Justin Bieber Has Been Crying Nonstop Ever Since We Found Out He’s A Big Ol’ Racist

Justin Bieber crying GIF black and whiteHey guys, as you’re going about your day today, don’t forget to have a ton of sympathy for Justin Bieber, okay? He’s recently been outed as a shitty little racist, and he’s just been crying his eyes out about it ever since.

You might think that using the n-word in two separate videos, joking about killing black people, and making light of joining the KKK would make Justin more of a perpetrator of racism than a victim of injustice, but apparently Justin disagrees. He’s made a couple emotionless written apologies (now with one free Bible quote included with each purchase!), but has apparently been doing most of his wallowing behind closed doors:

“Justin’s been in tears. But he knows he needs to take responsibility for his actions, he’s confronting his past and he’s hanging out with his real friends and his parents.”

His real friends, huh? Which ones would those be? Usher has already distanced himself from Justin in light of his repeated use of racial slurs, and even if he does just hang out with his parents, that leaves him with Pattie Mallette, who’s asked Jesus to take the wheel as far as parenting goes, and Jeremy Bieber, who’s categorically the worst. Not great odds.

But don’t worry guys, even though Justin is supposedly mid-sob-fest, holed up somewhere with Netflix and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, one of his friends is anonymously revealing that IT’S NOT BECAUSE HE’S A RACIST.

“He’s no racist. He’s far from it. It was an innocent mistake and all his boys know that and are not taking it the same way that others are taking it. We all know Justin, they don’t. This was before he was even a household name and had everybody in the world holding a microscope to his life. Price of fame, I guess.”

Far from it? Really? It seems like if anything, he’s pretty close to it, as he certainly shares the same vocabulary and penchant for dead people of color that racists do. And considering there are rumored to be fifteen to twenty more minutes of footage out there just waiting to be released, I’m imagining that Justin and racists are only gonna find more things in common.

(Image: thehonestyhour)

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    • Alana Vincenza

      Who knew JBiebs was such a terrible person? OH WAIT. I’M NOT SURPRISED AT ALL.

    • Mystik Spiral

      It may have been a mistake (or rather, several mistakes), but in no way was it innocent. I have a 14yo nephew who knew better when he was 7 than to talk like that.

      • CMJ

        It really blows my mind that people say “HE WAS ONLY 14!!” WERE YOU PERFECT AT 14?!?”

        uh nope. But I 100% knew exactly what the N word was and that it’s racist and I didn’t say it.

      • Jenni

        Um, yeah. I grew up knowing NEVER to say that word. There’s no such as growing out of racism.

      • Isabelle

        You’re seriously saying that people can’t become un-racist? How on earth were the slaves ever free?

      • Isabelle

        The N Word doesn’t mean anything in Canada….

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Isabelle. Come on.

      • CMJ
      • CMJ

        REALLY? Nothing, you say?

        You got that from Whoopi Goldberg didn’t you? An extremely good source for all things related to sociology and ethnic/minority studies.



      • Isabelle

        He was living in the US for how long at the time the video was made? Whoopi has a point which is just as reliable and meaningful as anything said here, even more so I think. I personally admired what Russell Brand said the most. But look at how many black people are coming to his aid.

      • CMJ

        No, Whoopi does not have a point. SHE’S WRONG.

      • Isabelle

        No, I’m not essentially agreeing with that.

      • Mystik Spiral
      • Mystik Spiral

        Or how about this blogger:


        “I’m a 50-year-old Canadian. I have never uttered the N-word. I don’t think my mouth can form the letters.

        When I was a kid, once in a while some boy would call Niagara Falls “N***** Falls.” He’d be rewarded with groans. It was considered a “low class” thing to say even in my “low class” environs.

        The word has always been a slur in Canada, and a particularly virulent one at that.”

      • Isabelle

        The N Word doesn’t mean anything in Canada.

      • CMJ

        I’m sorry. I keep reading this and this is – literally – the dumbest thing I have read all week….and I’ve seen some doozies.

      • Isabelle

        Yea because you’re too arrogant to think maybe it’s actually valid even if your don’t agree with it

      • CMJ

        I’d rather be arrogant than stupid.

      • Isabelle

        I’d rather others think I’m stupid than be full of myself and my false sense of morality.

      • Nbl

        Nigger. If you’re going to argue that it’s not that bad then have the balls to say it. The fact that you say the “n-word” instead of actually typing it proves your argument is false. It’s a disgusting word regardless of where it’s being said.

      • Isabelle

        I never said the NWord was okay to say. But obviously intention trumps all. I also don’t think there is anything brave about typing the word out completely.

