome dude is publishing a book that claims to have excerpts from Kate Gosselin‘s diary detailing her abuse of her own children, and for as much as I’m not a fan of Kate, there’s no way that that’s something you write down in a diary, right?

The book in question is called Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, written by former reporter Robert Hoffman, and initially published in 2012 — it was on sale for only two days, however, before Kate’s legal team was successful in getting in banned, and keeping it off the market ever since. But now it’s about to be re-released, so prepare yourself for a deluge of information that Robert Hoffman claims to have gleaned from her computer’s hard drive, including personal emails, contracts, and her diary.

He says he gained access to these documents after Kate discarded the hard drive in the trash. YOU KNOW, AS YOU DO WITH HARD DRIVES. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to throw a hard drive out myself because it gets too full of my diaries, tee-hee! What Kate’s team claim actually happened is that little old Jon Gosselin stole the hard drive from the house, a theory substantiated by a series of texts in which he makes plans to steal it and then cover his tracks by pretending A. he had nothing to do with it and B. that Robert Hoffman found it in the trash. Facepalm.

Basically, not the most trustworthy back story for these excerpts from In Touch Weekly, so take them with a grain of salt. This one describes Kate getting violent with one of her sextuplets, Collin:

“I grabbed him and spanked him as hard as I could and thought I may seriously injure him, so I sent him to his crib … and whipped him into it very hard. I really REALLY lost it! I pulled Collin up by the hair and I spanked [the other kids] so hard!”

All things you’d write down in your personal diary, right? Isn’t it interesting how she includes her intent, notes her loss of control, and her worry that she  may injure her kids? It’s almost as if she’s providing everything necessary for someone to make a case against her getting reduced custody in court. Isn’t that odd? She also describes a call she made to Jon after another round of spankings:

“I told him in so many words that I felt like I may hurt his children.”

Okay, so. If this really is an excerpt from Kate’s diary, it should maybe be presented to Child Services instead of buried in a book, right? But it hasn’t been, which is just one of the many reasons that I suspect this Robert Hoffman guy is in cahoots with Jon, and they’re just angling to waist-deep in that reality TV money again. Because we all know this isn’t really about the kids.

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    • lukebandit

      The information is NOT FROM KATE’S HARD DRIVE! She threw out in the trash the DISKS that the information was on! The only reason why the book was pulled was because it contained copyrighted contracts from TLC, Lane Furniture and others. But the information that Robert got off the DISKS contained Kate’s Mommy Journals. Handwritten First Person account of how she abused her babies, children, animals on a daily basis. He had information in the first book that he didn’t publish. It will ALL be in the new book. People are going to be shocked and awed. Some people say it is not true that they are lies. Then why would Kate go to the trouble and expense of copywriting the Mommy Journals if they were lies? Hmmmm. Also, Kate has NEVER came out and said it is ALL LIES, NOT TRUE, EVER! She can’t, because what she did to her children and animals is TRUE.

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        Okay, Jon, chill out.

      • Kendell

        Oh, so you can’t dispute the truth so you claim the poster is Jon? Get over it, this book is coming out, Kate is going to be exposed, and no amount of pointing fingers at Jon is going to make anyone forget what Kate did to those kids.

    • Kendell

      The book was not banned. I still have my copy and so does everyone else who was lucky enough to get one. And the author never said it was a hard drive. It was the backup discs that she discarded. And Kate didn’t get the book pulled, TLC did because it contained contracts. Get your facts straight!
      Oh, and just so you know, the “texts” from, Jon were fakes. He didn’t even have that carrier at the time they were supposedly sent, and Kate ended up having to drop her lawsuit against Jon WITH PREJUDICE, meaning she can NEVER, EVER file again because she couldn’t use fake text messages as evidence. She ended up with no evidence against him at all, and had no choice but to drop the lawsuit.
      And then she copyrighted the journals. Who copyrights words that supposedly don’t belong to them? Nobody, that’s who. THe journal entries are true (even Kate doesn’t dispute that), the book is true, and you, Alexis Rhiannon, have no clue how to fact-check.

      • JJ

        Nicely said

    • Katie

      Why the hell is everyone freaking out in the comments?

      • James Miller

        It would be nice if she would at least do a little research on her articles first though. Any one who has followed the story knows this really is from journals Kate wrote herself and even though she tried like hell to get the book stopped she couldn’t so she had her journals copyrighted instead. She thought by copyrighting her own words they couldn’t be used. Robert Hoffman was able to re-release the book under the Doctrine of Fair Use. I can’t stand these tabloid bloggers who write stories knowing nothing of the truth. Trashy.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Sorry Jon.

    • debbiehm

      Alexis, it’s a simple thing…IF the facts of the book were WRONG, then do you really think Kate would have DROPPED her lawsuit against someone telling the world she was a child abuser and all the other horrible things about her? If someone put out a book of lies about me abusing MY kids, I would sue them to the ends of the earth…UNLESS, of course, they were using my OWN words…DUH….

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Is this a blurb for the book? Should I send it right over?

      • debbiehm

        A blurb is an “announcement or advertisement” and my comment is merely a comment…The sole purpose of which was to let you know things you obviously were not aware of…I find some “bloggers” are quick to put things out without doing proper research, and if it’s something I can help with, I do just that…As for you finding it hard to believe that Kate “wrote a diary” of her abusing a child, Jon has said she was keeping everything written so she could write a book later on, and I’m sure she never in a million years expected her notes to be found and used against her…And yes, Hoffman did go to the authorities over what he discovered, but they blew him off..most likely because of Kate’s “celebrity” at the time…

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You don’t need quotation marks around ‘blogger’! I definitely am one.

      • debbiehm

        I realize you are a blogger as is anyone else who decides they want to blog…The quotations are there a point of sarcasm, because I think some bloggers confuse themselves with actual journalists who are held to a much higher standard to report the truth…

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        That’s ‘true’.

      • debbiehm

        So, Alexis, will you be buying Robert Hoffman’s book? It will be fascinating to see how Kate was/is behind the scenes…I missed it the first time because I didn’t realize it would be yanked away the second day…I will be first in line THIS time:)..Although much of what I know to be in it has been reported way back from people “behind the scenes”, it will be amazing to see just how the mind of someone so compulsive,anal and narcissistic really works when faced with 8 children(well,6) conceived for the sole purpose of obtaining “money and fame”…I would be lying if I said I wasn’t pleased that someone with such a HUGE sense of entitlement finally gets a nice healthy dose of karma…:) I hope you will read the book and then report back here on your opinion…