10 Things You Feel Every Time You Watch A Kids’ Movie

How To Train Your Dragon Love It


There are few things in this world that I love more than children’s movies. Do I melt at the sight of an adorable father-daughter duo in matching suits? Yes, I’m not a monster. And do I revel in the moment that I find out that a celebrity is way more hilarious than I thought? Of course. But there’s just something about movies that were intended for people one-third my age that makes me feel a very specific set of feelings.

And, since How To Train Your Dragon 2 (which boasts a cast including Jay Baruchel, Cate Blanchett, and Gerard Butler) is hitting theaters this weekend, I guess I’d better start preparing to feel them all really soon. Because, any time that anyone who is not a kid watches a kids’ movie, they’re probably most definitely going to feel these 10 things. It’s elementary science, people.

1. “I feel very old.”

Carey Mulligan I Feel Old


Because it’s hard not to, when everyone else in the theater smells like Fruit Roll-Ups and has a spelling test in two days that they have to study for. But you watch that movie and you watch it shamelessly.

2. “What is this tingly feeling? I think it’s called ‘joy and genuine happiness’?”

Degrassi Manny So Happy


Alternately: “So, this is how the world was meant to be.”

3. “Do adults actually suck this badly in real life?”

I'm Sorry


Fun fact: all adults in any children’s movie ever are bossy, terrible people. It’s one thing to be watching it while still cloaked in beautiful youth, because you probably agree a little. But, as an adult, the experience involves a little less affirmative nodding and a lot more existential-looking-around.

4. “Which of my neighbor’s kids can I bribe to come and see this with me a second time?”

Jennifer Aniston Thinking Nod


I’m always concerned about being that lady who keeps coming to the movies to watch children’s movies but never comes with a child. Bribery is the answer.

5. “I sort of want to be best friends with everyone in this movie.”

Emma Stone Shrug


How are they infiltrating my emotions and taking them over this way?! Which brings me to…

6. “I wonder if anyone’s judging me for my non-stop crying.”

Kelly Rowland Happy Cry


You just can’t escape the tears. Happy tears, Sad tears, I’m-Low-On-Popcorn tears. I would honestly like to challenge another movie to make me cry as much as kids’ movies do. The only rule is that The Fault In Our Stars is not allowed to join this contest, because it has an unfair advantage as the Saddest Movie in History.

7. “I’m on this adventure with the characters and it’s magical.”

The Hangover Zach Galifianakis Thank You


And I’m having a wonderful time forgetting about real-world problems, like student loans and making my own doctor’s appointments over the phone.

8. “How in the world are kids supposed to understand that joke?”

Adam Levine Eyebrow Raise


Either a new race of super-genius children are being raised at the moment, or a bunch of jokes in kids’ movies are way out of their range of comprehension. Prepare to watch these movies in 10 years and say, “Oooh, that’s what that meant,” little ones.

9. “How is it possible that this soundtrack is so great?”

Ron Swanson Dancing Parks & Recreation


Yo, all other movies, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish. But children’s movies have the best soundtracks of all time. Of all time. (Hell yeah, I just quoted Kanye West circa 2009 in the year 2014.)

10. “I legitimately will never not love children’s movies.”

Peter Pan Wendy I Don't Want To Grow Up


And no one can make me.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 opens in U.S. theaters this Friday, June 13.

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    • Alana Vincenza

      Kid’s movies make me feel all floaty and carefree. I feel this list on a deep level.

      • Olivia Wilson

        It’s what I imagine owning a home built out of pillows and marshmallow clouds would be like.

    • CMJ

      I love kid’s movies. NO SHAME.

      • Olivia Wilson

        HELL YEAH.

    • Nbl

      The only advantage of working with kids is using them to see kids movies. All their parents add me on Facebook so I just put it out there that I want to see a certain movie, and I get all these request to take someone’s kid to see it. The best part is that they usually consider it babysitting so they pay for the tickets and popcorn.

      • Olivia Wilson

        So, basically you have magic powers and you’re using them for good? I think I get it.

      • Nbl

        Only sometimes. It’s not fun to be good all the time. Occasionally I’ll use it for evil….BUHAHAHAHA!!! You can’t see it but I just did the finger pyramid of doom.

      • Olivia Wilson

        Oh, but how I wish I could have.

      • markmywords


    • joanne

      I love almost all children’s movies. Cried each of the three times I saw Frozen in the theaters. (Twice in regular D, once in 3D because I NEEDED to see that ice palace transform in 3D). My sister saw it the 3rd time with me. She also bawled through most of the movie. I’m a sap and I know it. (I always cry at the “ok bye” that Ana does during the build a snowman song because I’m a big sister and I feel like I may have done that to my little sister more than once.)

      • Olivia Wilson

        OMG. You saw the quintessential sister movie with your sister and made it out without passing out from happy crying? Amazing.

    • whiteroses

      My son loves the Lorax and watches it all the time. And the end, where the grandma character looks at the truffula seed and says, “I remember you”, I cry. Every. single. time.

      I mostly like children’s movies because they allow me to have all the feelz, and I can be completely shameless about it.

      • Olivia Wilson

        Exactly! It’s like what emotion wizards are behind these movies?!

      • NatS

        My husband and I love the Lorax we seriously watch at least 5 times a year, because one of us always gets one of the songs stuck in our head and then we sing it so much that it get’s stuck in the others head and then a viewing is required.

      • whiteroses

        “We love it here…. in ThhhhhhhhNEEDVILLE!”

    • Suebee

      Ha, I agree with all this. in the past year we have seen only four movies in the actual theater…one was American Hustle, but the others were Monsters University, Despicable Me 2, and The Lego Movie. No kids, Just me and my husband, so at least he is totally with me on this. We also constantly watch Phineas and Ferb, and I bawled my face off at the first ten minutes of Frozen. I would blame being pregnant, but we all know it’s not true…lol…I swear we’re not having a kid as an excuse to see more kids movies, because I really have no shame. :)

      • NatS

        My husband and I are exactly like this. We have no shame seeing kids movies except we like to go see them on a school night at like 8pm to lesson the amount of kids there. The majority of our DVD collection are kids movies. Luckily all our friends are the same so we quite often see kids movies as a group.

    • meteor_echo

      I’m that one adult who smells like candy in the movie theater, who goes to watch kids’ movies alone and feels no shame about it, and who forever associates herself with the child characters.

      Also, do you know that the HTTYD books exist in audio form and that they’ve been voiced by DAVID TENNANT? I’m not even joking, the dude has the most majestic voice diapason ever.

      • TJ

        You have just sold me on listening to the books! Allons-y!

        Although, as much as I love Tennant, I don’t know if anyone does narration better than Jim Dale (Harry Potter) or David Attenborough (basically any nature documentary that is worth its salt).

      • NatS

        I don’t know Stephen Fry do the narration to the Harry Potter books I listened to and he was pretty awesome.

      • TJ

        Oh I bet he’s pretty great too! I do love Jim Dale’s version though. After listening to them all multiple times, he definitely has a reassuring and familiar voice to me.

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