Let’s Cast Disney’s Live Action Beauty And The Beast Remake

Beauty and the Beast dancing


Disney is making another Beauty and the Beast movie, this time live-action. Yesterday it was announced that Bill Condon, known for Twilight: Breaking Dawn, will be its director. There are no plot details yet, so it’s not clear what version of the story it will be or whether it will be a musical. Warner Bros. also has a Beauty and the Beast film in the works from Guillermo del Toro with Emma Watson to star, so it’ll be interesting to see how they compare.

We can never resist a pretend casting around here, so let’s get to it. I’m going to assume this version of the story will follow Disney’s animated version, so that’s what I’m basing the characters on. On the other hand, I’m not treating it as a musical as of yet because they haven’t made that clear, so singing voices are irrelevant.

1. Brie Larson as Belle

Brie Larson gif


Brie’s got the same intelligence and spunk that Belle shows, and she’s just a downright fantastic actress. She’s also got all the qualities to be Hollywood’s next young It Girl, and this could be the perfect way to make that happen. I just like her a lot, so let’s do this, Disney!

2. Theo James as The Beast

Theo James


He’s brooding and intense and masculine, and he looks super handsome sans fur. I could totally buy him as both a prince and a fantasy creature. Plus he’s got the Divergent fan base behind him.

3. Armie Hammer as Gaston

Armie Hammer


Yesterday I posted my choices for who should play the Disney villains if they got their own movies. And I like the idea of Armie so much I’m going to keep him. My what a guy, that Gaston!

4. Josh Gad as LeFou

Josh Gad


Just try to tell me this wouldn’t be amazing. Anyone who laughed at everything Olaf the Snowman said in Frozen has to agree with me. Josh is just the perfect comedic sidekick.

5. Sylvester McCoy as Maurice

Sylvester McCoy Radagast The Hobbit


When you say “eccentric inventor,” my mind immediately goes to Sylvester McCoy. He was The Doctor on Doctor Who in the ’80s, and more recently he’s been the wizard Radagast in the Hobbit movies.

6. Martin Freeman as Cogsworth

Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins The Hobbit


Here’s where things get a little trickier. Will the talking objects be included in this version of the story? Will they be computer-animated? If they are, you need actors who can look the part when the curse is lifted but also sound the part when they’re playing inanimate objects. For the fussy, scolding clock Cogsworth, I immediately think of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. Another Hobbit actor, yes. Don’t mind me, I’m just mildly obsessed.

7. Jean Dujardin as Lumiere

Jean Dujardin


Oh, you need a charming French accent? Look no further. He also has an Oscar, if that helps.

8. Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Potts

Helena Bonham Carter drinking tea


Mrs. Potts to me is very motherly and very British, but she’s also got an edge to her, and that’s exactly what Helena Bonham Carter is. Plus, she already has Disney adaptation experience as the Queen of Hearts. She’s an old pro.

9. The Kardashians as the Bimbettes

Kourtney Khloe Kardashian gorgeous award


This is half a joke and half something I could actually see Disney doing. But honestly, when you need to cast three ditzy, interchangeable women to fawn over Gaston, there’s really no better choice. Just don’t show this post to Kris Jenner or she’ll get ideas.

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    • Alana Vincenza

      My roomies I are were talking about this last night and said that we would give up all hope if they cast Anna Kendrick as Belle.

    • LadyClodia

      I always wondered why Lumiere was the only one with a French accent especially since they’re in France. Maybe because it made him funnier?
      I like Armie Hammer as Gaston, but I think Chris Hemsworth would be good as Gaston too. Chris has amazing swagger.

      I suspect it’s because I’m old-ish, but I have no idea who your picks for Belle and the Beast are.
      I’m totally on board with all of your other picks, though.

    • Jenni

      In college, my friends and I always cast ourselves in Disney movies (because, sure) and I always got LeFou. Even when we weren’t talking about Beauty and the Beast.

    • Emily

      Emma Watson should be Belle!!!!!

      • Ananya Subramani

        Emma Watson is already slated to star in Del Toro’s version of B&B :)

    • Kate

      Meryl Davis and Maks Chmerkovskiy,,,just sayin…

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Well the dance scene would definitely be great.

    • Janelle

      I’m sad this is even happening…WHY???

    • Abby K.

      Emily Browning for Belle!

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