What Happened To The Siblings From Your Favorite Kids’ Shows Who Didn’t Get Famous?

Shia LaBeouf Even Stevens


Tomorrow is Shia LaBeouf’s 28th birthday. Even though he’s made some questionable decisions, personally and professionally, I think we can all agree he’s pretty famous. So famous that you might forget he played the annoying little brother on Even Stevens. Let’s face it, when it comes to our favorite Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows from childhood, there wasn’t much room for all the siblings in a TV family to make it big. Which is why Christy Carlson Romano, who played Shia’s onscreen sister, is still mostly just associated with that show.

It might lead you to wonder what happened to the other siblings on our favorite kids’ shows. The ones who didn’t go on to be household names and star in blockbuster franchises or start singing careers. We’re here to answer that question for you. Just because they’re not exactly movie stars now doesn’t mean we should forget them.

1. Christy Carlson Romano from Even Stevens


She was Ren, the super ambitious, super organized, super awesome sister of that doofus Louis. Ren was my spirit animal as a young girl. Remember when she sang about going to the moon? In 1969. Not 1968, but a year later.


Christy was the voice of Kim Possible, had a run as Belle in Broadway’s Beauty and the Beast, and just got married this past New Year’s. She also starred in some TV and direct-to-video movies. Recently she starred in the horror movie Infected.

2. Kyle Massey from That’s So Raven


He was Cory Baxter, younger brother to Raven Baxter, a psychic. So if you’re the younger brother of a psychic you’re kind of destined to be second banana. Still, Cory got a spin-off show called Cory in the House that ran until 2008.


Kyle was runner-up on Dancing With the Stars in 2010, and he later filed a lawsuit against his friend Bristol Palin claiming copyright infringement related to her reality show. It was settled last year. Kyle was a voice on the Disney Channel show Fish Hooks until earlier this year.

3. Jake Thomas from Lizzie McGuire


He was Matt McGuire, pesky little brother to Lizzie McGuire. Matt had a friend named Lanny who never spoke.


Jake had a role in A.I. Artificial Intelligence back in 2001, and since then appeared on Cory in the House as well as single episodes of various television series. He was also in Betrayed at 17, on of Lifetime’s famous “at 17″ titles. Yep, that’s him with the long bangs.

4. Amy Bruckner from Phil of the Future


She was Pim Diffy, younger sister to Phil Diffy, only the guy every girl who watched Disney Channel had a crush on. She and her family were from the future but got stuck in our time. Like every younger sibling on every TV show, she was always playing pranks and annoying her brother.


Amy’s had a few roles since the show, most notably Rebound and Nancy Drew. According to her Wikipedia, she’s attending Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. But it looks like she’s getting back into acting, since she has two upcoming projects on her IMDb.

5. Patrick Levis from So Weird


He was Jack Phillips, older brother to Fi Phillips. Fi is interested in the paranormal, but Jack is a skeptic, because siblings on TV shows are always total opposites, as we know.


Patrick’s been in some short films and TV movies since the show. That includes his turn as Donny Osmond in a 2001 TV movie. He had a role on the short-lived sitcom Maybe It’s Me, and more recently he had a role on the kids’ show The Fresh Beat Band.

6. Jason Zimbler from Clarissa Explains It All


He was Ferguson, the annoying, dorky younger brother of Clarissa Darling, only the coolest girl in the entire world. (I really liked Clarissa a lot.)


Jason is a theater director who founded a theater company in Portland. If you can believe it, his last onscreen credit was on Clarissa. You can watch an interview with him from last year above.

7. Vanessa Baden from Kenan and Kel


She was Kyra Rockmore, younger sister to Kenan Rockmore. She has a huge crush on Kenan’s best friend Kel, which Kel is not so happy about.


Vanessa has a degree from Florida State University, won the Florida Districk Miss Black and Gold pageant in 2004, and recently starred on the webseries Fail.

8. Meredith Bishop from The Secret World of Alex Mack


She was Annie Mack, older sister to Alex Mack, who had super powers. Why is one sibling always so much cooler?! Still, Annie’s very smart and scientific, and she helps Alex with her powers through research.


Meredith has had guest appearances on various TV series, as well as in some popular commercials. More recently she’s done theater work and starred on the web series Speedie Date.

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      Want to take a guess at how I used to remember which year we went to the moon when I was younger?

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      I watched Fish Hooks this past weekend and the finale was sweet.

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      Most of these kids went straight into college and focused on that. Where the more “successful” cast mates focused on both or just didn’t go.