Here’s That Video You Wanted Of Jill Duggar Getting Proposed To By Derick Dillard

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard during his proposal on 19 Kids and Counting June 2014Just when I think 19 Kids And Counting has given me all the entertaining gems that one reality TV show can muster, it drops a sneak peek of Jill Duggar getting proposed to by her boyfriend (and now fiance) Derick Dillard right into my lap.

Obviously we already knew this happened, because we found out a whole two months ago that Jill and Derick had gotten engaged, and could finally go from primly walking beside each other to actually holding hands! They are of course still saving their first kiss for their wedding day, although their relationship has progressed dangerously quickly, even moving on to full-frontal hugging, which will surely send Jill straight to hell. We even got to watch their first date together, with Jill’s dad Jim Bob creepily scuttling along behind, but you guys — this clip from tonight’s episode is even better.

Apparently the entire thing will be about the proposal, and if the sneak preview that People has is any indication, it’s gonna be amazing. Jill and Derick are just walking through the park like two chaste siblings, as Jill’s two actual siblings trot behind them as escorts, when they come upon a lonely musician…who appears to have signed his own guitar. But nevermind that. The important thing is, he asks the happy couple if they like music — who doesn’t?!?!? — and then sings them a song about their own relationship.

Because this is all part of the plan, you see. Derick plotted it all out, thinking he’d successfully kept it a secret from Jill…but ohmygod she knows the whole time. Just look at her face! The girl is grinning ear to ear, she knows exactly what’s gonna happen. And she’s putting her face up almost like she wants a kiss, so we gotta lock this down quick! Get her to the altar so she can finally experience the exquisite danger of a man’s lips. Annnnd knowing this family, she be pregnant by sundown.

The season finale of 19 Kids And Counting will air tonight at 9:00pm on TLC.

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    • Mystik Spiral

      Did Jim Bob approve this proposal? The Duggars don’t let their kids listen to music!! It leads to dancing, which, as we all know, is a one-way ticket to hell after a brief layover in sexytown.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        He did approve it! And I know, I was wondering about the music stuff myself. And the cheek resting on top of the head?? This is dangerous territory!

      • Tova

        Jill is such a slut…

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        That’s A. inaccurate and B. inappropriate language regardless, Tova.

      • Tova

        Please know that was sarcasm. The Duggars anger me… the whole idea of “purity” angers me.

      • Tova

        And the comment below angers me. I’m on a roll of anger today. What does modesty have to do with decency and morality? I’m not modest and yet I am moral and decent.

      • Myndee

        Awkward side to side swaying while dancing is like doing a striptease

    • Okie_pastor

      “full frontal hugging, which I’m sure will send Jill straight to hell.”
      What a shame that modesty and decency and morality are ridiculed with such hostility today

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