Rihanna’s Response To Her Sheer Dress Controversy Proves She Might Actually Have A Sense Of Humor

Rihanna CFDA Awards June 2014

In case you missed it, Rihanna showed up to the CFDA Fashion Awards earlier this week wearing a sheer dress that left zero doubt as the existence of her nipples and butt. Obviously it caused a bit of a stir, because, well, usually dresses are supposed to cover those things. Rihanna hasn’t kept quiet about all the “YOU CAN SEE HER NIPPLES!” talk either. But rather than take a smug attitude about it, she’s actually being funny.

Forgive me for being a little surprised to learn that Rihanna has a sense of humor. I just didn’t know it existed. Sure, that “Shy Ronnie” SNL skit she was in continues to be one of my favorite things ever, but I figured that was an anomaly. And I certainly never expected her to be able to make fun of herself. But celebrities prove me wrong each and every day, and today it’s Rihanna’s turn. Here’s what she posted on Twitter last night (NSFW warning):

In case you don’t know, that’s guy on the right there is Peter Griffin from Family Guy wearing Rihanna’s outfit. I’m not sure where that drawing came from, but the fact that Rihanna saw it, wasn’t mad about it (that we know of), and actually went so far as to tweet it out, is something I never in my wildest dreams would have expected from her. Not only that, but she even made it her Twitter avatar.

Of course, maybe I’m just being naive and this was actually not Rihanna’s idea at all but rather the result of a clever publicist trying to make up for previous incidents in which Rihanna’s been less than congenial on Twitter, like the time she made fun of a fan for wearing a replica of one of her red carpet outfits to prom. But whoever came up with it, whether it was Rihanna or not, it’s a great response, and I now have a strange need to see Peter Griffin in every famous red carpet gown ever.

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    • FauxRealFaux

      She has always had a great sense of humor and is okay with making fun of herself. FYI: She is channeling Josephine Baker with that dress and sequined scarf. If you are unfamiliar with Josephine Baker, look her up, for some reason i m betting that you have no idea who am referring to.

      Rihanna looks beautiful, as usual.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Actually I do know who Josephine Baker was. Sorry you lost the bet.

      • MCR

        The headpiece and side curls, especially, suggest she’s referencing Josephine Baker. But Baker used her almost-naked outfit as a stage costume, part of a particular performance; she didn’t go topless in a banana-skirt to an award banquet. Rihanna is wearing this as a dress, real-life clothing she puts on to attend an event. That leaves the question of whether it’s suitable or in good taste open. You might as well have a celebrity show up completely naked and conclude it’s fine because she’s channelling a famous actress’ nude scene.

      • guest

        Wrong josephinr baker did where nude dresses outside her performances. You sound so judgemental thats why ms. Baker had to leave her country to be who she wanted to be. Its women like you who thinks because you are working at a job that you are a feminist. Yet you are still a woman who finds nudity to play into a a womans worth to a man. When in actuality nudity doesnot play into the worst of human problems in this world. Just look at the young girls in nigeria who was xv kidnapped. What americas problem with womens nipples?

      • MCR

        I think Ms. Baker had to leave her country due to racial discrimination, not unfair dress codes.

        I’ve complained repeatedly about the fact that at red carpet events, including those that award excellence in the performing arts, most of the focus is on female celebrities’ clothing and appearance, not their work. Women performers are harshly criticized if their skin is not flawless enough, their body not taut enough, and their dress not stylish and sexy enough. Rihanna is clearly exploiting this tendency, by making sure her outfit will be talked about and bring attention to herself. It’s understandable, and might even be seen as admirable and clever to manipulate the situation to her advantage, but it’s still a situation that places female performers’ talent in second place to their looks.

        The clothing of male celebrities appearing at a red carpet event is standardized and barely remarked on. You may feel offended that people object to the sight of women’s nipples, but it’s also true that men’s nipples will never really become an issue in these circumstances, because men (unlike women) are not encouraged to show as much chest and abdomen and leg as possible in order to appear attractive enough – and yet attacked if they show a little too much.

        Rihanna isn’t really breaking out of this unfair contest; she’s merely finding new ways to compete. The question right now is whether she can “get away with” her nearly nude dress, but this dress is just stretching the rules, not escaping from them. The one thing Rihanna truly could never, ever get away with is attending a red carpet event wearing a plain, unfashionable, modest and un-sexy outfit and no make-up, and insisting that she is there to be recognized for her work, not her looks. Doing that could be illuminating, and might take more courage on her part than showing up in nothing but fishnet.

        Going along with the unstated demand that she look glamourous and sexy, even if she pushes the boundaries a bit, isn’t encouraging respect for women! If anything, it’s making the disrespect implied in these expectations more deeply ingrained.

      • enté

        first: when Josephine Baker was dressed, her nipple was fully covered. so… no, she didn’t do a good job, if she wanted to channeling JB.

      • FauxRealFaux

        Incorrect, Josephine Baker did wear dresses that were sheer and actually wore a similar gown to Rihanna’s.

    • M_G

      I don’t know what it is about Rihanna…she is talented, beautiful, successful…..but I feel like I wouldn’t be able to stand her for more than 5 minutes if I met her in real life.

      • Nbl


      • guest

        And am sure she wouldn’t be able to stand you also, do I guess you both win.

      • M_G

        Let’s see…..poor grammar? Check. Lazy insults? Check. Up-voting your own comment? Check. Wow, you sure showed me.

    • Pretty Pisces Rule!

      GET OVER IT ALREADY PLEASE DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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