      • C

        So incredibly ridiculous. I am Canadian, been here all my life, and I’m just as old as him (born in ’94), even born in the same province (Ontario), and I have known that word is wrong FOREVER. I have known what it has meant, and that it is bad since I was little. Don’t be an idiot. We are right beside you, and just because our Country hasn’t had the same experiences as yours, does not mean we don’t know what that means.

      • Isabelle

        But Canada doesn’t have the same history as us, no? But be sure to take the time to pat yourself on the back for knowing what the word meant and not saying it.

    • Isabelle

      Wow, you people are getting a little pathetic. It really shows your lack of character completely. He was 14/15 years old. Your going to continue to demand someone after they’ve shown how guilty they feel? You are really pathetic.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Did you use the n-word when you were fourteen and fifteen years old?

      • Isabelle

        No, not that it makes a difference

      • Jesustakethewheel

        Yes it does, you ignorant cunt. Oh wait, I’m not sexist, I swear! I’m just fourteen! I’m so sorry, I’m feeling guilty!!!

      • Isabelle

        That joke is neither witty or well thought out

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Why didn’t you say it?

      • guest

        How about you understand everyone is different and he didnt realize how much those words could offend people, get a life, and quit worrying about his.

      • M_G

        As celebrity bloggers, it is quite literally their job to worry about the lives of celebrities. Just sayin’.

      • Isabelle

        Even as someone who has never said that word, I still see the cruelty in berating someone who feels guilt for saying it years ago. It says a lot about your character to write a blog like this. I understand that clicks are your livelihood but how can you think it’s okay to write something like that? If you were going through the same thing as he is now, I’m sure you, like anyone else would be very upset and cry about the response you’re getting from strangers writing blogs for something you did years ago and regret.

      • keller

        Well I didnt use it either and thats cause I didnt know it existed till now

      • FemelleChevalier

        When I was a kid, I said that I admired the KKK. I got reprimanded for that. I was even called racist by some people. But the thing is that in my country, the revolutionaries—men and women—who fought for my homeland’s freedom are coincidentally called as KKK (Katipunan) members.

        That’s cultural ignorance. And, at nine, I apologized profusely for mine and never did it again because I realized that it is severely offensive. But Justin’s actions are racist. At 15, he’s already socially aware and it’s inexcusable because 15 is TOO OLD for this.

    • fantasymother

      In my opinion, the fact he willingly said this to a camera – in both instances – says it all.

      In neither case was it innocent. Until the latter part of the 20th century a 14 or 15 year old was considered a young adult. In earlier centuries they could marry. We, as a society, continue to excuse bad and thoughtless behavior with the magic, “He/she was young” pill. Bullshit.

    • Eva Jolopi

      Once again, Alexis you astound me with your cheap trolling.

      The videos are years-old. You can condemn them sure, but you cannot say they reflect Justin Bieber’s thought and feelings TODAY.

      It should be fairly obvious they don’t, and yet you persist in proving exactly why his team were right to be terrified these vids would come out.

      Bieber was racially ignorant as a child. He moved past it and actually embraced another culture. That’s the reality.

      Yet you, Alexis, have once again reported a misleading headline for clicks.

      That makes you a troll.

      • keller

        Ha! finally, someone with sense

    • Lackadaisical

      Although 14 or 15 is definitely old enough to be blamed for making not only racist comments but menacing racist comments, for him to be saying things as blatent and aggressive as that at that age makes me feel a bit suspicious of his mother and everyone else surrounding him when he was growing up. Spending time with his mother as a means of showing contrition doesn’t work for me as if your 14 year old is spouting such hateful things either you are utterly failing as a parent or you share those sentiments and are utterly failing as a decent human being. Yes, kids act up at 14 and get a bit of teenage rebellion in, but I don’t remember me and my friends being hate filled bigots for teenage kicks.

      I could sympathise with someone who had been raised with atrocious, bigoted views later realising how wrong they were and changing for the better and then being confronted with the past … but only if he actually took a bit more ownership of his past in his statements and apologised properly, particularly as his fan base is so devoted and influenced by him. Would we all be giving him such a hard time if his statement said something along the lines of “I am thoroughly ashamed of what I said and how I used to think. These views are inexcusable, I apologise. I have learned since then that racism is very wrong and we should all respect each other as fellow human beings, regardless of colour and I hope that none of my followers are influenced by the terrible things I said in those videos”? People can change buthis lack of proper apology shows that even if he is no longer racist he is still the same whiny, entitled brat that thinks only of himself and not about how he effects others.